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高中阶段记单词,不仅要记其本身,还要记它的拓展形式,这样才能灵活记忆并最大限度扩充词汇量。比如记energy(n. 能量,精力)时,最好连它的拓展形式energetic(adj. 精力充沛的)一起记下来。

1. eager   adj. 渴望的 

be eager for sth  

be eager to do

2. earn  v. 挣;获得

earn a living /earn one’s living  谋生    

she earns the respect of her students.

3. easy  adj. 容易的;从容的   

Easier said than done 说时容易做时难。     

Take it easy. 别急/放松。

4. educate  v. 教育, 培养     

educated  a. 受过教育的    

an educated person

education  n. 教育          

receive a good education

5. effect  n. 影响,效果        

cause and effect  因果  

bring sth into effect 使......生效

come into effect 生效  

take effect 开始起作用,见效

have a… effect on sb/sth  对某人/某物有…...的影响

The medicine soon took effect.       

New controls come into effect next month.

Does television have an effect an children’s behaviour? 

affect  v. 影响,感动 

Does television affect children’s behaviour?

6. effort  n. 努力   

make an effort /make every effort/ make efforts做出努力

spare no effort(s) to do sth. 不遗余力做某事

7. elder  n. 长者;长辈;adj. 年纪较长的(只做定语)

elder sister 大姐

Children have no respect for their elders nowadays.

8. elect  v.(投票)选举        

elect sb. (as)…  

election  n. 选举;当选;选择权     

win/lose a election    

run for election 参加竞选

9. 1)electrical  a. 有关电的,电器的  

electrical equipment  电器设备

engineer  电气工程师

2)electric 用电的,带电的,电动的 

electric current 电流

electric shock 电击 

electric blanket

3)electronic 电子的  

electronic calendar 电子日历

10. else  adj. 别的/其他的(做后置定语) adv. 其他;否则;另外

or else 否则

You can use somebody else’s car.        

Who else can do it? 

11. embarrass  v.使尴尬

embarrassed  感到尴尬的

embarrassing  令人尴尬的

embarrassment  尴尬              

feel embarrassed about 

12. emergency  n. 紧急情况    

in case of (an) emergency 假使有紧急情况

13. encouragement  n. 鼓励

encourage  v.鼓励

encourage sb to do sth

14. end  n.末尾;终点;结束  v.结束;终止  

bring sth to an end=put an end to sth  结束某事                      end up doing  结果......

come to an end  结束                        

end up with  以......结束

15. energy n. 精力

be full of energy

energetic  a. 精力旺盛的,精力充沛的 

energetically adv.  

16. enough  n. 足够  adj.足够的,充分的  ad.足够地,充分地

I can’t thank you enough.=I can’t thank you too much. 再怎么感谢你都不够(我非常感谢你)。

old enough to go to school  足够大了可以去上学了

There are enough chairs for the guests.

17. enter  vt. 进入 ,参加 

entrance 入口,入学     

enter a room          

enter for…  报名参加…

enter the competition  参加比赛

the entrance to the hall  大厅入口

the college entrance exanimation 大学入学考试

18. enthusiastic  a. 热情的,热心的

be enthusiastic about    

enthusiastically adv.      

19. entry  n.进入,登记

You should add an entry to this section. 


20. environment  n. 环境

protect the environment    

environmentally friendly 环保的

21. envy   vt./n. 嫉妒,羡慕

envy sb sth    

the envy of sb 某人羡慕/嫉妒的人/物

22. equal  adj.平等的,相同的 n. 对手;匹敌;相等的事物   vt.等于,比得上

be equal to sth/doing  

He has no equal in music


23. equip  vt.提供设备;装备;配备;训练 

equip…with... 用......装备......    

be fully equipped  装备齐全的  

The course is designed to equip(训练)students for a career in nursing.

equipment (不可数)装备/设备  

a piece of equipment  一件设备

24. escape  v./n. 逃跑,逃脱

escape +n/doing  逃脱…...       

escape from...…  逃离(地点)

a narrow escape  九死一生

26. every other day= every second day= every two days 


every few days 每几天

27. exact adj. 精确的;准确的

to be exact 确切的说  

exactly  adv.精确地   

This is exactly what he needs.

28. examine  vt.检查;测试

have one’s eyes examined 检查某人的视力

29. example  n. 榜样  

set an example to/for sb 为某人树立榜样       

take sth for example  以......为榜样

follow sb’s example 以某人为榜样

30. except  prep. 除…...之外

His composition is good except for some spelling mistakes.

I didn’t tell him anything except that I needed the money.

31. exchange  n./v.交换,交流

1)fair exchange 公平的交换

2)  in exchange 作为交换     

He gave me a book and I gave him a pen in exchange.

3) in exchange for sth 和...…交换  

I took his watch in exchange for camera.

4)exchange A for B =exchange B with A              

exchange greetings

32. excite  vt. 使兴奋/使激动

If the loud noise excites the lion, he may attack you.

excited  adj.感到兴奋的

exciting  adj.令人兴奋的

We are excited to hear the exciting news.        

in an excited voice

33. exist  vi. 存在   

There exists no life on the moon.

existence  n. 存在 

come into existence 开始存在,成立   

be in existence 存在

35. expect  v.期望,认为,预计

You can’t expect to learn a foreign language in a few months.

expect sth of/from sb.   

expect too much of sb    

I expect so.  我希望如此。

I don’t expect so. 我不希望如此。

expectation  n.期望,预计

beyond (all) expectation(s)  出乎意料         

contrary to (all) expectations 和预料相反

come up to one’s expectations 达到某人期望的水平 

in expectation of 期望/预计(有某种情况)      

He closed the windows in expectation of rain. 他预计有雨,关上了窗户。

36. experience  n. 经历(c) ;经验(un)  v. 经历,体验

experience a different culture  

experienced  adj.有经验的

be experienced in sth/doing=have experience in sth/ doing

37. experiment  n.实验  v.进行试验

make/do/perform/carry out an experiment

experiment on/upon/with  对......进行试验

38. expert   n.专家  adj. 熟练的,有经验的

He is an expert cook.   

be expert at     

He is expert at playing the piano.

39. explain  v. 解释

explain sth to sb          

explanation  n. 解释

40. exploit  vt. 利用, 剥削,开采,开发

In the past, farmers were exploited by landlords(地主).

We must exploit the country s mineral resources   

exploitation  n.    

41. explore   vt./vi. 探索;探测;探险 

explore sth for sth

exploration  n.   

oil exploration

43. expose  v.揭露  暴露(尤指对令人震惊的或故意保密的事实)

My job as a journalist is to expose the truth.

He smiled,exposing a set of amazingly white teeth.

Don’t expose a baby to strong sunlight.

44. express  v.表达,快递   adj.快的  n. 快车,快递    

expression  n.表达/语句/表情/神色

You are free to express yourselves in class.      

have a worried(感到担心的)expression on one’s face.

45. eye  n. 眼睛;视力;眼光;见解,观点   

have an eye for sth  对…...有鉴赏力   

keep an eye on sb/sth  照看/留意......

catch one’s eye 吸引某人注意力

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