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( )1.-Could we see each other at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning?

-Sorry, let's make it _______ time.

A.others B.the other C.another D.other

( )2.-Hi, Lisa! Are you feeling better today?

-No, I'm not. I am feeling even ______.

A.good B.bad C.well D.worse

( )3.-Steve, _______ do you play basketball after school?

-Twice a week. It can keep me healthy.

A.how far B.how soon C.how long D.how often

( )4.-Sally, could you give me some _____ on English learning?

-Of course, you'd better get much listening practice.

A.advice B.news C.gifts D.ways

( )5.-_____ salt did you put in the soup?

-Two spoons.

A.How many B.How often C.How far D.How much

( )6.-Are you free this Sunday, Lisa?

-Yes, I am. I have ______ to do.

A.nothing special B.special nothing

C.anything special D.special anything

( )7.-His T-shirt is not the same _____ yours.

-Yes, it's just similar ____ yours.

A.to;from B.from;with C.with;to D.as;to

( )8.-Can you read some books in the library,Mr.Li?

-No. you can't read _____ you show me your card. That's the rule of the library.

A.if B.because C.although D.unless

( )9.-Do you often play basketball, Uncle Wang?

-No, ________. I don't like ball games at all.

A.usually B.often C.never D.always

( )10.-How about having a surprise party for Anna?

-Good idea. Let's ______ how to organize the party.

A.tell B.solve C.discuss D.prepare

( )11.-Do you like A Bite of China(舌尖上的中国)?

-Of course. It is my favorite _______.

A.competition B.program C.experience D.hobby

( )12. —Could you please help me do some housework this afternoon?

—________. I will be free after 2:30 in the afternoon.

A. Sorry, I can't B. No, you can't

C. Sure, I'd love to D. Of course not

( )13. --________?

--It's Monday, the 17th.

A. What day is today B.What is the date

C.What is next Monday D.What is the day after tomorrow

( )14.-Wht's the weather like today?

-It's as ______ as it was yesterday. You can wear shorts.

A.hot B.hotter C.cold D.colder

( )15.-Joe, I'm afraid I can't hang out today.

-_______? Usually you are free on weekends.

A.How about it B.What's it C.So what D.How come



I lived in a small village when I was young.At the age of 18,I__16_my studies at high school.I did not go to college,__17__my parents didn't have much money.I decided to leave my home to work in New York.I took the__18__alone(独自地)to the city with only twenty dollars with me.After five hours,the train__19__and I got off the train.Then I felt very__20__,I wanted to buy something to eat.So I went into a__21__.But I couldn't find my wallet.I was very scared(恐惧的).I began to__22__.Then an old woman walked up to me.She asked me__23__I was shouting.I told her what was wrong.Then__24__bought some food for me and gave me some money.

From then on,when I had any__25__in my life.I would think of that kind woman.I would be confident(自信的)again.I'll never forget her.

( )16.A.started B.liked C.finished D.disliked

( )17.A.because B.but C.although D.so

( )18.A.bus B.train C.boat D.subway

( )19.A.arrived B.left C.moved D.came

( )20.A.excited B.thirsty C.nervous D.hungry

( )21.A.bank B.hospital C.restaurant D.school

( )22.A.walk B.shout C.sleep D.work

( )23.A.how B.when C.why D.where

( )24.A.she B.he C.you D.they

( )25.A.ideas B.interests C.hobbies D.problems


第一节 阅读理解。



( )26.For whom is this form above(上面) most probably written?

A. Parents. B. Children. C. Teachers. D. Students.

()27._______ will help you stop becoming short-sighted.

A. Doing eye exercises regularly B. Reading in bed C. Reading in the sun D. Reading too long

()28.If you feel stressed, you should ________.

A. do less homework

B. make plans for your study, hobbies and relaxation

C. fight with others D. have some snacks

()29.Peter is very fat. Maybe he ________.

A. plays computer games too much B. has too many snacks

C. doesn't like to do exercise D. B&C


Welcome to your future life!

You get up in the morning and look into the mirror. You look young. In 2035, Many people can live to be 150 years old, so at the age of 40, you're not old at all. And your parents look the same age as you.

You say to your shirt, 'Turn red.' It changes from blue to red. In 2035, 'smart clothes'can change the color or style as you like.

You walk into the kitchen. You pick up the milk, but you hear the voice, 'You shouldn't drink that!' Your fridge remembers the information about the milk. It knows the milk is not fresh. In 2035, every household appliance(家用电器) is like your secretary.

It's time to go to work. In 2035, cars drive themselves. Just tell your 'smart car' where to go. On the way, you can call a friend using your watch. Such 'smart technology' is all around you.

So will all these things come true? 'All these will come true, even better,' says a scientist.

I couldn't agree more with the scientist. I am looking forward to the new life.

( )30.How do 'you' look in the mirror in 2035?

A.Young B.Fat C.Healthy D.Tired

( )31.What are the cars in 2035 like?

A.They run in the sky. B.They don't need gas.

C.They don't need drivers. D.They can talk with humans.

( )32.Which of the following is TRUE about the life in 2035?

A. People won't get old. B.People don't need to wear clothes.C.People don't need to have breakfast. D.People can call their friends with a watch.

