1.  上课 Class begin./ It鈥檚 time for class.Let鈥檚 have / start the lesson.  Let鈥檚 beginour lesson.
2.  起立 Stand up./  Allrise.
3.  同学们好 Good morning./ afternoon,everyone/ everybody/ boys and girls.
4.  请坐 Sit down, please. Please be seated.  
5.  今天谁值日?Who is on duty today?
6.  大家都来了吗?Is anyoneabsent?    
7.  出席多少人?How many students arepresent?
8.  班级共有多少人?How many students arethere in your class?
9.  谁没来? Who is not here? Who isn鈥檛 atschool today?  Who doesn鈥檛 come to schooltoday?
10. 你知道他为什么没来吗?What鈥檚 the matter with him?Do you know?
11. 今天几月几日?What鈥檚 the date today?
12. 今天星期几?What day is it today?
13. 今天天气怎么样?What鈥檚 the weather like today? / Howis the weather?
14. 今天很冷是吧? It鈥檚 very cold, isn鈥檛 it? / It鈥檚 acold day, isn鈥檛 it?
15. 李雷,去看看是谁?Go and see, Li Lei.
16. 请进 Come in,please.  
17. 请回,下次早点来  
   Go to your seat, please. But don鈥檛 be latenext time.
   Go and sit down. Come earlier nexttime.
18. 坐好了,请脱帽 Sit straight, please. Take off yourcap, please.
    What did youdo last Sunday? Can you tell us?
    Would youplease tell us what you did last Sunday?
20. 那么,你能给我们讲一个故事吗?Well, could youtell us a story?
21. 谁愿意到这儿来给大家讲一个故事?Who鈥檇 like totell us a story here?
22. 到谁的了?Whose turn ( is it )?
23.小张,到你的了,到这来给大家讲个故事 Xiao Zhang, it鈥檚 your turn. Come here and tell us a story.
24. 大家注意听,然后就他讲的故事进行问答.Listento him carefully, then ask and answer about the story.
25. 就你所喜欢的话题进行对话.Make a dialogue in pairsabout any topics you like.
26. 好了,该学第八课了.Well, it鈥檚 time to learn Lesson8.Well, let鈥檚 learn the 8th lesson.
27. 今天这节课,我们学习新课,第八课.Today inthis class we鈥檒l learn a new lesson, Lesson 8.
    Before thenew lesson Let鈥檚 revise / go over the new words and phrases inLesson 7.
29. 拿出练习本来,我们来听写. Take out your exercisebooks. Let鈥檚 have a dictation.
30. 我叫两个学生到黑板上来写.
    I ask twostudents to write on the blackboard.
31. 谁愿来写?Any volunteers?
    Who wouldlike to do it here?  Who would like to come hereand write on the blackboard?
32. 准备好了吗?开始! Are you ready? (Let鈥檚 )Begin.
33. 就听写到这,把你们写的交上来. So much for thedictation. Please hand them in.
34. 现在看图,两人一组进行问答. Now look at thepictures, then ask and answer in pairs.
Talk about the picture. You can say more or less. Say something about the picture more or less.
36. 表演第七课的对话.Act out the dialogue in Lesson7.
37. 看教学挂图,回答我的问题.Look at the wall chartsand answer my/ the questions.
38. 在图上你能看到什么?What can you see in thepicture?
39. 还有吗?还有什么吗?Anything else /more?    Anyother things?
40. 看图一,猜一猜发生了什么事?Look at Picture 1,and guess what ( has ) happened?
41. 谁能回答这个问题?Who would like to answer thisquestion?  Who can answer it?
42. 会的举手!Hands up if youcan.   Put up/ Raise your handsif you know the answer.
43. 好,你来答.OK, you please.
44. 下一个,你请来(答,做) Next / The next one, youplease.
45. 小李,你能回答这个问题吗?Can you (answer thisone), Xiao Li?
46. 小林,你呢?(你能回答吗?) What /How about you,Xiao Lin?
47. 你来回答这个题好吗?Would you like to / please answerthis one?
48. 试一试,错了没关系.Just have a try. It doesn鈥檛matter if you make any mistake.
49. 是否正确?( Is he / that / it )Right orwrong?  Yes or no?
50. 正确/ 错误 Right./ Yes./ Wrong. / No.
