第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分) (略)

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)[来源:学§科§网Z§X§X§K]



A few years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It was the mostdifficult time I have ever faced. I think it was my sense of humorthat allowed me to hold on my sanity. Like many people who havegone through chemotherapy. I lost all of my hair and I was bald asa golf ball. I had always enjoyed wearing hats, so I orderedseveral special hats with the hair already attached. It was easyand I never had to worry about how my hair looked.

I have always been a big golf fan. At one point during my cancertreatments, my husband John and I decided to get away from the coldMinnesota winter and take a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. There wasa senior PGA Tour event called The Tradition being played, whichseemed like just the ticket to lift my spirits.

The first day of the tournament brought out a huge crowd. It wasa beautiful day, and I was in heaven. I was standing and watchingmy three favorite golfers in the world approach the tee box: JackNicklaus, Raymond Floyd and Tom Weiskoph. Just as they arrived atthe tee box, the unimaginable happene

d. A huge gust of wind came up from outof nowhere and blew my hat and hair right off my head and into themiddle of the fairway! The thousands of spectators lining thefairway fell into an awkward silence, all eyes fixed on me. Even mygolf idols were watching me, as my hair was right in their flightpath. I was mortified! I knew I couldn’t just stand there.Someone had to do something to get things moving again. So I took adeep breath and went out into the middle of the fairway. I grabbedmy hat and hair, nestled them back on my head as best I could. ThenI turned to the golfers and loudly announced: “Gentlemen, thewind is blowing from left to right.”


said the laughter could be heard allthe way to the nineteenth hole.

21. From the passage, we can see that the author is _____

A. pessimistic B. optimistic C. warm-hearted D. shy

22. What does the underlined word “mortified” in Paragraph 5mean?

A. calm B. excited C. worried D. embarrassed

23. What’s the author’s aim to say the underlined sentence?

A. to give a weather report

B. to tell the gentlemen how the unimaginable happened

C. to reduce the embarrassment and get things moving again

D. It’s just a joke


【解析】1.推理判断题。根据文章第一段的句子“I think it was my sense of humor thatallowed me to hold on my sanity.”可知,作者是乐观的。故选B。

2.词义猜测题。根据第三段的句子“blew my hat and hair right off my head and intothe middle of the fairway!...all eyes fixed on me. Even my golfidols were watching me, as my hair was right in their flightpath.”可知,作者的帽子和头发都被风吹起来了,大家都盯着她看,所以她很尴尬。故选D。

3.推理判断题。根据文章第三段的句子“Someone had to do something to get thingsmoving again.”可知,作者最后说那句话是为了减少尴尬,让比赛继续进行。故选C。



Some cases have been reported in Russia lately of people who canread and detect colors with their fingers, and even see throughsolid doors and walls. One case is concerning an eleven-year-oldgirl, who has normal vision but who can also become aware of thingswith different parts of her skin, and through solid walls. Thisability was first noticed by her father. One day she came into hisoffice and happened to put her hands on the door of a locked safe.Suddenly she asked her father why he kept so many newspapers lockedaway there., and even described the way they were done up inbundles.

Her talent was brought to the notice of a scientific researchinstitute and she was given a series of tests. During these testsshe was able to read a newspaper through a screen which was nottransparent and strange still, by moving her elbow over a game ofLotto she was able to describe the figures and colors printed onit; in another instance, wearing stockings and slippers, to makeout with her foot the outlines and colors of a picture hidden undera carpet. Other experiments showed that her knees and shoulders hada similar sensitivity. During all these tests she was blindfolded;and indeed, except when blindfold she lacked the ability to seethings with her skin, It was also found that although she couldperceive things with her fingers this ability ceased the moment herhands were wet.

24. Solid doors and walls are __________________.

A. invisible to those who can read and detect colors with theirfingers.

B. no obstacles for people who can read and detect colors withtheir fingers.

C. transparent to those who can read and detect colors.

D. concerned in cases reported in Russia recently.

25. The girl’s father _______________.

A. had always known his daughter and her talent.

B. found that his daughter could perceive things with differentparts of her skin.

C. described the way newspapers were done up in boundless.

D. discovered his daughter’s gift by accident.

26. The scientific research institute _______________.

A. made the girl read a newspaper B. set up a game of Lotto withthe girl

C. tested the girl thoroughly D. arranged that the girl shouldundergo a number of experiments.

27. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The girl couldn’t always perceive things with her skin.

