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1What can you learn about the man from the conversation?

AHe’s anxious to see his sister.

BHe wrote to his sister last month.

CHe’s expecting a letter from his sister.

2What did the woman say about the weather?

AIt would be rainy. BIt would be windy. CIt would snow.

3What’s the woman?

AA shop assistant.  BA cook.  CA waitress.

4Where is the man going to spend his holiday?

AAt student center.  BAt home.  CIn his garden.

5Why isn’t Rebecca going to eat?

AShe has been to the dentist’s and is in much pain.

BShe has one of her teeth filled at the dentist’s.

CShe doesn’t feel like eating because she isn’t hungry.

第二节 (15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5)


6Why does the woman look upset?

AJohn didn’t want her to go to work.

BJohn didn’t like her staying at home.

CJohn separated from her.

7What can you know about the man?

AHe quarreled with John yesterday.

BHe is for the woman.

CHe doesn’t like staying at home either.

8What is the woman going to do?

ATalk to other more people.

BAsk the man to talk to John.

CThink about the whole matter again.


9Why did Mary call Tom?

ATo ask him to attend a meeting of the Student’s Union.

BTo find out if the book they ordered is in.

CTo see if he has time to welcome new students.

10What does Tom offer to do?

AHelp out when he has time.

BSet up something with Ken.

CLeave work early if he can.

11When will Tom give his hand?

ASaturday.  BThursday and Friday morning.

CIt hasn’t been decided yet.


12What should the woman do when the man posts his parcels according to the conversation?

AWeigh the parcel.    BCheck the address.

CCalculate the postage.

13Which kind of mail has cheaper rates?

AParcels.  BOrdinary mail.  CPrinted matter.

14What does the man decide to buy in the end?

A5 twelve­pence stamps.  B3 twelve­pence stamps.

C4 twelve­pence stamps.


15Why does Julia leave?

AShe wants to travel.  BShe wants to live in other places.

CShe does not like the job.

16What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

AHusband and wife.  BBoss and secretary.


17What is Julia most likely to do?

ATravel to England and live there.

BRetire and stay at home.

CLive abroad and learn a different language.


18What was Miss Richards?

AA chemistry teacher.  BA physics teacher.

CA science teacher.

19How did Miss Richards feel before Dick answered her question?

ADisappointed and unhappy.  BAngry and annoyed.


20What can we learn from the passage?

ADick was the top student in class.

BThe students were active in class.

CMiss Richards was rather patient.


第一节 单项填空(15小题;每小题1分,满分15)

21A bird in the hand is________two in the bush.

Aworthy  Bworthwhile  Cworth   Dworth of

22Mr Smith was________because of his carelessness.

Alaid aside  Blaid off  Claid down  Dlaid out

23I will try my best to help you.________anything else you’re my good friend.

AAside from  BExcept  CBeside  DBut

24—Mum’s giftShe________have chosen a better one for me.

—She________be very happy to know it.

Acouldn’tmust  Bshouldmust

Cmightwouldn’t  Dmustn’tshould

25A committee has been________to organize social events in the college.

Aset out  Bset up  Cset off  Dset down

26—Jackmay I use your cell phone?

—Ohsorry.It doesn’t work.It________repairing.

Arequires  Bacquires  Casks  Dinspires

27Wang Li failed in this examination.How he wished he________it.

Apassed  Bpass  Cshould pass  Dhad passed

28They urged that the Science Museum________open during the vacation.

Awas kept  Bwere kept  Cbe kept  Dwill be kept

29He finds it hard to keep________with the change of society if he stops learning.

Acompany  Btime  Cfaith  Dpace

30He’s a very________dresser—he always looks like he’s wearing his father’s clothes.

Amild  Bconservative  Cfrank  Dunwilling

31—Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management?

—If you make________most of the equipmentthere will be________rise in production.

A//  Bthea  C/a  Dthe/

32Unfortunatelytheir car________in the mud after the heavy rain.

Agot stuck  Bgot promoted  Cgot lost  Dgot involved

33I’ll________the story where you left off.

