1. Good morning(afternoon, evening),class(everyone,students). 同学们,早晨好。
2. This term we have nine subjects: Chinese,Enghish,Politics,History,Geography,Maths,physics,Chemistry and Biology.这学期我们有九门学科:语文、英语、政治、历史、地理、数学、化学和生物。
3. We also have some other interesting subjects: Music, Fine Arts, Physical Education,etc.我们还有一些其它的有趣的课程:音乐、美术、体育等等。
4. We have one weekly meeting on Monday afternoon.周一我们有一节班会。
5. The head teacher of our class is Mr.Zhang.我们的班主任是张老师。
6. You must be polite and say hi to them when you see the teacher.见到老师要礼貌,要问好。
7. When you come into our school, you must speak Putonghua.一进学校,你就要讲普通话。
8. The Chinese lessons are very important。语文课对于我们来说相当重要。
9. We should study it more carefully than before.我们要比以前更加认真地学习。
10. If you study Chinese it’s very easy, but if you don’t it’s very hard.对于汉语,你学它就不难,你不学它就显得挺难。
11. Chinese is our native language,we must learn it well.汉语是我们的母语,我们必须把它学好。
12. This is our first Chinese class of this term. 这是我们本学期第一节语文课。
13. We’re going to learn Lesson One (the first Lesson). 我们要学习第一课。
14. Don’t make any noise in class,or you may trouble the others.课上不要喧哗,那会影响别人。
15. Open your text-books to Page 10. 打开课本第10页。
16. This text is written by Mr.Luxun.the great man in our Chinese modern literature history.本文由我国现代文学史上伟大的文学家鲁迅先生的作品。
17. Listen to me carefully,let me tell you sth about the writer.请认真听我为大家介绍一些作者的情况。
18. You may write down sth important and special on your notes.你们可以在自己的笔记本上记录一些较为重要和特殊的内容。
19. First ,let me read the text aloud .首先让我为大家朗读本文。
20. Put the text-books on your desk, please.请把你的课本放在书桌上。
21. Please read it follow me quietly(lowly).你们可以轻声跟读。
22. Read the text to yourselves.默读本文。
23. Stop here for a while, please.暂停一会儿。
24. Take your text-books.用手端起课本来。
25. Pay attention to them when they read the second paragraph.他们读第二段时,注意听。
26. Read more distinctly(Speak more clearly), please.请读清楚一点。
27. Would you speak in a little loud (in a slow)voice(louder,please).你能大一点声音吗?
28. Speak in a little low voice, please.声音低一点。
29. Your voice(timbre, tone) sounds sweet.你的声音很好听。
30. Read louder and slowly so that everybody can hear you.读得声音大一点、慢一点,让大家都能听清楚。
31. Now, you may read it in class .现在,你们可以课堂上阅读本文。
32. I ask you to read it fluently and clearly as soon as possible.我要求大家尽量流畅、清晰地阅读本文。
33. About the key sentences, I ask you to study not only the meaning of the words,but also (them)in the line.就这些重点语句,我要求大家有仅了解字面,还要注意字里行间的深意。
34. You may ask me if you have any questions.有问题可以问我。
35. I’ll give you explanations as many as possible(I can).我会尽多地为大家解释。
36. And then, I’m going to ask you sth simple about it. 然后,我会问你们一些较为简单的有关情况。
37. Where did we stop(learn) off last time(how far did we get last time)? 上一次我们学到什么地方了?
38. Let me remind you of what we have learned last period (refresh your memory last time we talked about).让我提醒你一下,关于上节课所学的内容。