B. The girl was occas

ionally blindfold when she did thetests.

C. The girl’s hands had to be wet before she could perceivethings through he skin.

D. The girl’s knees didn’t have the same sensitivity as herfingers.


【解析】1.细节理解题。根据文章第一段的句子“Some cases have been reported in Russialately of people who can read and detect colors with their fingers,and even see through solid doors andwalls.”可知,固体的门和墙对能用手指阅读并检测颜色的人没有障碍。故选B。

2.推理判断题。根据文章第一段的句子“This ability was first noticed by herfather.”可知,这个女孩的父亲偶然发现女孩的天赋。故选D。

3.细节理解题。根据文章第二段的句子“Her talent was brought to the notice of ascientific research institute and she was given a series oftests.”可知,这个科学研究机构全面地检查了这个女孩。故选C。

4.细节理解题。根据文章第二段的句子“During all these tests she was blindfolded;and indeed, except when blindfold she lacked the ability to seethings with her skin”可知,这个女孩不能总是用皮肤察觉物体。故选A。



I told my friend Graham that I often cycle two miles from myhouse to the town centre but unfortunately there is a big hill onthe route. He replied, “You mean fortunately.” He explained that Ishould be glad of the extra exercise that the hill provided.

My attitude to the hill has now changed. I used to complain as Iapproached it but now I tell myself the following. This hill willexercise my heart and lungs. It will help me to lose weight and getfit. It will mean that I live longer. This hill is my f

riend. Finally I comfort myself with thethought of all those silly people who pay money to go to a gym andsit on stationery exercise bicycles when I can get the same valuefor free. I have a smile of satisfaction as I reach the top of thehill.

Problems are there to be faced and overcome. We cannot achieveanything with an easy life. Helen Keller was the first deaf andblind person to gain a

university degree. Her activism andwriting proved inspirational. She wrote, “Character cannot bedeveloped in ease. Only through experiences of suffering can thesoul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and successachieved.”[来源:Zxxk.Com]

One of the main determinants of success in life is our attitudetowards adversity. From time to time we all face hardships,problems, accidents and difficulties. Some are of our making butmany are no fault of our own. While we cannot choose the adversity,we can choose our attitude towards it.

Douglas Bader was 21 when in 1931 he had both legs cut offfollowing a flying accident.He was determined to fly again and wenton to become one of the leading flying aviators in the Battle ofBritain with 22 aerial victories over the Germans.He was aninspiration to others during the war. He said, “Don’t listen toanyone who tells you that you can’t do this or that. That’snonsense. Make up your mind, you’ll never use crutches or a stick,and then have a go at everything. Go to school, and join in all thegames you can. Go anywhere you want to. But never, never let thempersuade you that things are too difficult or impossible.”

The biographies of great people are full of examples of how theytook steps to overcome the difficulties they faced. The commonthread is that they did not become depressed. They chose theirattitude. They chose to be positive. They took on the challenge.They won. Nevertheless, there is still the p

roblem of how you change your attitudetowards adversity.

28. Which of the following is true according to the author ofthe passage?

A. Going to a gym is greatly beneficial to people’s health.

B. Climbing hills on bicycles is the best way to takeexercise.

C. Those who want to achieve success can’t expect to live aneasy life.

D. People’s attitude to adversity is the only factor of theirsuccess.

29. By quoting what Douglas Bader said, the author intends totell us “ .”

A. Failure is the mother of success. B. A bad workman quarrelswith his tools.

C. If you risk nothing, you will have nothing. D. Nothing isdifficult to the man who will try.

30. Following this passage, the author will further talk about.

A. how his friend helped him to change his attitude towards theadversity he faced

B. what steps to take to change your attitude towards theadversity you face

C. why it is important to keep optimistic in face ofadversity

D. what great people have in common

31. Which of the following can best function as the title of thepassage?

A. Face adversity with a smile B. Different attitudes towardsadversity

C. Nothing is impossible D. Life is full of adversity


【解析】1.推理判断题。根据第三段前两句“Problems are there to be faced andovercome. We cannot achieve anything with an easylife.”可知,人人都要面对问题,都要克服困难。安逸的生活是无助于我们获得成功的。也就是说想要成功的人不可能有安逸的生活。故选C。

