21—I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

—______ Bill.

AYou're welcome     BGo ahead

CDon't mention it       DNo problem

解析:考查情景对话。No problem 常用于回答别人的要求;You're welcome 回答感谢;Go ahead “好吧!可以!常用于表示同意;Don't mention it 与道歉有关。句意为:——很抱歉让你久等了。——没关系,比尔。


22______ the safety of gas, the government has checked the city's gas supply system thoroughly.

ATo ensure       BEnsuring

CHaving ensured  DTo have ensured



23I have just been in Australia for a week and I'm trying to ______ the new climate here.

Aadjust to   Bagree on

Cfit up      Drely on

解析:考查动词词组辨析。adjust to 适应,agree on ……达成一致,fit up 提供,rely on 依靠。句意为:我只在澳大利亚呆了一个星期,正努力适应这里的天气。


24The teacher ______ have thought Johnson was worth it or she wouldn't have wasted time on him, I suppose.

Ashould      Bcan

Cwould       Dmust

解析:考查情态动词+have done”must have done 表推测一定……”should have done 本该做而未做;can have done 用于否定和疑问句中,表推测;would have done 本将已做但未做。


25The incomes of male professionals went up by almost 80%. ______ part­time women workers saw their earnings fall.

AMeanwhile     BParticularly

CAt present    DNowadays

解析:句意为:男性专业人员的收入几乎增加了80%,而与此同时,兼职女性工人的收入却下降了。meanwhile “在这期间,与此同时,用于比较同时发生的两件事情。


26The comments which he made ______ marketing bothered his boss greatly.

Abeing concerned     Bconcerned

Cbe concerned        Dconcerning

解析:考查非谓语动词。concerning 介词……有关的,构成介词短语作定语。句意为:他对于市场的评论让老板很不安。


27Don't you know that Australia was as a matter of fact ______ used to be a nation of prisoners?

Awhere               Bwhat

Cwhich               Dthat

解析:本题考查表语从句中关系代词的选择。 what 引导表语从句并在从句中作主语。


28This year the white ducks are no longer lovely in local's eyes, ______ their fear of bird flu.

Aexcept for       Bdue to

Cin case of       Dinstead of

解析:考查介词短语。except for 除了;due to 因为;in case of 以免;instead of 代替。句意为:今年由于对禽流感的恐惧,当地人不再喜欢吃鸭子了。


29I hope I will not be called on in class as I'm not yet ______ prepared.

Aattentively    Breadily

Cactively       Dadequately

解析:考查副词用法区别。attentively 注意力集中地,readily 容易地,乐意地,actively 积极地,adequately 适当地,充分地。句意为:我不希望在课堂上被叫起来回答问题,因为我还没有完全准备好功课。


30When we went into the cold room, we saw ______ wood piled up in the corner.

Aa plenty of        Ba number of

Ca huge amount of   Da good many of

解析:a huge amount of 修饰不可数名词 woodA项应用 plenty of; CD项修饰可数名词复数。


31The newly ______ Japanese textbook ______ to the 1937 Nanjing Massacre ______ a mere “incident” has once again aroused anger in Nanjing, where at least 300,000 civilians and disarmed soldiers were killed by Japanese invading troops.

Aapproved; referring; as

Bapproving; referred; for

Capproving; referring; to

Dapproved; referred; as

解析:教科书是被审议通过,因此,approve 要用被动形式;refer to...as ……称作,日本教科书称1937年南京大屠杀是一件小事textbook refer to 之间是主动关系,因此用 v­ing 形式。


32It is ______ to cast your net where there is no fish.

Ain return      Bin vain

Cin case        Din favor of

解析:句意为:在无鱼之处撒网,徒劳无功。in return 作为回报;in vain 徒劳的;in case 万一,以防万一;in favor of 赞同,同意。


33—The old couple are heart­broken indeed.

—I'm sorry I'd rather you ______ them of the news.