( )33.What does the writer think of the life in the future?

A.It will be as good as now. B.It will be much better than now.

C.It will be as bad as now. D.It will be much worse than now.


Today many people like watching TV. So why shouldn't dogs have their own programs?

A new TV program just for dogs opened in California in the USA.The 24­hour program is called DOGTV.

The creators(发明者)of DOGTV spent four years making TV programs for dogs.These programs can make dogs relax and feel happy.There is going to be some special music for dogs and some other things that dogs like.They say many people have to leave their dogs at home in the day and they feel bad about it,because what dogs do mostly(主要) in the day is sleeping and the dogs are always lonely(孤单的).They also say that they don't want dogs to sit and watch TV for hours.They just want to create a relaxing environment for dogs.

( ) 34.DOGTV can make dogs________.

A.relaxed and happy B.excited and comfortable

C.excited and friendly D.happy and special

( ) 35.People would________when they have to leave their dogs at home in the day.

A.feel good B.feel bad

C.get stressed out D.get angry

( ) 36.According to the passage,dogs often________when people leave them at home in the day.

A.watch TV B.play with something

C.look after houses D.sleep

( ) 37.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.DOGTV creators find dogs like watching movies.

B.DOGTV creators want dogs to watch TV all the time.

C.DOGTV creators just want to create a relaxing environment for dogs.

D.DOGTV creators find dogs can sleep at home for 24 hours a day.


We can use mobile phones every day. The mobile phone is very helpful in our life. Some people even say that they can't live without mobile phones. But it brings us some trouble, too. Do you know why? Why…all is because of too many spam text messages(垃圾短信)。

There is a survey about spam text messages. Among 4,720 mobile phone users, 35 percent of the users receives 5 to 10 spam text messages a week. 15 percent get 10 to 20. On average(平均), each user receives at least eight spam text messages a week.

Do you know what spam text messages are about? In general, spam text messages are about advertisements, swindles(诈骗) and some useless information.

However, the survey shows that only 6.1 percent of users have ever appealed(投诉) to supervisory departments(监管部门). About half of them do not know how to cancel spam text messages.

It seems that nobody can be far away from spam text messages. In order to control spam text messages, mobile phone users should try to find the senders of the spam text messages. When you get spam text messages, you can appeal to supervisory departments.

( ) 38. Spam text messages are about some information EXCEPT _______

A.advertisements B.swindles C.something useless D.e-books

( ) 39. From the passage, we can know ___________.

A.the mobile phone never brought us any trouble

B.nobody seems to be far away from spam text messages

C.every user knows how to cancel spam text messages

D.spam text messages are always something useful

( ) 40. This passage talks about ________.

A.spam text messages B.different kinds of advertisements

C.the importance of mobile phones D.the importance of text messages

第二节 阅读还原


If you go into the forests with friends, stay with them. If you don't , you may get lost. If you do get lost, this is what you should do.

Sit down and stay where you are.41. __________. Let them find you. You can help them to find you by staying in one place.

42.___________ Give them a signal(信号) by shouting or whistling (吹口哨) three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal given three times is a call for help.

43.___________ When people hear you, they will give two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to a call for help. If you don't think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a small room with branches (树枝).

What should you do if you get hungry or need to drink water? You would have to leave your little branch room to look for something to eat and drink. 44.__________ Drop small branches as you walk so that you can find your way back.


第三节 综合填空阅读下面材料,在空白处填人一个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。(提示;每空不超过三个单词) Students these days often have a lot of _46___(worry). Sometimes they have problems with their schoolwork, and sometimes __47___ their friends. What can they do about this? Some people think the worst thing is to do nothing. Laura Mills, a teenager from Washington, agrees. 'Problems and worries are normal in life,' says Laura. 'But I think __48__(talk) to someone helps a lot. If we don't talk to someone, we'll certainly feel worse.'

Laura once _49__(lose) her purse, and worried for days. She was afraid to tell her parents about it. She even walked three miles to school each day because she didn't have any money. She just kept thinking. 'If I tell my parents, they _50___(be) angry!' But in the end, she talked to her parents and they were really __51___(understand). Her dad said he sometimes made careless mistakes himself. They got her a new purse and asked her to be more careful. 'I will always remember to share my problems in the future!' Laura says.

Robert Hunt advises students about common problems. He feels _52___ same way as Laura. 'It is best not _53___(avoid) our problems. We should always try to solve them.' He thinks that you can first find someone to talk to. This person doesn't need to be an expert (专家)_54____ himself. Students often forget that their parents have more experience than them, and are always there to help them. In English, we say that sharing a problem is like cutting it in half. So you're halfway to _55__(solve) a problem if you talk to someone about it!






Health education will __________________ preparing us for old age.


Mr. Wang is ill. Can you ________ to give the lesson?


In our school. Not all students want to _________.


The mother does not ______ her child at all.


She doesn't like __________ with her sister.


The sports meeting is coming. The teacher hopes the students can _____________________.

62.-他们俩有哪些共同点? -他们俩都来自美国,都擅长打篮球。(have)

-What do they__________________?

-They are both from America and good at playing basketball.


I _________ a taxi driver in ten years.


There's one thing you can do for me. But ________.


We'll visit that school _______________.



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