2.推理判断题。根据第四段首句“One of the main determinants of success in lifeis our attitude towards adversity.”和尾句“While we cannot choose theadversity, we can choose our attitude towardsit.”可知,我们对待逆境的态度很重要,如果我们选择了积极面对困难,我们就一定会成功。接着在第五段中作者就介绍了DouglasBader的话,目的正是为了证明第四段中的观点。故选D。

3.推理判断题。根据文章最后一段“Nevertheless, there is still the problem of howyou change your attitude towardsadversity.”无论如何,要改变对待逆境的态度总是有很多问题要解决。那么接下来的内容就应该谈论我们究竟应该如何做来改变我们对待逆境的态度。故选B。

4.标题判断题。根据全文和最后一段的句子“The common thread is that they did notbecome depressed. They chose their attitude. They chose to bepositive. They took on the challenge. Theywon.”可知,文章传达的观念是:要微笑面对困难。故选A。



Adding math talk to story time at home is a winning factor forchildren’s math achievement, according to a new research from auniversity. The study from psychologists Sian Beilock and SusanLevine shows a marked increase in math achievement among childrenwhose families used Bedtime Math, an iPad app that deliversengaging math story problems for parents and children to solvetogether.

Even children who used the app with their parents as little asonce a week saw gains in math achievement by the end of the schoolyear. The app’s effect was especially strong for children whoseparents tend to be anxious or uncomfortable with math.

Previous research from this group has demonstrated theimportance of adults’ attitudes about math for children’s mathsuccess. For example, a recent study found that math-anxiousparents who help their children with math homework actually weakentheir children’s math achievement.

The new findings demonstrate that structured, positiveinteractions around math at home can cut the link between parents’uneasiness about math and children’s low math achievement.

“Many people experience high levels of anxiety when they have tosolve a math problem, with a majority of adults feeling at leastsome worries about math,” said Beilock, professor in Psychology andauthor of Choke, a book about stress and performance. “Thesemath-anxious parents are probably less likely to talk about math athome, which affects how competent their children are in math.Bedtime Math encourages a dialogue between parents and kids aboutmath, and offers a way to engage in high-quality math interactionsin a low-effort, high-impact way.”

Study participants included 587 first-grade students and theirparents. Families were given an iPad installed with a version ofthe Bedtime Math app, with which parents and their children readstories and answer questions involving math, including topics likecounting, shapes and problem-solving. A control group received areading app that had similar stories without the math content andquestions related to reading comprehension instead. Children’s mathachievement was assessed at the beginning and end of the schoolyear. Parents completed a questionnaire about their nervousnesswith math.

The more times parents and children in the math group used theapp, the higher children’s achievement on a math assessment at theend of the school year. Indeed, children who frequently used themath app with their parents outperformed similar students in thereading group by almost three months in math achievement at year’send.

32. Bedtime Math is an iPad app that _____.

A. requires parents and children to answer reading comprehensionquestions

B. assesses children’s math achievement and parents’ nervousnesswith math

C. teaches children how to count, recognize shapes and solvepractical problems

D. encourages children together with their parents to solve mathstory problems [来源:Zxxk.Com]

33. The previous study found that _____.

A. help from math-anxious parents improves c

hildren’s math achievement

B. children’s math achievement is related to parents’ attitudeabout math

C. interactions around math at home will cut off the familyrelationship

D. children can achieve more success if they see the importanceof math

34. We can infer from the passage that ______.

A. children using the app for three months can see gains in mathachievement

B. children whose parents are uneasy about math outperform otherstudents

C. it is the math problems related to the stories that make thegreat difference

D. the frequency of using the app has nothing to do withchildren’s achievement

35. Which is the best title for the passage?

A. High-quality math interactions improve performance.

B. Frequent use of app can develop problem solving ability.

C. Low-effort activities create good parent-childrelationship.

D. High-anxiety parents influence children’s attitude aboutmath.


【解析】1.细节理解题。根据第一段第二句“The study from psychologists Sian Beilockand Susan Levine shows a marked increase in math achievement amongchildren whose families used Bedtime Math, an iPad app thatdelivers engaging math story problems for parents and children tosolve together.”可知,BedtimeMath是一个APP应用软件,它能够提供与数学有关的故事,然后让孩子与父母亲一起解决。通过这种方法锻炼孩子的数学思维。故选D。