Awon't tell     Bhadn't informed

Cdidn't tell    Ddon't have to inform

解析:考查动词用法辨析及虚拟语气。inform sb. of sth. 通知某人某事,若用 tell, 其结构应为 tell sb. sth.。此处为与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,因此用过去完成时。句意为:——那对老夫妇确实痛心不已。——对不起,我宁愿你没通知他们那个消息。


34He found himself in an embarrassing situation ______ words failed him.

Awhere       Bwhen

Cwhich       Dthat

解析:考查关联词的选择。先行词 situation 在从句中作地点状语,意为……情形下


35—Irene won the first place in the physics competition.

—______ I don't like science, anyway.

AWhy not     BSo what

CWhat if     DHow come

解析:本题考查交际用语的回答。Why not? “为什么不呢?表示接受对方的建议;So What? “那又怎样?表示说话人不在乎;What if+从句?如果……怎么样How come...怎么会呢,表示惊讶。




Compared with the children of a few decades backtoday's children seem to be __36__ they enjoy better health owing to recent __37__ in medicine and in public health care.They also enjoy all the __38__ of modern life, physically and materially.Today's children seem to be much better off than their predecessors.Nevertheless__39__  the improved standards of __40__ many children nowadays seem to be emotionally __41__ since most parents are

spending less time with their childrenso littlein __42__  that many could __43__  be called ‘weekend parents’. An increasing number of mothers are taking fulltime jobs__44__  their children in the care of babysitters or nurseries.Time has become a luxury, few parents can  __45__  because of the pressures of their work and the very brisk pace of life in our __46__ society.On the other handthese working parents can often well afford to  __47__ their children with the best foodclothestoys and other  __48__ desires.But __49__  to say, they fail to __50__ the emotional requirements of their growing children.  As a noted pediatrician(儿科医生)of the Medical and Health Department __51__ children need lovesecurity, praiserecognition and responsibility.If these needs are not __52__ their development might be stunted(抑制)Child psychologists all __53__ that some illnesses and emotional disturbances __54__ to children are because of a lack of parental care.In the light of thisparents who really __55__  their children should be sure that there are good lines of communication between themselves and their childrendespite their heavy work loads.

