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1. effect n. 影响,效果 cause and effect 因果 bring sth into effect 使生效

come into effect 生效 take effect 开始起作用,见效

have a … effect on sb/sth 对某人、某物有…影响

The medicine soon took effect. New controls come into effect next month.

v. affect Does television affect children’s behaviour?

Does television have an effect an children’s behaviour?

2. sudden adj.

1)突然的,意外的 all of a sudden 突然,冷不防

2) 飞速的,快的 a sudden jump suddenly adv.

3. freeze vi vt 结冰 Water freezes at zero degrees centigrade.

I am freezing.我快冻僵了。 Smiles froze on her face.笑容在她脸上僵住了。

be frozen/freeze to death freezing cold/burning hot

4. fortune u/n财产;运气 seek one’s fortune make one’s fortune

5. ride v&n 乘,骑,搭载 ~ (on) a horse/train 骑马/坐车 give sb a ~ 让某人搭车

It is two hours’ ride from here.

6. potato n. 土豆 potatoes (tomatoes heroes)

7. circulate v. 循环,流传,传阅

circulate sth (to sb.) The document will be circulated to all members.

8. spread v. spread spread Spread a piece of cloth on the table. 铺开 展开

She spread her arms and the children ran towards her. 张开(双臂)

The disease spread quickly. 传播 流传 散布 Spread butter on the bread. 涂抹

n. prevent the spread of disease

9. drag-dragged-dragged 拖,拽

1) drag a leg

2) drag sb down 使某人感到不愉快

10. clear adj. 清晰的 clear water; clear glass; a clear explanation; make oneself clear

v 清除,放晴 clear away 雾烟等消散;clear up (天气)放晴; clearly adv.

11. face n脸, 表情 v面对,面向,正视 face sth 面朝,面对 be faced with …面对,遇到

12. distinguish v.区别,辨别 distinguish between A and B =distinguishA from B

13. satisfaction n. 满意 to one’s ~ 让某人满意的是

express one’s ~ with sth 对某事表示满意 satisfy vt. ~ one’s need/desire/demand 满足需要

satisfied adj. be satisfied with sth/sb 对…满意 satisfying adj.

14. aim at

① 瞄准,对准 He aimed the gun at the enemy officer.

② (向某方面)努力 She's aiming at ( trying to win) a scholarship.

③ 针对某人 My words were not aimed at you.

15. abandon v. 放弃,遗弃,抛弃 abandon the baby/ child/ friend

abandon the plan/ idea/ effort/ hope

abandon oneself to 陷入,沉湎于 He abandoned himself to despair.

16. majority n. the / a majority of … The / A majority of people interviewed prefer TV to radio.

17. embarrass v. 使尴尬embarrassed -embarrassing –embarrassment

embarrass sb. feel embarrassed about

18. tongue n. 舌头,语言 mother tongue=native language母语

19. greet v招呼,迎接,入(耳),触(目),扑(鼻)

greet sb with a nod 点头示意 greet the New Year 迎接新年

A sweet smell greets the nose.香气扑鼻

20. personal a. (belonging or relating to one particular person, rather than to other people)

one's personal view/opinion 个人观点personal possessions/property/belongings 私人物品/财产/所有物

for personal use供个人使用 take a personal interest in sth私下对某物感兴趣

personal experience亲身经历

21. rob 抢劫;掠夺 rob somebody/something (of something)

The tomb had been robbed of its treasures.

22. dream n. v. 做梦 dream of/about + n/doing dream a good dream

23. energetic a. 精力旺盛的,精力充沛的 energetically adv.

energy n. 精力 be full of energy

24. range n/v

1)。We offer a full range of activities for children.

2)。It’s difficult to find a house in our price range.

3)。She has had a number of different jobs, _______(range)from cook to teacher.

25. drop n.滴 v. 落下; 降低; 倒下 The fruit dropped down from the tree.

The price of sugar will drop soon. drop behind 落在后面

drop in on sb/ at sp 顺便拜访人、地

drop off 下降,减退; 睡着了,打盹

drop out of sth 从……退出,不再参加…… He dropped out of politics.

26. application n.申请 make an application for

27. wipe v. 擦;擦净;擦干 He wiped his hands on his blue apron.

wipe the glass dry They wiped away the girl’s tears.

wipe out: destroy, get rid of

A volcanic eruption nearly wiped out the small island of Montserrat in 1997.