2.细节理解题。根据第三段第一句“Previous research from this group hasdemonstrated the importance of adults’ attitudes about math forchildren’s math success.”可知,先前的研究说明父母对数学的态度对孩子数学的成绩有很大的影响。故选B。

3.推理判断题。根据最后一段的句子“The more times parents and children in themath group used the app, the higher children’s achievement on amath assessment at the end of the schoolyear.”可知,这个APP里给出的与数学有关的故事才是起作用的关键。故选C。

4.标题判断题。根据全文和第一段的句子“The study from psychologists Sian Beilockand Susan Levine shows a marked increase in math achievement amongchildren whose families used Bedtime Math, an iPad app thatdelivers engaging math story problems for parents and children tosolvetogether.”可知,文章介绍一个APP软件,提供一些数学故事让孩子和父母一起解决,这样可以提高孩子的数学成绩。故选A。


第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分, 满分10分)


A major source of teen stress is school exams, and test anxietyis not uncommon. When you recognize your teen is under stress, howcan parents help your teen stay calm before an exam?

Be involved. Parents need to be involved in their teen’s work.36 _ What they look for is your presence — to talk, to cry,or simply to sit with them quietly. Communicate openly with yourteen. Encourage your teen to express his or her worries and fears,but don’t let them focus on those fears.

Help them get organized. 37 Together , you and your teencan work out a time-table in which he or she can study for what heor she knows will be on the test.

Provide a calm setting. Help your teen set up a quiet place tostudy and protect his or her privacy. Give them a nutritious diet.It is important for your teen to eat a healthy, balanced dietduring exam times to focus and do his or her best. 38 Ifthis happens, encourage your teen to eat light meals or sandwiches.A healthy diet, rather than junk food, is best for reducingstress.

39 Persuade your teenager to get some sleep and /or dosomething active when he or she needs a real break from studying.Making time for relaxation, fun, and exercise are all important inreducing stress. Help your teen balance his or her time so that heor she will feel comfortable taking time out from studying to spendtime with friends or rest.

Show a positive attitude. 40 Your panic, anxiety andblame contribute to your teen’s pressure. Make your teen feelaccepted and valued for his or her efforts. Most importantly,reassure your teen that things will be all right, no matter whatthe results are.

A. A parent's attitude will dictate their teen’s emotions.

B. Exam stress can make some teens lose their appetite.

C. They will only make the situation worse.

D. Encourage your teen to relax.

E. The best thing is simply to listen.

F. Help your teen think about what she has to study and planaccordingly.

G. Your teen may also make negative comments aboutthemselves


【解析】1.根据下文的句子“What they look for is your presence — to talk, tocry, or simply to sit with themquietly.”他们寻求的是你的出现——谈话,大喊,或是安静地和他们坐在一起。可知这里是:最好的事情就是听。故选E。

2.根据下文的句子“Together, you and your teen can work out a timetablein which she can study for what she knows will be on thetest.”你和你的孩子可以一起制定一个时间表,她可以根据它学习考试中将出现的内容。,可知这里是:帮助你的孩子思考要学习什么并有根据地做出计划。故选F。

3.根据下文的句子“If this happens, encourage your teen to eat lightmeals orsandwiches.”如果这个发生,鼓励孩子吃清淡的饮食或三明治。可知这里是:考试压力会让年轻人失去胃口。故选B。

4.根据下文的句子“Persuade your teenager to get some sleep and /or dosomething active when she needs a real break fromstudying.”当孩子真地需要在学习之余休息的时候。鼓励孩子去睡觉或做一些积极的事情。可知这里是:鼓励你的孩子放松。故选D。

5.根据下文的句子“Your panic, anxiety and blame contribute to yourteen’s pressure.”你的恐惧,焦虑和责备会导致孩子的压力。可知这里是:父母的态度会影响孩子的情绪。故选A。


第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1. 5分,满分30分)

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、 C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

A gentle breeze blew through Jennifer’s hair. The golden red sunwas 41 . She was on the beach, looking up at the fiery ball.She was 42 by its color, deep red in the middle, softlyfading into yellow. She could hear nothing but the waves and theseagulls 43 up above in the sky.

