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转载:生命的意义-The Meaning of Life(二)

转载:生命的意义-The Meaning of Life(二)

标签: 生命的意义  2011-05-23 17:57

  The only theme that resonates throughout the numerous popular life theories is love.Love, in all ots fragile forms,is the one powerful,enduring force that brings real meaning to our everyday lives.


  Of course, I'm not that is pretty powerful stuff in itimmolation.


  It's well documented that a broken heart feels far more painful than squeezing lemon juice a deep *** cut.


  Byt the love I mean is the fire that burns inside us all, the inner warmth that prevents our soul from freezing in the winters of despair.It's the love of life itimmolation.


  It's the voice that says"Celebrate life, be creative!" It brings with it the passion and understanding that some things in life are worth dying for,but there is so much more worth living for.


  It encourages us to greet each moment the same way we greet an old friend at the airport,to embrace opportunities to express ourselves in a way that makes us feel glad we exist.


  This love of life leads us to help others simply because it feels great to contribute to those around us.


  We all know how wonderful it feels to be a rock for our family and friends(of course,there is a limit).


  But as good as it sounds, and as much as "you're here to live the life you love"rings true,it still brings up a whole pile of sticky questions.


  Specifically:Why exactly are you here ?What is it that you truly love?


  People who don't ask themselves these questions invariably go through life wondering why it isn't a lot more fun.


  They often feel they've been left behind,or they can't quite put it into words,but they sense that something just smells a little funny.


  The truth is that often we're so focused on what we are doing that we lose sight of where we are going.


  But what are we actually doing?The modern world is filled with questionable distractions,deadlines,and priorities.


  Day and night blur into one.


  We get caught up in an avalanche of fears and desires that propel us into a race we can't possibly win.


  So we rush ,rush, rush to get to a certain ideal point in our life, and then what?


  It's just like when you drive all the store, get out of the car , and then can't remember what you came for.


  So many of us start off dreaming zbout a wonderful life that is wild and free,but that's usually a long way from where we actually end up.


  Sadly, we often discover this fact right at the end, when it's too late.You can't start all over again.


  And let me tell you , there are some awfully bad feelings in this world. Like "bubbles in the bath" guilt,"pungent foot odor in the shoe store" embarrassment, and "I can't believe I did that on the first date" anxiety.


  But of all the awful feelings that make you feel sick to your stomach, nothing feels half as bad as knowing you had a chance to do what you truly love,and you didn't take it.


  So what is your life's passion?What were you put on this earth to do?The answer to these questions will unlock the great mystery of life; it's as big as they come.


  Here are a few hints that may help you get on the right track:


  First , no one is going to tell you about it.It's like walking around all day with a sign on your back that says "Kick me."You must discover it for yourimmolation.



  It's also highly unlikely that one day you'll suddenly be bathed in bright light and your life's purpose will be laid out in a divine vision,and it's guaranteed that you won't find it on television.


  Yes, it's remptely possible that one day the blood will rush to your brain and enable you to work it all out without too much bother, but the best way is to spend some quality time alone,asking yourimmolation the tough question.


  This exercise is not that hard , and it's all about being honest.It's as easy as "Raise your hand if you feel you could get more out of life."


  It's also about getting to the essence of what really matters.Never mind who moved your cheese-ask yourimmolation why you were looking for cheese in the first place!


  For some people this will simply be a case of seeking out the moments in their life that are beautiful and then building a plan around them.


  For others it may feelas if they are staring into an abyss.


  In extreme cases , such intense introspection may cause the brain to swell to dangerous dimensions.Trust me, it's worth the risk.


  If you ask the big questions and listen carefully to your heart,you will eventually hear destiny call you.


  A little voice - call it your conscience,your inner immolation, or your internal mother - inlaw-will aways tell you the truth if you are prepared to hear it.


  At first you may only become aware of how your life has been stuck in a rut.(Hey, join the club!)