36. Aunhappier            Bluckier       

Cnaughtier              Dricher

37. Ainventions           Bdiscoveries

Cadvances               Dproducts

38. Acomforts      Bfacilities           

Cpleasure                Dappliances

39. Adue to            Bregarding          

Cfor                    Din spite of

40. Ahousing           Bliving       

Ccaring             Dearning

41. Apoor                 Bdeprived         

Cfaulty            Dshallow

42. Ageneral            Bfact                 

Ctotal               Dtruth

43. Awrongly          Brightly             

Ctotally           Dnamely

44. Aentrusting          Bleaving             

Clending            Dmaking

45. Aafford            Bspend         

Cwaste           Ddo

46. Apassive           Bactive         

Ccompetitive         Ddangerous

47. Abuy                 Boffer                 

Cgive                          Dprovide

48. Aemotional           Bphysical           

Cmaterial          Dintellectual

49. Asad                  Bhappy         

Clucky                        Dunfortunate

50. Ashow                      Bfeel            

Csatisfy              Dcreate

51. Atalks            Bexplains           

Cspeaks               Dsays

52. Amade                     Btaken                 

Cmet                      Ddone

53. Aargue                  Badmit               

Ctell                   Ddisagree

54. Acommon          Bpopular             

Cordinary                Dpubic

55. Alook after           Bbring up           

Ccare about             Dagree with


36. B 从下文的两个they enjoy可以看出现在社会的孩子要比几十年前的孩子幸运得多。

37. C。由于医学和公共保健事业的发展进步,现在的孩子拥有好的健康,advancesprogress

38. A。现在的孩子享受现代生活中的各种物质享受,在这里主要是指他们的生活水平高,生活条件优越。

39. D。与上文形成转折,尽管生活水平提高了,然而当今的孩子似乎在情感上丧失了。in spite of“尽管,符合题意。

40. B 生活水平涵盖的范围广,并且文章就是谈论生活水平的变化以及孩子们心理状况的变化。

41. Bdeprived的意境和内涵要比poor更为准确和深刻。

42. B。事实上现在的父母们和孩子一起度过的时间比以前少得多,事实上,极其少。in general“一般来说in fact“事实上in total“总计

43. B。该句的意思是他们可以被正确地称做……”rightly可以用来表示客观的评价;然而CD均是表示有一定主观性的判断,所以正确答案为B

44. B。很多母亲从事专职工作,这样就让她们的孩子处于保姆的照料之中。leave sb+宾补。

45. A。时间已经成为很多父母付不起钱买的一种奢侈品,意思是说父母忙于自己的事业,从而没有时间和孩子们待在一起。

46. C。该部分讲的是造成父母没有时间和孩子待在一起的原因。其一是他们工作的压力,其二是现在颇具竞争的社会的快节奏。competitive“具有竞争力的

47. D。选provide与句子后面的with构成固定短语,provide sb with sth向某人提供某物。

48. Cmaterial desire与前面的foodtoys保持一致,都是指物质方面的享受。

49.  Asad to sayto be sad,意思是令人悲伤的是

50.  Csatisfymeet满足,satisfymeet one's needs/demands/requirements,满足某人的需求。

51. B。用explain表示解释说,符合语境,一个医生解释说孩子需要爱,鼓励,认同和责任感。该句主要是阐述父母应该和孩子待在一起的原因。

52. C。见55题的解析。

53. B所有的儿童心理学家都认为,用都认为来表示这是一个需要引起人


54. A。考查形容词之间的用法区别,common“常见的,符合句意。

55. C。鉴于此,那些真正关心他们的孩子的父母要确保,他们和孩子之间也要有一个流畅的交流通道,即使他们的工作再忙。




In the West, advertisements are the fuel that makes mass media work. Many TV stations, newspapers, magazines, radio stations are privately (私人地) owned. The government does not give them money.  So where does the money come from?  From advertisements. Without advertisements, there would not be these private businesses.

   Have you ever asked yourself what advertising is?  Through the years, people have given different answers to the question.  For some time it was felt that advertising was a means of “keeping your name before the public”. And some people thought that advertising was “truth well told”. Now more and more people consider it in this way: Advertising is the paid, nonpersonal, and usually persuasive presentation of goods, services and ideas by some certain sponsors (赞助商) through various media.

   First, advertising is usually paid for. Various sponsors pay for the advertisements we see, read, and hear over the various media. Second, advertising is nonpersonal. It is not facetoface communication. Although you may feel that a message in a certain advertisement is aimed directly at you, in fact, it is directed at large groups of people. Third, advertising is usually persuasive.  Directly or indirectly it asks people to do something. All advertisements try to make people believe that the product, idea, or service advertised can benefit them. Fourth, the sponsors of the advertisement must show their names. From the advertisement, we can see if the sponsor is a company, or a single person. Fifth, advertising reaches us through old and modern mass media.  Included in the old media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and films.  Modern media include emails, matchbox covers, and boards on top of buildings.

56. The existence of the privately owned mass media depends on the support of______.

A. the government                                           B. their owners' families

C. advertisements                                       D. the TV stations

57. The passage seems to say that different ideas of advertising are given due to ______.

A. the change of time                                     

B. the subject of the advertisements

C. people's age difference                

D. people's different opinions

58. Which of the following is considered modern mass media?

A. Newspapers.              B. Emails.                     

C. Magazines.                 D. Films.

59. According to the passage, which of the following statements about advertisements is NOT true?

A. The sponsors are always mentioned.

B. Advertising must be honest and humorous.

C. There is the description of things advertised.

D. Advertising is meant for large groups of people.


56C。从第一段So where does the money come from?  From advertisements.可知答案。

57A。从第二段For some time it was felt that advertising was a means of “keeping your name before the public”. And some people thought that advertising was “truth well told”. Now more and more people consider it in this way... For some time“有段时间Now“现在

58B。由最后一句Modern media include emails, matchbox covers, nd boards on top of buildings可知,其他为old media



So long as teachers fail to distinguish (differ) between teaching and learning, they will continue to undertake to do for children that which only children can do for themselves. Teaching children to read is not passing reading on to them. It is certainly not endless hours spent in activities about reading. Douglas insists that “reading cannot be taught directly and schools should stop trying to do the impossible”.