The atmosphere 44 her. After all she had been through,this was what she needed. “It’s getting 45 ,” she thought,“I must go home. My parents will be 46 where I am.” Shewondered how her parents would 47 , when she got home afterthe three days she was 48 . She kept on walking, 49herself to the bungalow where she spent every summer holiday. Theroad was deserted. She walked slowly and 50 . Just in a fewhundred meters she would be safe in her house.

It was really getting dark now. The sun had set a few minutesbefore and it was getting cold, too. She 51 she had herfavorite sweater on — it kept her really warm. She imagined havingit 52 her. This thought disappeared when she finally saw herfront door. It seemed 53 . The outside garden seemed54 . She was shocked: her father was usually so strict aboutkeeping everything clean and tidy.

She entered the house. First, she went into the kitchen whereshe saw a 55 written by her father. It said, “Ellen, thereis some coffee 56 . I went looking.” Ellen was her motherbut — where was she? She entered her parent’s home. Then she sawher. Her mother, lying on the bed, 57 . Jennifer w

ould have wanted to wake her up but shelooked too tired. So Jennifer just fell asleep beside her. WhenJennifer 58 , something was different. She was in her cozybed in her pajamas.

It felt so good being back home. 59 she heard a voice,“Are you feeling better now? You know you got us very, very60 .”

41. A. disappearin

g B. setting C. rising D. shining

42. A. amazed B. excited C. disappointed D. frightened

43. A. moving B. flying C. stepping D. flowing

44. A. surprised B. confused C. relaxed D. exhausted

45. A. early B. cold C. warm D. late

46. A. wondering B. knowing C. ignoring D. finding

47. A. say B. take C. like D. react

48. A. working B. missing C. spending D. traveling

49. A. pointing B. enjoying C. directing D. teaching

50. A. easily B. silently C. happily D. willingly

51. A. believed B. wished C. guessed D. judged

52. A. with B. for C. at D. in

53. A. same B. familiar C. difficult D. different

54. A. crowded B. tidy C. deserted D. clean

55. A. text B. letter C. note D. sentence

56. A. ready B. gone C. present D. available

57. A. cried B. laughed C. coughed D. slept

58. A. woke up B. stayed up C. broke up D. held up

59. A. Fortunately B. Similarly C. Suddenly D. Constantly

60. A. moved B. lost C. inspired D. scared


【解析】1.根据下文“The sun had set a few minutesbefore”可知,太阳要下山了。set落山。故选B。


3.根据“the seagulls”可知,海鸥在空中飞翔。fly飞。故选B。

4.根据下文“After all she had been through, this was what sheneeded.”可知,气氛让她放松。relaxed放松的。故选C。

5.根据下文“I must go home.”可知,天晚了,我要回家了。late晚的。故选D。

6.根据下文“She wondered how her parentswould    ,”可知,她父母想知道她在哪里。wonder想知道。故选A。

7.根据下文“when she got home after the threedays”可知,父母看见她离家三天回来是什么反应。react反应。故选D。

8.根据上文“I must go home.”可知,Jennifer 失踪三天。missing不见了。故选B。


10.根据上文“walked slowly”可知,她慢慢地默默地走着。silently沉默地。故选B。

11.根据下文“it kept her really warm.”可知,她希望能穿上最喜欢的毛衣。wish希望。故选B。

12.根据上文“she had her favorite sweateron”可知,她希望能带着毛衣。with带着。故选A。

13.根据下文“The outside gardenseemed”可知,她觉得房子似乎不同了。different不同。故选D。

14.根据下文“her father was usually so strict about keepingeverything clean and tidy.”可知,外面的花园荒芜了。deserted荒芜的。故选C。

15.根据上文“It said, “Ellen, there is somecoffee”可知,她看见她爸爸留给她的便条。note便条。故选C。


17.根据下文“Jennifer would have wanted to wake herup”可知,她妈妈在床上睡着了。slept睡觉。故选D。

18.根据上文“So Jennifer just fell asleep beside her.”可知,Jennifer醒来的时候,有什么东西不同了。wake up醒来。故选A。


20.根据上文Jennifer 离家出走,父母应该是害怕的。scared害怕的。故选D。


第三部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分45分)



Hangzhou in Zhejiang province got a lot of attention last month.The host city of the G20 Leaders Summit 61 (welcome) headsof the world’s 20 major e

conomies and international organizationson Sept. 4-5.