Aturn up  Bcatch up  Cgo up  Dtake up

34—Do you mind if I smoke here?

—________.I’ve got a bit of cold these days.

AI’m afraid I do  BOf course not

CNo trouble at all  DYesjust go ahead

35I________that he is the man who took away my dictionary.

Adoubt  Bpredict  Csuspect  Daccuse

第二节 完形填空(20小题;每小题1分,满分20)

I had planted different hot peppers in my garden.A Mexican fellow called Sam worked for me.He__36__hot pepperstoo.It was late summer and a beautiful sunny day.My sonMarcuseightand my daughterEllentenpicked several__37__hot peppers and entered our workroom with their__38__.They wanted to see if Sam could__39__more hot peppers than IAfter a little joking with them we agreed to the contest but they had to__40__too.That was not__41__terms for them so they left the room.

They__42__about an hour later with a new proposal and new hot peppers they had just picked.__43__they had reasoned that when a pepper was__44__in color it was the hottest kind.Marcus and Ellen would eat the green colored peppers__45__ Sam and I would eat the red colored peppers.Giving Sam a wink (使眼色)we__46__.Showing good sportsmanship (体育精神)I had the kids__47__the peppers that Sam and I would eat.They picked the largest two red peppers.Then they picked a__48__green one for themselves.Knowing what was going to__49__I told them I would make it__50__for them.I cut one pepper in half and removed the__51__to reduce the heat a little.The contest was one of speed rather than__52__.Each child had pepper in hand and

was__53__to start.

Looking at my__54__I saidOKon three.OneTwoTHREE.So much happened all at once.Tearsscreams and spitting running aroundthe children__55__their mouth with fast waving hands.A short time laterSam and I agreed that the red tasted better than the green.

36A.at Bliked  Csold Dstudied

37A.heavy Bcolorful Clarge Dgreen

38A.proposal Btricks Cimagination  Dplans

39A.plant  Bpick  Charvest  Deat

40A.taste Bparticipate  Ccontribute  Dshare

41A.acceptable  Bcomfortable  Cprofitable  Dtolerable

42A.entered  Breturned  Cresponded  Dreached

43A.Somehow  BUnfortunately  CUnexpectedly  DAnyhow

44A.purple  Bgreen  Cred  Dorange

45A.while  Bbut  Cso  Dif

46A.smiled  Bunderstood  Cagreed  Djumped

47A.prepare  Bselect  Ccut  Dcook

48A.fresh  Bsmall  Cdelicious  Dhot

49A.take in  Btake on  Ctake place  Dtake effect

50A.more convenient  Bmore interesting

Chappier  Deasier

51A.seeds  Bleaves  Cskin  Dflesh

52A.time  Bskill  Cquality  Dquantity

53A.nervous  Beager  Cwilling  Dglad

54A.watch  Bchildren  Cpartner  Dpepper

55A.opened  Bcovered  Cfanned  Dwashed



Even bird brains can get to know an entire continent—but it takes them a year of migration to do sosuggests a Princeton research team.

The scientists  have  shown  that  migrating  adult sparrows can find their way to their winter nesting grounds even after being thrown off course by thousands of miles.

The team first brought 30 sparrows to Princeton from northern Washington Statewhere the birds had been in the process of migrating southward from their summer breeding grounds in Alaska.Half the birds were juveniles (少年) of about three months in age that had never migrated beforewhile the other half were adults that had made the round trip to their wintering site in the southwestern United States at least once.

After the birds were releasedthey attempted to resume their migrationbut both age groups grew disoriented quickly.

“All the birds scattered at first” Wikelski said.“It was clear that they were turned around for a couple of days.But while the adults eventually realized they had to head southwestthe younger birds resumed flying straight southward as though they were still in Washington.”

“The adults” said team member Richard Holland“recovered their bearings because they possess something the younger birds do notwhich is an internal map.”

“These birds need two things to know where they are and migrate effectivelya‘map’and a‘compass’” said  Hollanda  postdoctoral  research  associate  in Wikelski’s lab.“What we’ve found is that juveniles use their compassbut the adults also use their map.