Teaching and learning are two entirely different processes. They differ in kind and function. The function of teaching is to create the conditions and the climate that will make it possible for children to plan cleverly the most efficient(有效的) system for teaching themselves to read. Teaching is also a public activity: It can be seen and observed.

Learning to read involves all that each individual does to understand the world of printed language. Almost all of it is private, for learning is an occupation of the mind, and that process is not open to public scrutiny.

If teacher and learner roles are not interchangeable, what then can be done through teaching that will aid the child in the long search for knowledge? Smith has one principal rule for all teaching instructions. “Make learning to read easy, which means making reading a meaningful, enjoyable and frequent experience for children.”

When the roles of teacher and learner are seen for what they are, and when both the teacher and learner fulfill them properly, then much of the pressure and feeling of failure for both is got rid of. Learning to read is made easier when teachers create an environment where children are given the chance to solve the problem of learning to read by learning.

60. The problem with the reading course as mentioned in the first paragraph is that ______. 

A. too much time is spent in teaching about reading

B. reading tasks are given with little guidance

C. it is one of the most difficult school courses

D. students spend limited hours in reading

61. The teaching of reading will be successful if ______. 

A. teachers can make their teaching activities observable

B. teachers can teach their students how to read

C. teachers can improve conditions at school for the students

D. teachers can enable students to develop their own way of reading

62. The word “scrutiny” (Paragraph 3) most probably means “______”.

A. unbelief           B. contro

C. inquiry                D. observation

63. The main idea of the passage is that ______.

A. reading is more complicated than believable

B. the reading ability is something gained rather than taught

C. teachers should encourage students to read as widely as possible

D. teachers should do as little as possible in helping students learn to read




61D。细节题。通读 Almost all of it is private, for learning is an occupation of the mind, and that process is not open to public scrutiny 可知,private not open to public scrutiny 同义,据此可推知答案为D

62D。词义猜测题。根据上文private 及单词所在的语句not open to public scrutiny可知,它们同义,由此可推知此题答案为D



Is early childhood education really necessary? Early childhood education primarily focuses on learning through playing to develop the child's physical, sensory, communicational and social development. Early childhood education has become a concern of the government, who pushes poor children to be formally trained before they are old enough for kindergarten.

There are good reasons for the government to push early childhood education. Studies have shown that orphaned children who did not receive good care and education become developmentally delayed causing failure in school, and even in life. Further studies show that poor children who take part in Head Start programs are more prepared for school, less likely to end up in Special Education classes, and are less likely to receive public help or go to jail.

There are also negative parts to putting a child in formal education programs too early. Time Magazine online explains that “the younger the child the less his chances of catching up with firstgrade work”. I have personally witnessed many children of my generation who went to Head Start programs become frustrated and bored with school before they finished high school. Yet parents have been sure that the earlier the child starts school, the better off he or she is, so they push to start children earlier.

Actually while early formal education of poor children does show great gains in the early elementary years, studies also show that this head start is really a “false start” as the gains are lost in middle and high school years. It seems that environment is a bigger factor on life's success than early education. Head Start programs have not achieved its original goal in closing the achievement gap in poor and middle school children. Perhaps it is time to find other ways to close that gap.

64. The purpose of the government valuing the early childhood education is ______.

A. to develop the children's communication

B. to give orphaned children good care and education

C. to get the children prepared for the kindergarten

D. to train the children formally and regularly

65. According to the studies, which of the following is TRUE?

A. Children with good early education may have a rich life.

B. The orphaned children are usually unhappy in their life.

C. Children without early education can do well at school.

D. Head Start programs are helpful to the poor children.

66...“the younger the child the less his chances of catching up with firstgrade work” suggests that ______.