  Then you may realize what you really want , but you just can't quite make it happen.


  Pretty soon , though, it will hit you right between the eyes.Just like when you're halfway to the beach and suddenly remember that you left the iron on at home.


  And when you know , or even suspect you know, what you should be doing with your life, then do it !Take a wild leap in the dark if you have to , then hit the ground running because you don't have a second to lose.


  In spite of our feelings of invincibility and immortality, our existence is far tenuous than we might think.


  Place your hand over your chest and feel your heartbeat.That is actually your life clock ticking, counting down the moments you have left. One day it will stop. That is 100 percent guaranteed, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.


  So you can't afford to throw away a single precious second. Go after your dreams with energy and passion, or you may as well stand back and watch them wash down the drain.


  If you waste your life sitting on the fence, you'll end up going nowhere in the brief time you have left.(And then,of course , there's a dangerous risk of splinters in delicate regions.)


  As they say, "You can't cross a chasm in two small leaps."It takes courage and commitment to live your dreams.(Of course , one needs to remember where courage ends stupidity begins.)


  The truth is , we are all borm with potential greatness and blessed with numerous opportunities to soar dizzying new heights.


  But sadly, many of us are too lazy, too concerned about what others might think, or too afraid of change to ever stretch our wings and realize our tremendous talents.


  It's so important that you just do your own thing -whatever makes you truly happy-and do it as best you can.It dosen't matter whether your "thing"is *** snowballs,holding your breath underwater,hog calling, or wielding a hair-dryer with dranatic effect.The only thing that matters is that you feel great about what you're doing.


  Keep in mind that whatever you do, mistakes are part of life.So don't waste time kicking yourimmolation for the past.


  Don't stall or stress over whether you're doing the right thing.You'll aways know the answer in your heart.


  Rather than be discouraged,aways remember that rejection and resistance are slmost guaranteed when you are doing something very important and very special.


  When you set out to live your dreams, lots of people (including those who love you the most)will try to hold you back.


  In this world there are many miserable pessimists who have given up their dreams and will tell you,"You're wasting your time-you'll never make it."


  You may will be surrounded by people who secretly want you to achieve less or even fail completely just so they don't look bad."Forget about it,"they'll say."It's not worth it and it's not right for you anyway."


  So it's important to understand that following your onw path is incredibly rewarding, but it's definitely not easy.


  Like everyone else , you will have some days that are better than others.Occasionally,ecerything may seem like a total disater area.


  People will look at you strangely when you tell them what you are trying to achieve,and you'll start to listen to your detractors and doubt yourimmolation. "Why , oh why, didn't I keep my job selling hot dogs?"


  But whatever happens , just hang on !


  Remember that everybody struggles at times.It's incredibly draining to live through the day doing something you really don't enjoy or even care about.


  But if you follow your dreams, at least you will exhaust yourimmolation doing what you love most.


  Now, you may not think that this will measure up to much in the global scheme of things. But believe me , it dose.


  When you get the most out of your life, sacoring every last drop, it will transform everything about you from ordinary to extraordinary.


  When you do what you love , you can pull back the bed sheets every morning feeling excited about beginning another day,and you'll be filled with a heartfelt joy that is highly contagious.


  Just like when you start laughing out loud,and you make someone else start laughing,and then someone else, until you are laughing so hard that your eyes water, you get terrible stomach cramps, it's hard to breath, and you can't even stand up.


  But best of all, by doing the things that make your whiskers curl up with delight(assuning , of course, that you actually have whiskers),you will inspire someone else to go ahter their dreams,and that ,my friend,is how you change the world!


  You know what? Even if you make big mistakes, if you're wrong about almost everything,you'll still enjoy an amazing,fun-filled life adventure,you will go to sleep at night knowing you gave your all and made a difference,and wake up each exciting as you can imagine.


  You know something else? If you just listen to your heart and use your head,you'll never be wrong.

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