51. 正确吗?( Is it / that / he) Right?
52. 是的,正确.Yes, ( it / he) is right.
53. 不,不正确.No, ( it / he) is wrong.
54. 谁来再做一次?Who would like/ wants to do itagain?
55. 谁能用另一种方式来做?Who can do/ say it in adifferent other way?
56. 谁有不同观点/ 看法? Who has a different idea/opinion?
57. 你是什么观点?/ 你的看法如何?What鈥檚 youropinion?
58. 没听清,请你再说一遍.( I beg your )pardon?  I didn鈥檛 hear clearly. Please say itagain/ repeat it.
59. 请大声点.( A little ) Louder, please.
60. 稍慢点读.Read ( a bit ) slower.
61. 肃静,你们最好不要在课堂上说话.Be quiet./ Keepsilent. You鈥檇 better not talk in class.
62. 管好自己的事/ 别管闲事.Mind your ownbusiness.
63. 不要朝窗外看.Don鈥檛 look out of the window.
64. 下面学习生词.Now wordstudy.  
65. 注意发音.Pay attention to your pronunciation.
    Listen to mecarefully and watch my actions, then guess the meaning of theword.
67. 你们听明白/ 懂了吗? Are you clear? Do you catch my idea?
68. 这个词是什么意思?What鈥檚 the meaning of theword?
69. 汉语意思是什么?The Chinese (meaning).  Give the Chinese for it.
    Well,let鈥檚 come to Part II, the dialogue.
    Well,let鈥檚 come to the dialogue in Part II.
    Now listento the tape. Before listening, read through the questions on theblackboard.
72. 听音时合上书.Close/ Shut your books whilelistening.
    Booksclosed. / shut while listening to the tape.
    Listen tothe tape with your books closed/ shut.  Listen tothe tape without your books.
73.  回答黑板上的问题.Answer thequestions on the blackboard.
74.  我们来核对答案.Let鈥檚 check theanswers.
75.  一题,哪个正确?No. 1, which one isright?
76.  下一个,哪个正确?Next, which is theright answer?
77. 最后一题最难,正确答案是C,选对的举手.
    The last( one ) is the most difficult/ hardest. The right answer isC. Put up your hands if you choose right.
78. 再听一遍,并跟着读.Listen to the tape again and readafter it.
    Now, once again/ more /over, read after it this time.
79. 注意语调.Pay attention to your intonation.
80. 好啦,就听到这.OK, stophere.  
81. 打开书,两人一组读对话.Open your books and readthe dialogue in pairs.
82. 口答练习册上的习题一. Do Exercise One in the workbookorally.
    Now, workbook, Exercise 1, do it orally.
    Answer the questions of Exercise 1 in your workbooks orally.
83. 谁能帮他指出来?Who can point it out?/ Who can correctthe mistakes for him?
84. 注意,不要再犯同样的错误.Be careful./ Take care.Don鈥檛 make the same mistake again.
85. 好了,接着来.Well, let鈥檚 go on ( with it )
86. 接下去做习题.Let鈥檚 go on to do the exercises.
87. 看动作猜猜他们在干什么?Look at them/ their actionsand guess what they are doing.
88. 下面进行书面作业?Now writtenwork.   
    Write a150-word passage with / using the following expressions in tenminutes.
90. 写一段对话尽可能使用列词语.Make a dialogue usingthe following expressions as much as you can/ possible.
91. 写完了吗?Have you finished it/ the writing? Finishup?
92. 我找两名同学,把你们写的对话读出来.I ask 2students to read out their dialogues.
93. 下面学习课文.Now we study / learn the text.
94. 你知道某人或某事吗?/你听说过鈥β穑磕隳芴敢惶杆那榭觯緿o you know sb./sth? Have you heard of sb./ sth?
95. 今天,我们学习一篇关于鈥Φ奈恼拢甌oday we鈥檒llearn a passage/ an article about sb./sth.
96. 首先,我给大家介绍课文大意.First I tell you themain/ general idea about it.
97. 快速读课文,并找到这个问题的答案.OK. Now read thetext quickly and find out the answer to this question.
98.  你那样做是什么意思?  What doyou mean by that?
99.  请解释一下。   Please explain it tome.
100. 谁找到答案了?Who find/ know the answer?
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