A. the early childhood education is helpless to the child's grade

B. it is good for the young children to receive early education

C. the early education can help the children follow the grade

D. the younger the children are, the more clever they will be

67. The author's attitude toward the early childhood education is ______.

A. puzzling                  B. objective               

C. indifferent                    D. approving

68. The main idea of the last paragraph is that ______.

A. the early childhood education is very necessary

B. Head Start programs have helped the children a lot

C. environment is the most important to life's success

D. better ways should be found to help the poor children


64. C。细节理解题。根据第一段Early childhood education has become a concern of the government, who pushes poor children to be formally trained before they are old enough for the kindergarten.可知政府重视早教是为了让孩子们为进入幼儿园做好准备。

65. D。推理判断题。根据第二段Further studies show that poor children who take part in Head Start programs are more prepared for school, less likely to end up in Special Education classes, and are less likely to receive public help or go to jail.可知Head Start programs对孩子们有帮助。

66. A 细节理解题。根据第三段There are also negative parts to putting a child in formal education programs too early.I have personally witnessed many children of my generation who went to Head Start programs become frustrated and bored with school before they finished high school.及上下文可知早教对孩子的成绩没什么帮助。

67. B。推理判断题。从全文来看,作者一直客观地引用他人的研究来介绍早教的利弊,所以B“客观的是正确答案。A“令人费解C“不关心的D“赞成都不正确。

68. D。主旨归纳题。通过对早教利弊的分析,在最后一段指出Perhaps it is time to find other ways to close that gap.所以要寻找更好的方法帮助孩子进步。


Gossip(流言蜚语) moves so quickly that few people have time to cover their ears, even if they want to.

“I hate it when others gossip about me” said Mandy Miraglia, 16, a high school student from California, “but to be honest, gossip about my friends makes me feel I am trusted and belong to the group.” Miraglia is not the only person feeling like that.

Gossip has long been looked down on as little more than nonsense and bad manners. But recent research has shown that gossip has many positive effects on

your social life.

“There has been a trend among people to dislike gossip” said David Sloan Wilson, Professor from the State University of New York in Binghamton, US, “but gossip appears to be a very important form of behavior in a group of friends, defining their group membership.”

For 18 months, Kevin Kniffin, from the University of Wisconsin, US, researched the behavior of 50 people. He found that gossip levels peaked when a sports team included a slacker,_someone who regularly missed practices or showed up late. Other members of the team would soon start to joke about the slacker's shortcomings behind his back, because they thought they were bad for the whole team.

Gossip about the mistakes of senior members helps newcomers rebuild their confidence after a failure.

It also helps relieve social and professional anxiety. Longterm studies show that people around the world devote from a fifth to twothirds or more of their daily conversation to gossip, and men appear to be just as eager for gossip as women.

It is hard to judge gossip, but it is more powerful than you think.

69. The author would probably agree that ______.

A. gossip is bad manners

B. gossip has many good effects

C. gossip is somewhat like nonsense

D. gossip is more powerful than advice

70. What does the underlined word “slacker” mean according to the context?

A. Someone who values the team benefit much.

B. Someone who does not do what they should do well.

C. Someone who is active in sports.

D. Someone who shows no much interest in sports.

71. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Gossip is a useful way of building group membership.

B. Gossip can possibly make someone confident.

C. Generally, women are fonders of gossip than men.

D. Actually, everyone gossips to some degree in their daily conversation.



70B。由该词后someone who regularly missed practices or showed up late可知B项最佳。

71C。由倒数第二段最后一句men appear to be just as eager for gossip as women可知C项错误。


Sunday is more like Monday than it used to be. Places of business that used to keep daytime “business hours” are now open late into the night. And on the Internet, the hour of the day and the day of the week have become irrelevant (不相关的)A half century ago in the United States, most people experienced strong and precise dividing lines between days of rest and days of work, school time and summer time. Today the boundaries still exist, but they seem not clear.

The law in almost all states used to require stores to close on Sunday; in most, it no longer does. It used to keep the schools open in all seasons except

summer; in most, it still does. And whether the work week should strengthen its legal limits, or whether it should become more “flexible” is often debated. How should we, as a society, organize our time? Should we go even further in relaxing the boundaries of time until we live in a world in which every minute is much like every other?