28. Christmas Merry Christmas! on Christmas Eve;

at Christmas 圣诞节期间 on Christmas 在圣诞节这天

29. film n v 电影,影片,拍摄 develop a film

Everything was covered in a film of dust.

30. alive a. 活着的,存在的 catch …alive 活捉 keep…alive be alive with= be full of

The lake was alive with fish. Who is the greatest man alive.(后置定语)

31. keep v.

1。keep (on)doing 一直做…

Why do you keep laughing all the time? 你为什么一直在笑?

He is always keeping (on ) asking me the same question.

2。keep a secret/ one’s word/ a record

3。keep sb / sth from doing

4。keep the door open/ her waiting/ sb. in bed/ sb. informed of…

5。keep calm/ healthy/ left

6。keep sheep 养羊

7。keep up with 跟上 keep up (天气)持续不变 The rain kept up all afternoon.

keep back 抑制, ,忍住 keep sth back from sb. 向某人隐瞒

keep away from 远离 keep off 不接触 Keep off grass!

32.hang vt vi 绞刑,上吊,悬挂 hang one’s head in shame含羞低头

hang curtains hang out/up

33. due adj.到期的,预期的

be due to sb/sth 因为,由于 The team’s success was largely due to her efforts.

be due to do 预期干某事 The next train is due to arrive in five minutes.

The homework is due.

34. traffic n. 交通(不可数) at the traffic lights在交通灯那里

There are traffic jams at the corner every day.交通堵塞,堵车

There is heavy/ light traffic here.车辆多/少

35. advice n/u. advise vt. 忠告,劝告,建议 take/follow/ accept one’s advice 接受某人的建议

ask sb for advice 向某人寻求建议 a piece of advice 一条建议

give sb some advice on sth

advise sb (not) to do; advise doing; advise that …(should)+do

Our teacher advised that we should study hard.

36. diary 日记 n. keep a diary

37. link


1) There may be a ~ between the 2 murders.

2) to establish trade ~s with Asia

3) a video / satellite ~

4) a ~ in the chain


1.) ~ A to/ with B ~ A and B(together)

The video cameras are ~d to a powerful computer.

The English Tunnel links Britain with the rest of Europe.

2) The 2 factors are directly~ed.

Exposure to ultraviolet (紫外线) light is closely ~ed to skin cancer.

3) ~ up (with sb / sth) The bands have ~ed up for a charity concert.

38. accomplish v. 完成,到达,实现 accomplishment n. 成就,成绩

accomplish the task/ purpose/ goal

39. sale n. 出售,销售; 销售量/额(多用复数) for ~ 待售; on ~ 出售

40. strength n. 力量 力气 strengthen v. 加强 巩固 strong adj. 强壮的

He didn’t have the strength to walk further.

41. consult vt

1) 咨询,请教 consult sb (about) sth

2) 与某人商量 consult (with) sb about/on sth

3) 查阅,查询 consult a dictionary

42. tell v. told told告诉 ;讲述 表述 ; 辨别

tell sb sth / tell sth to sb tell the truth/ lies I can’t tell you how happy I am.

tell A from B Can you tell the differences between B.E. and A.E.?

43. figure n,v数字,图形,身形,人物 be round in figure 呈圆形 have a good figure 身材好

figure out a problem 算出一道题 I couldn’t figure out who he was.我想不出他是谁。

44. fill vt vi填满,装满 Fill the glass with water.

A big crowd filled the hall. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears.

fill in the blank/fill in the hole/fill up

45. list n. v. make a list of… 列一个…的清单; list our ten favorite songs (列举)

46. desire n. v. we all desire health and happiness. a strong desire for power

47. rude adj(-rudely adv-rudeness n.) 粗鲁的;无礼的 be ~ to sb

48. eye n 眼睛/眼力 have an eye for sth 对…有鉴赏力 keep an eye on sb/sth 照看/留意

catch one’s eye 吸引注意力

49. apologize n. 道歉,歉意 apology n.

make an apology/ apologies to sb for sth apologise to sb for sth

50. rich adj. 富的,丰富的,富饶的 Our country is rich in natural resources.


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