Holland said“The birds do not lose the compass as they agebut somehow develop the mapeventually applying both tools to keep on track during migratory flights.Scientists already have determined that the compass is based on the sun or the magnetic fieldbut where the map comes from remains a mystery—one that the team will be exploring in coming years.”

56Where did the 30 sparrows spend their summer?

AIn Princeton.

BIn Washington.

CIn Alaska.

DIn the southwestern United States.

57When the birds were first released________.

Athe adults found the right direction quickly

Bboth groups remained lost in a few days

Cboth groups flew in the same direction

Dboth groups joined together in their flight

58We can know from the passage that the juveniles of sparrows________.

Awill follow the adults in their flights

Bwill find their destination eventually

Cwill lose the compass as they age

Dstill lack an internal map

59Scientists are still not sure________.

Awhat guides sparrows in their migratory flights

Bwhat a “compass” is based on

Cwhat a “map” is based on

Din what way magnetic field can help sparrows in their flight

60We can conclude from the last paragraph that________.

Asparrows need both a “map ”and a “compass”in migratory flights

Bonly the adults need a “map” to guide them in migratory flights

Cthe map is more important than a compass

Dthe adult sparrows can rely on a “map” or a “compass”


Today’s career assumptions are that you can get a lot of developmentchallenge and job satisfaction and not necessarily be in a management role.

“I hated all the meeting” says a 10­year awardwinning manager“and I found the more you did for people who worked for youthe more they expected.”

Managing others is always a tough taskbut in the past that stress was balanced by hopes for career mobility and financial rewards.Along with a sizable pay raisepeople chosen as managers would begin a nearly automatic climb up the career ladder to lucrative executive private benefitscompany carsclub membershipsplus the key to the executive washroom.

But in today’s globalmore competitive showgrounda manager sits in an insecure chair.Restructuring has removed layer after layer of management as companies came to view their organizations as collections of talents rather than hierarchies (等级)There are far fewer steps for managers to climb.Alsomanagerial jobs demand more hours and headaches than ever before but offer slimif anyfinancial paybacks and perks.

Now managers must manage many people who are spread over  different  locationseven over  different continents.They must manage across functions with saydesignfinance and marketing.

In an age of entrepreneurshipwhen the most praised people in business are those launching something newmanagement seems like an invisiblethankless

role.Employers are looking for people who can do thingsnot for people who make other people do things.

In additionthe Dilbert factor is at work.With Dilbert’s popular cartoon character as well as many television  situation   comedies   routinely describing managers as fools or enemiesthey just don’t get much respect any more.

Moreoverit may not pay to be a manager at least not the way it once did.Ms Chmielewski says“The emotional rewards can be greatand there were times I enjoyed management.But a 10­to­11­hour day and one weekend day a month is the norm.”

With more people cautious of joining managementare corporations being hurt or worrying about developing future leadersNot many are.While employers have dismissed a lot of managersthey believe many more candidates linger on at many companies.“Another reason companies aren’t short of managers” argues Robert Kellya business professor“is that so many workers today are self­managedeither individually or via teamsyou don’t need a manager.”

61By writing the passagethe writer seems to ________.

Aexplain reasons of firing managers

Badvise people not to become managers

Cexpress dissatisfaction of some managers

Dencourage managers to be more competitive

62Compared with the pastthe managing job today is more______.

Ademanding  Brewarding  Cquestionable  Dacceptable

63The author mentions what Ms Chmielewski says to reflect that________.

Athe managers’low working efficiency makes them less paid

Bthe gain of being a manager is not as satisfactory as before

Cshe enjoys great emotional rewards of being a manager

Dshe misses the past enjoyment of being a manager

64What can we learn from the passage?

AManagers have more chances to be promoted now.

BManagers were not satisfied with the way they were treated.

CIt is unnecessary for a qualified manager to manage a variety of fields.

DThe cartoon character by Dilbert contributes to the bad image of managers.

65What can we infer from the last paragraph?

AMore and more people are eager to become managers.

BThere will be more managers to be employed in the future.