  These are not easy questions even to ask. Part of the difficulty is that we rarely recognize the “law of time” even when we meet it face to face. We know as children that we have to attend school a certain number of hours, a certain number of days, a certain number of years but unless we meet the truant officer (学监) we may well think that we should go to school due to social custom and parents' demand rather than to the law. As adults we are familiar with “extra pay for overtime working” but less familiar with the fact that what constitutes(构成) “overtime” is a matter of legal definition. When we turn the clock forward to start daylightsaving time, have we ever thought to ourselves: “Here is the law in action” As we shall see, there is a lot of law that has great influence on how to organize and use time: compulsory education law, overtime law, and daylightsaving lawas well as law about Sunday closing, holidays, being late to work, time zones, and so on. Once we begin to look for it, we will have no trouble finding a law of time to examine and assess.

72. By saying “Sunday is more like Monday than it used to be” the writer means that ______.

A. work time is equal to rest time           

B. many people have a day off on Monday

C. it is hard for people to decide when to rest

D. the line between work time and rest time is unclear

73. The author raises the questions in paragraph 2 to introduce the fact that people______.

A. fail to make full use of their time              

B. enjoy working overtime for extra pay

C. are unaware of the law of time                  

D. welcome flexible working hours

74. According to the passage, most children tend to believe that they go to school because they______.

A. need to acquire knowledge                

B. have to obey their parents

C. need to find companions      

D. have to observe the law

75.  What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Our life is governed by the law of time.   

B. How to organize time is not worth debating.

C. New ways of using time change our society.

D. Our time schedule is decided by social customs.











Have you ever wondered why there are so many skin colours in the world? Do you know why people living in particular areas usually have a certain colour? Biology and history are the two reasons for this.

Skin contains something called melanin, which determines a person's skin colour. The more melanin a person has, the darker his or her skin will be. The amount of and production of melanin are controlled by genetics, but can be affected by other things, such as sunlight. If a person lives in a place with strong sunlight, his or her skin will protect itself by producing more melanin, making the skin darker. In a place with less sunlight, a person's body will produce less melanin, making the skin lighter.

Skin colour is also affected by another sourcevitamin D. Humans all need vitamin D to build bones. People can get it by eating foods such as fish and milk, or from sunlight, which causes vitamin production in the skin. Melanin protects skin by absorbing sunlight, so sunlight absorbed by melanin cannot be used for vitamin D production. Therefore, a darkskinned person will produce less vitamin D than a lightskinned person when they received the same amount of sunlight.

The connection between vitamin D production and skin colour is clear when we look at evolution. The earliest humans lived in Africa, their dark skin covered with hair. When they moved to places that had less sunlight, their bodies produced less vitamin D because of their dark skin. As a result, their skin made less melanin, so they could get enough sunlight to produce vitamin D. Their skin gradually got lighter and they lost hair. Now, people who live in areas with strong sunlight, like Africa, have darker skin, while people living in other areas have lighter skin. The exception to this is the Inuit, who live in a place with little sunlight, but have dark skin because they eat a lot of fish and have enough vitamin D.

Evolution has given us a rainbow of skin colours. Humans have always had melanin to determine our skin colour. What has changed through history is the environment where we have lived. This has in turn changed our melanin production, and eventually, skin colour.

A World of Skin Colour


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有人认为:     1.香港已经建有一个乐园,没有必要重复建设。







On 4th Nov.,2009the Shanghai municipal government announced that China's central government has officially approved the Shanghai Disneyland Project.




On 4th Nov., 2009the Shanghai municipal government announced that China's central government has officially approved the Shanghai Disneyland Project.

People have different opinions of the project. Some think it is  not necessary to build another one in China since there already exists one in HongKong. Also it is hard to attract large numbers of tourists, given current financial situation. It may affect the environment as well. But there is another voice. Other people think it will be a good choice for them, especially children, to spend their holidays in the park. Many jobs will be created, which is good for local economy. The opening of the park will definitely promote the development of transportation and tourism.

Personally, I would love to see the park completed as soon as possible. I am sure people will have great fun there.


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