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April 25, 2007

To: Senator XXX
Office of XXX

Subject: Assistance for appeal of visa rejection
Visa Propose: Chinese mother wish to attend daughter’s graduation at XXX

Dear Senator Casey,

My name is XXX, and I am a graduate student studying XXX at XXX University.
I came to the United States from mainland China in September 2005 with a F-1
visa. I was the only international student to be awarded the Dean’s
Fellowship in my class. I will be completing my studies in XXX program soon,
so I invited my parents to attend my graduation in June. My parents’ visa
applications were rejected twice without any reason by the U.S. Embassy in
Beijing. They are suffering because of this result. My mother (XXX ,
Passport Number is G193XXXXX) will go to the third visa interview on May 21.
We are hoping her chance of approval will be improved by my father
remaining in China. It would be a shame for her to miss my graduation. Could
you help me with this matter?

My mother will absolutely go back to China after attending graduation. The
reasons are as follows:

1. The marriage between my parents has lasted XX years already. My father
, their assets (X apartments, car and bank deposits), relatives, and close
friends are all in China.

2. My mother has stable jobs and a high income. My mother is a senior
engineer and project manager in a consulting company. Her annual income is
X00,000 RMB.

3. My grandparents (80-years old) still live in China and they need care
from my parents. My mother need to go back to take care of them shortly
after visiting me.

4. My mother cannot read, understand or speak English and she will feel
uncomfortable if she stays longer in the USA. In China, my mother has her
own social circle and enjoys her lifelong health insurance.

Would it be possible for your office to write a letter recommending my
mother’s visa approval? If you are willing to help, please send it to me as
soon as possible and I will fax it to the appropriate people. Her third
visa interview is on May 21.

I appreciate your time!

Sincerely yours,

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