CEmployers think it easy for them to find managers in the future.

DTeam­work makes it possible for companies not to hire more managers.


Former US Vice President Al Gore and the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  (IPCC) have been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prizeone of the world’s highest honors.

They were awarded for their efforts in spreading the message of climate change and global warming.“I am deeply honored to receive the Nobel Peace Prize” Gore said after the announcement.The prize committee considered Gore as “probably the single person who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be taken”

Since 1989Gore has devoted much of his time to working on the protection of the environment.“We face a  true planetary emergency.It is a big challenge for all human beings”said Gore.

In 2006his filmAn Inconvenient Truth won an Academy Award.The filmwhich has had an international influencedescribed the frightening environmental effects of global warming.

Last JulyGore played a key role in organizing a series of benefit concerts called Live Earth  to raise awareness about climate change.The 24­hoursevencontinent musical call for action brought people from 130 different  countries  together.It  was  the  largest entertainment special event ever held.

The Nobel Prize committee awarded the IPCCthe shared  winner  of  the  Peace Prizefor creating“an ever­broader consensus (舆论) about the connection between human activities and global warming”Thousands of scientists and officials have been working as part of the IPCC to better understand climate change since 1988.

This yearthe group gave out its fourth report since 1990.The report looked at what scientists predict would happen to our planet if global warming continued and urged world leaders to work harder to develop solutions.

The IPCC and Al Gore will receive a gold medaland will share the $1.5 million cash award.Gore plans to donate (捐赠) the money to the Alliance (联盟) for Climate Change Protectiona group that works to find solutions to the climate change.Gore is the group’s chair­man.

The prize committee hopes that this year’s award will draw attention to the worsening environmental condition.“Action is necessary nowbefore climate change moves beyond man’s control”said Nobel Prize committee chairman Ole Danbolt Mjoes.

66Why did the prize committee award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and IPCC?

AGore played a key role in Live Eartha series of benefit concerts.

BGore and IPCC did a lot to spread the message of climate change and global warming.

CAl Gore is the former US Vice President.

DGore and IPCC urged world leaders to work harder to develop solutions.

67What do we know about Alliance for Climate Change Protection?

AIt is a group working to find solutions to the climate change.

BIt is a branch of IPCC.

CIt is a group to which Al Gore and IPCC donated the money.

DThe Group has created“an ever­broader consensus about the connection between human activities and global warming”

68Al Gore has done the following except________so as to win the Prize?

Acreating greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be taken

Bdevoting much of his time to working on the protection of the environment

Chis filmAn Inconvenient Truthwhich has had an international influence

Dcreating “an ever­broader consensus (舆论) about the connection between human activities and global warming”

69. The prize committee awarded the Al Gore and IPCC with the purpose of________.

Adrawing worldwide attention to the worsening environmental condition

Btelling us climate change moves beyond man’s control

Cletting them donate the money to the Alliance

Dencouraging Gore for more concerts and films

70What does the passage mainly talk about?

AAttention to the worsening environment.

BPrize to help the environment.

CNobel Peace Prize.

DAl Gore won the year’s Nobel Peace Prize.


There are now about 376 million people who speak English as their first language and about the same number who have learnt it in addition to their mother tongue.There are said to be one million people learning English now and about 80% of the

information on the Internet is in English.

Is this a good thing or a bad thingShould we celebrate the fact that more and more of us can communicateusing a common languageacross countries and culturesOr should we worry about dangers of “non­culturalism”a world in which we all speak the same languageeat the same food and listen to the same music?

Does it matter if an increasing number of people speak the same languageNot necessarilyI have never agreed that if only we all understood each other betterthere would be fewer wars.Ask the people of Indiawhere many of them speak at least some Englishand Pakistanthe same situation with India.

If we all speak Englishwill we then all start eating McDonald’s burgersSurely not.If English becomes more dominant (控制)will it kill other languagesI doubt it.When I travel in Africa or AsiaI am always surprised by how many people can speak not only their own language but often one or more other related languagesas well as English and perhaps more French or German as well.