39. Do you know the general mind (main meaning)of the article?你知道这篇文章的中心意思吗?
40. Say sth about what you have learned from the hero。谈谈关于这个英雄的启示。
41. You mustn’t make faces in class.上课不要做鬼脸,出洋相。
42. Please keep quiet when some other students make mistakes.同学出错时,你要保持安静。
43. Let’s take turns to read。让我们轮流来读。
44. Who can read it aloud first ?哪位能先朗读?
45. Hands up,please.请举手示意我。
46. Don’t worry(calm down,slow down).不必紧张。
47. Speak up,please.请大声说。
48. Stand straight,please.站直些。
49. The blackboard is too high for me, I only can write so few words on it.黑板太高了,我只能写这么多。
50. You’re right(well done ).很不错。
51. Let’s read the text aloud together.下面,全体齐读。
52. Now let’s begin.开始!
53. It’ll take us two periods to grasp(master) these.这些需要我们两课时才能掌握。
54. We have three study tasks to do this class.本课时,我们有三个学习任务。
55. The first is the background and the writer .首先是本文的背景和作者情况。
56. Next,the thought and the writing methods .然后是它的思想内容和写法。
57. Then,the new words and the sentence strctures .最后是本文中的生词和一些句式。
58. What’s more(what else), the feelings and the lauguage style of the text.还有,本文的感情和语言风格。
59. We may analyse the title of the text together. 我们可以一起分析一下本文的题目。
60. Now let’s speak freely.现在请大家畅所欲言。
61. That’s all(so much) for the class .Time’s up.下课时间已到,本课时就讲这么多。
62. After class,you’re to read the text again.课后,大家还得再读一会儿。
63. And you ought to hand in the homework in time.大家要及时上交作业。
64. Let’s take a break, see you later,everyone.休息一会儿,同学们,再见。
65. According to the study demand (require) and our arrangement,we’ll do an action.根据学习需要和安排,我们要搞一项活动。
66. From now on, at the beginning of every Chinese class, we’ll ask someone to do the oral composition.从现在开始,在每堂语文课上课之始,我们请同学们做口头作文。
67. Do you understand what I said just now ?大家明白我刚才说的意思吗?
68. Now, you may make preparations for it in ten minutes.现在,大家可以准备十分钟。
69. The lecture will begin in a minute, let’s get ready.演讲稍候就要开始,准备一下。
70. Whose turn is it today ?轮到谁了?
71. Are you ready now?准备好了吗?
72. Please do it in front of the blackboard.请到黑板前来做这个练习。
73. Let’s give him(her) a warm welcome(clap).让我们用掌声欢迎他(她)。
74. Please write down your title of oral composition on the right of the blackboard.请把你的作文题目写在黑板右面。
75. Thanks for father’s love.感谢父爱。
76. The first unforgetable cut class.难忘那第一次逃学。
77. You’d better do it without draft.最好不要带稿。
78. Good job! You have done it with some grace, but your content isn’t much(enough).做得不错,大方自然,只是内容偏少。
79. Just now our classmate Zhang Ming gave us a lecture, I think it is well done, I’d like to ask for some students’opinion on it.刚才我们的同学张明给我们做了一次演讲,我认为他做得很不错,我想听一听一些同学对它的意见。
80. How do you think of his lecture?你觉得他的演讲怎么样?
81. Because of our learning of text last period, we didn’t invite someone to do the lecture, at the begining of the class,we’ll ask our two classmates to do it, who is the first?上节课因为课文学习的缘故,我们没有请同学做演讲,这节课之初,我们要请两个同学做这个练习,哪位是第一位同学?
82. Next class, we’re going to learn Lesson Five.下节课,我们要学习第五课。
83. I ask you to make preparations for it before class. 我要求大家课前做好一定准备。
84. You gotta(have got to) learn the paragrghs 4---6 by heart.大家还要背诵第4—6段。
85. Can you recite them now?现在能背诵过吗?
86. Please try to do it as well as you can.尽量做好。
87. Wonderful—very good---good---not bad---terrible---awful.好极了,很好,好,不错,糟了,很不理想。
88. Now I’m sorry I’m late.对不起,我来晚了。
89. How foggy it is this morning!今早晨雾迷漫。
90. Sth was wrong with my autocycle on my way to school just now.刚才我的摩托车在路上坏了。
91. My autocycle is in the third bicycle-shed.我的摩托车现在放在第三个车棚里。
92. Let’s continue the text.让我们继续学习这篇课文。
93. What’s the weather like today?今天天气怎么样?
94. Great day today, isn’t it ?今天天不错,是吧?
95. It’s cloudy and rainy today,It has been very cold these days。今天阴雨天,这几天都挺冷。
96. Put on more clothes before you go out.出门的时候多穿点衣服。
97. And you ought to cover yourself well with quilt while sleeping.睡觉的时候,盖好被子。
98. Open the window,please,It’s quite airless(the air is not fresh) here.打开窗户,这里太闷了,一点也不通风。
99. Please shut the door, It’s very cold today.今天天气真冷,请关上门,好吗?
100. How foggy it is (what a foggy day it is) now!今天雾可真大啊!

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