For two days, they discussed global topics and enjoyed 62(show). But for young people around the world, the G20 Summit hadmore to offer. More than 4,000 students from China and abroad tookpart in 63 (volunteer) service during the summit. Animpressive 15 local universities and colleges gave the event manyof 64 (it) students volunteers . Students with languageskills 65 (prefer) .

66 ( choose) as a volunteer for the summit, they had to gothrough several rounds of interviews and receive training. Inaddition, international students were happy to help. 67 total of 26international students served as volunteers. Australian Tim, 68 isstudying medicine in China said he was honored that West Lakedistrict government had invited him to take part in the making of aTV program that taught English to people 69 (live) in Hangzhou. Inthe program, he showed popular places for morning exercises, how tobargain at the market and how to make dumplings. He thought it wasinteresting to tell stories about Hangzhou 70 a foreigner’s pointof view so that more people fall in love with Hangzhou.






5.were preferred

6.To be chosen





【解析】1.根据时间状语on Sept. 4-5可知,这句话使用一般过去时。故填welcomed。




5.Students with languageskills和prefer是被动关系,而且文章使用一般过去时,主语是复数。故填were preferred。

6.句意:为了被选为峰会的志愿者,他们不得不通过几轮面试并接受训练。使用不定式作目的状语,而且they和choose是被动关系。故填Tobe chosen。

7.a total of为固定搭配,意为“总共”。故填A。

8.使用定语从句,先行词是Australian Tim,指人,定语从句中缺少主语。故填who。


10.from one’s point of view意为“在某人看来”。故填from。


第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)







Dear Sophia,

I’m Li Hua from Beijing ABC Senior School. I’m happy to learnthat you’re going to stay with my family while you’re inBeijing.

While you are here, we’ll provide you with a room of your ownwith a bed, a desk, a couple of chair and a TV. You’ll also haveyour own bathroom. Our school is quite close from our home, becausewe could go to school by bike. In noon we’ll eat at the schooldining hall. I’m surely you’ll like the delicious Chinese foodthere, and enjoying talking with friends over lunch. Classes in ourschool usually finish at 4 in the afternoon. You can then join inother students in playing ball games or swimming. There will be alot of funs.

If you have any questions or requests, please let me know. We’lltry our best to make my stay here in Beijing pleasantexperience.

Best wishes

Li Hua

【答案】I’m Li Hua from Beijing ABC Senior School. I’m happy tolearn that you’re going to stay with my family while you’re inBeijing.

While you are here, we’ll provide you with a room of your ownwith a bed, a desk, a couple of

and a TV. You’ll also have your ownbathroom. Our school is quite close
our home,
we could go to school by bike.
noon we’ll eat at the school dininghall. I’m
you’ll like the delicious Chinesefood there, and
talking with friends over lunch.Classes in our school usually finish at 4 in the afternoon. You canthen join in other students in playing ball games or swimming.There’ll be a lot of

If you have any questions or requests, please let me know. We’lltry our best to make

stay here in Beijing
pleasant experience.

Best wishes

Li Hua

【解析】第一处:chair是可数名词,和a couple of搭配用复数。故chair改成chairs。

第二处:be close to为固定搭配,意为“离……很近”。故from改成to。


第四处:表示“在中午”用at noon。故In改成At。







第二节 书面表达 (满分25分)


【答案】A famous saying goes that: “Interest is the best teacher.”This new system is a good way to inspire students’ study enthusiasmbecause students have the chance to choose the lessons and theteachers according to their own interest. Since students have tothink about it carefully before they choose the lessons, thissystem can also improve the ability of making decisions.

On the other hand, there are, however, some disadvantages lyingin this new system. For one thing, students may feel embarrassedwhen they talk with classmates they are not very familiar withbecause classrooms and classmates are all unfixed. For anotherthing, during breaks, students have to find the classroom wherethey will have the next class. Does it mean that students have lesstime to relax?

In all, this is totally a new idea. We might as well have a tryand we will see if it is suitable for students or not.


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