When we discussed this on Talking Point a couple of years agowe received a wonderfully poetic e­mail from a listener in Ireland.“The English language is a beautiful language.Maybe it’s like a rose.” he said.“But who would ever want their garden just full of roses

WellI love rose and I think they make a beautiful addition to any garden.But the way I see itjust by planting a few rosesyou don’t necessarily need to pull out everything else.If more and more people want to plant English rosesthat’ll be fine by me.

71Which of the following would be the best title of the passage’

AEnglish as a rose in the garden

BEnglish as a Foreign Language

CSpeak Englishfewer wars

DEnglishkiller of other languages

72By saying “Ask the people of India...and Pakistan....”(in Paragraph 3)the author is trying to show that________.

Aspeaking the same language doesn’t necessarily bring peace

Bwars can destroy the relationship between two countries

CEnglish doesn’t kill other languages

DEnglish is widely used in the world

73What does“rose”in the last paragraph stand for?

AThe world.  BA kind of flower.

CA language.  DThe earth.

74The author would probably agree that________.

Ait’s very hard to plant many kinds of flowers in a garden

Bit’s all right for people from other countries to learn English

Cmore and more people like to plant roses in their gardens

DEnglish is easier to learn than other languages

75This passage is mainly about________.

Awhy English has become a global language

Bhow many people in the world speak English

Chow people in the world learn English as a foreign language

Dwhether we need to worry about English being a world language



第一节 阅读表达(5小题;每小题3分,满分15)

During your lifetimethe person you’ll spend most time with is youBut do you really understand yourself?

 When you are going upwards in life you tend to overestimate (高估)yourself.It seems that everything you seek for is within your reachluck and opportunities will come your way and you are overjoyed that you think they constitute part of your worth.When you are going downhill you tend to underestimate yourselfmistaking difficulties for your own incompetence.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself is to gain a correct view of yourself—be aware of both your strengths and weaknesses.You__may__look__forward__hopefully__to__the__future__but__be__sure__not__to__expect__too__muchfor__not__all__ideals__can__be__fully__realized.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself is to know when to do yourself a favor.In time of sadnessdo yourself a favor by sharing it with your friends so as to change a gloomy mood into a cheerful one________do yourself a favor by getting a good sleep or taking a tonic (恢复精力的东西)If you fall illit’s up to you to take a good care of yourself.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself is to get full control of yourself.Having done soyou will find your life full of color and flavor.

76What’s the best title of the passage?


77Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one?

Understanding yourself fully is having a right attitude towards yourselfthat isknowing not only your advantages but your disadvantages as well.


78Please fill in the blank in the last paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence.(Please answer within 5 words.)


79How do you think is the best way to get a thorough understanding of yourself?


80Translate  the  underlined  sentence  in  the third paragraph into Chinese.


第二节 写作(满分30)





Global Shortage of Fresh Water














1C 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.A 6.A 7.B

8C 9.C 10.A 11.C 12.A 13.C 14.B 15.A 16.B 17.C 18.C 19.A



21C 句意为:二鸟在林,不如一鸟在手;多得不如现得。表示值得,有价值有几个短语:be worth sth./doing sth.be worthwhile to do sth.be worthwhile doing sth.be worthwhilebe worthy of being donebe worthy to be done

22B lay aside ……搁置一旁,积蓄;lay off 解雇;lay down 放弃,辞(),制定;lay out 设计,花费。

23A aside from ……以外还有。exceptbut ……以外。beside 在旁边。

24A 考查情态动词的用法。第一个空表示不可能,第二个空表示肯定推测。

25B 考查动词短语辨析。set out 出发,动身;set up 建立,搭起;set off 出发,动身,引发;set down (某人)下车,写下。

26A require 要求,需要;acquire 获得;ask 问,要求;inspire 鼓舞。英语中,needwantrequire等表示需要时,后可接动名词主动式、不定式的被动式表示被动意义。

27D wish后的宾语从句多用虚拟语气。与现在事实相反从句用过去时,与过去事实相反从句用过去完成时。

28C orderinsistdemandsuggesturgerequire等词后的宾语从句多用虚拟语气,其构成是should+动词原形, should可以省略。

29D keep pace with sb./sth.……保持同步,跟上……,为固定搭配。

30B mild 温和的;conservative 保守的;frank 坦率的;unwilling 不愿意的。

31B 考查冠词的用法。答句意为:如果你充分利用设备,那么产量就会有提高。make the most of意为充分利用,是固定短语;第二个空后的rise作名词,为抽象概念具体化的用法。

32A get stuck in 陷入……之中;get lost 迷路;get involved in 被卷入;get promoted 被提升。根据句意选A

33D turn up 偶然出现,开大;catch up 赶上,追上;go up 上升;take up 继续,占据。根据句意选D

34A 考查交际用法。I’m afraid I do表示委婉地拒绝对方,符合语境要求。No trouble at all.是感谢的应答语,意为不麻烦BD两选项均自相矛盾。

35C suspect表示怀疑doubt后宾语从句肯定句中用whether,否定句用that引导。predict 预言,预告;accuse 控告;谴责。

36B 由句意我在园子里种了各种辣椒,Sam为我工作,说明我俩都对辣椒感兴趣。B项最符合语境。

37C 后文提到比赛中MarcusEllen给我们选了两个最大的辣椒,因此他俩肯定是摘了几个大大的辣椒。

38A 从接下来一句看,他们想看看Sam是否能比吃更多的辣椒,因此提议举行吃辣椒比赛。

39D 既然是吃辣椒比赛,只能选用动词“eat”

40B 句意为:跟他们开了一会儿玩笑,我们答应举行比赛,但是他们也必须要参加。从第二段两个孩子作了妥协,同意与两个大人比赛来看,应选B

41A 从他们离开了房间来看,两个孩子没有接受我们的条件。

42B 他们第一次来没有答应我们的条件就走了,大约一小时后,带着一些新摘的辣椒又折回来了,想法也变了。根据————的情节,B项比A项准确。

43A  somehow不知怎么地;unfortunately不幸地;unexpectedly未曾预料地;anyhow无论怎样。故只有A项符合句意。

44C 从他们提出的条件来看,他们自己吃青辣椒,要Sam吃红辣椒,由此可以推理出他们认为红辣椒是最辣的。

45D 这里是MarcusEllen新提议中的条件:如果Sam吃红辣椒,他们就吃青辣椒。本题要理解这是在比赛前MarcusEllen提出他们自己参加比赛的条件,这样就不易错选A项。

46C 知道这样他们是要吃亏的,所以Sam使了个眼色,同意了他们的提议。从下文看,两个大人和两个孩子按照孩子确定的规则开始了比赛,故此处选C项最为准确。

47B 从接下来孩子们为Sam选辣椒以及他们自己选辣椒的情节可知,此处意为为显示高尚的体育精神,我让孩子们为Sam选择辣椒。

48B 两个孩子想在比赛中占优势,给两个大人选了两个最大的红辣椒,为他们自己选了一个小小的青辣椒。此处greenred相对,smalllarge相对,构成对比。

49C Sam种了很多辣椒,所以凭的经验,知道(比赛中)将会发生什么。take in接受,接待,吸收,理解;take on披上,呈现,具有;take effect见效,生效;take place发生。

50D 从前文判断,要表现高尚的体育精神,而且知道孩子们一定会辣得难受;从后文判断,把两个辣椒切成两半,去除了辣椒籽儿,可知此处意为我告诉他们我会让他们吃起来更舒服、容易一些

51A 去掉辣椒籽,当然可以减少辣味。如果D,则成了去掉肉而吃籽,与文意不符,亦不合常理。

52D 两个大人每人吃一个最大的,两个孩子共吃一个小的,说明此处意为这是速度的比赛,而不是数量的比赛,即不论吃辣椒的多少。

53B 吃辣椒比赛是两个孩子提出来的,宁可自己参加也要来一次这样的比赛,又是按他们提出的条件来比赛的,他们以为占了大便宜,由此知此处意为每个孩子手里拿着辣椒,急切地等着比赛的开始

54A 因为是速度的比赛,与时间有关,故合适的意思是我看着表

55C 本段描写两个孩子的形象十分生动:两个孩子辣得十分狼狈,快速地挥动着两只手,朝嘴巴里扇风(因为辣得难受而做出的一种本能反应)


56C 第二段讲述了吃糖果的害处。在最后一段第一句中,医生建议孩子们吃巧克力,由此可知,作者写这篇文章的目的是建议父母给孩子吃对牙齿伤害小的糖果。

57D 由第二段最后一句“Hard candies take a long time to consume and are also a bad choice...”可知答案。

58A 由第二段倒数第二、三句及最后一段第一句作者推荐巧克力可知,答案为A

59B 由最后一段倒数第二句“Besideschocolate contains tanninswhich help to kill some of the bacteria in the mouth.”可知答案是B。其次,由第二段内容知,细菌消化食物时不产生单宁酸;单宁酸不会损害牙齿,而acid才会损害牙齿表面。

60B 细节理解题。由第二段第一句中的“due to advancing technology”可知应选B

61C 细节理解题。由文章倒数第二段可知,如果我们在能建立一种什么样的文明方面达成一致的话,技术就会使我们有能力建立一种新的文明,但现在人们并未达成一致意见,说明人们不可能建立一个新的文明。

62B 由文章最后一段中“Pessimists worry that we will use the technology eventually to blow ourselves up.”可知选B

63B decisive坚决的,果断的。从上下文来看,由于技术进步,人类往往敢想敢做,意欲征服一切、创造一切。

64A 主旨大意题。本文的中心就是通过学校采取的一系列措施,来改变孩子的饮食习惯和改善孩子的营养,以此来解决孩子的肥胖问题。

65D 根据文章第一段和最后一段,选项D(增加体育时间)不属于校方营养计划的一部分。而选项ABC在第一段就已经提到是the multifaceted nutrition program中的内容。

66A 细节理解题。文章倒数第二段的实验结果表明肥胖率大为下降。

67C 推理判断题。从各项措施的制定及最后一段第二句可判断,学校、家庭和社会要相互合作,共同承担责任。故答案选C。选项B为文章直接叙述内容,不可选;选项D只能说是有效的,但是不能说是唯一的;通过文章无法看出家庭要承担大多数责任,所以A项也不可选。

68A 推理判断题。从她的阐述看,她是儿童书的作家,但她认为任何一本好书都应该吸引更广泛的市场与读者群,因此本题选A

69D 细节理解题。第一段她认为作家应该会讲故事,不会讲故事就是没有生命力的作家,因此本题选D,不会讲故事的作家不是个好作家。

70B 推理判断题。最后一段作家说她那个时候的小孩只知道在田里玩耍或看铁匠工作,现在的孩子了解的东西太多了,由此可知其感受是B

71B 主旨大意题。从本文内容看,作者介绍作家Mollie Hunter及其作品的特点以及她的自传小说,其目的显然是为了让人们了解这个作家及其作品。

72C 主旨大意题。根据第一段中“The best thing  you can give your children...”和最后一段中“Childhood is the only time in your life...”可知选C

73D 推理判断题。从第二段可以推断出作者的观点,不能把学习强加给孩子。

74B 推理判断题。根据第六段中“...and rivalry between parents over whose children learn to ride a bike first.”可知:父母也加入了竞争中。

75D 细节理解题。从倒数第二段“You can have 35...to feel a failure”可知:学校没有针对不同年龄的孩子设定目标。


76that/the 77.based 78.presenter

79scene 80.writes 81.working

82words 83.true 84.went 85.discovering


Taunton School is a boarding school for boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years.It is located in Taunton in the Southwest of England.Founded in the 19th centuryit has a history of over 150 years.The school is well equipped with an indoor swimming pooltwo sports hallsseveral tennis courtsan art centre and so on.Class sizes in Taunton School average 10 students per class.A wide number of activities are offered in the evenings or weekends including barbecuedrama performancesskating and travelling.Sometimes students can travel to big cities in England so that they can learn more about English culture.



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