一、Getting the pupils ready for class

1.It's time for class.上课时间到了。

2.Let's begin our lesson.我们开始上课。

3.Stand up,please!请起立!

4.Good morning,boys and girls!大家早上好!

5.I will teach you English this term.这学期将由我教你们英语。

6.I am a teacher trainee.我是一位实习老师。

7.Good morning,teacher!老师早上好!

8.Good afternoon,class!同学们下午好!

9.Good afternoon,teacher!老师,下午好!

10.Sit down,please.请坐。

11.Have you got anything to report to the class,monitor?班长,你有什么向班级汇报的吗?

12.Who is absent today?今天谁缺席了?

13.Zhang Ming is absent.张明缺席了。

14.Is everyone here?都出席了吗

15.Everyone is here except Li Ning.除了李宁,全都到了。

16.Why is he absent?他为什么缺席?

17.He is ill. He has asked for sick leave.他病了,他已请了病假。

18.Are you a new pupil?你是新同学吗?

19.Allow me to introduce myself,please.请允许我自我介绍一下。

20.Where are you from?你从那里来?

21.I am from Beijing.我来自北京。

22.How did you spend your Sunday?星期天你是怎么过的?

23.We had a picnic.我们去野餐了。

24.We had a very good time.我们玩得很痛快。

25.What time is it now?现在几点了?

26.It's ten past eight.八点十分了。

27.Open the window,please.请打开窗户。

28.Please shut the door. It is very cold today.今天很冷,请把门关上。

29.Leave the window open,please.请开着窗户。

30.How are you?你好吗?

31.Fine, thank you ,and you?很好,谢谢!你呢?

32.I'm fine too.我也很好。

33.What's your name?你叫什么名字?

34.My name is Wan Lin.我叫王林。

35.Be quiet,please.请安静。


37.Stop talking.不要讲话了。

38.Don't talk any more.不要在讲话了。

39.Who is on duty today?谁值日?

40.I am on duty.我值日。

41.You have done your duty very well.你值日生工作做得很好。

42.Your classroom looks clean and tidy.你们教室看起来既清洁又整齐。

43.Where is the chaik?粉笔在哪?

44.In the drawer.在抽屉里。

45.Next time please put the eraser and chalk on the teacher's desk before class.下次上课前请把黑板擦和粉笔放在老师书桌上。

46.May i come in?我可以进来吗? Yes,please.请进。

47.I am sorry I am late.请原谅我迟到了。

48.Please excuse me for coming late.请原谅我来晚了。

49.Don't be late next time.下次别迟到了。

50.Please come early next time.下次早点来。

51.Get up early in the morning,please.早上请起来得早一点。

52.Have you finished your homework?作业作完了吗?

53.Hand in your homework,please.请交作业。

54.Monitor,have you collected all the homework?班长,作业收齐了吗?

55.Yes, here  it is.收齐了,这就是。

56.No, not yet.还没收齐。

57.Some of us haven't finished yet.有些同学还没有做完。

58.I am sorry I didn't do my homework.请原谅我没做家庭作业。

59.I am sorry I can't hand in my homework,because I didn't feel well yesterday evening.很抱歉我不能交作业,因为我昨天晚上不舒服。

60.Take out your homework, please.请把你们的家庭作业拿出来。

61.I am sorry I have left my homework at home.很抱歉我把作业忘在家里了。

62.May I hand in my homework tomorrow?我可以明天交作业吗?

63.You must hand in your homework on time.你们必须按时交作业。

64.Hand it in after class.下课后交来。

65.Make it up after school.放学后补交。

66.I will bring it with me next time.我下次带来。

67.You've done your homework very well.你的作业做得很好。

68.Your handwriting is excellent.你的字写得很好。

69.Have you all prepared your lessons well?你们的功课准备好了吗?

70.I will see how well you have prepared your lessons for today.我看看你们今天的功课准备得怎么样。


71.Let's have a review of Lesson 5.我们复习一下第五课。

72.I'd like to give you a quiz about some phrases in Lesson 5.我想给你们一个小测验,检查一下第五课中的几个词组。

73.We have studied Lesson8. Now let me check up on you a little.我们已经学了第八课,我来检查一下。

74.Huang Ping and Wang Min,come to the front,please.黄平和王敏,请到前面来。

75.Here's a picture for you. Look at it.这有一张图片,请看。

76.I'll ask you some questions.我要问你们几个问题。

77.Is there a plane in the picture?图片上有飞机吗?

78.No,there isn't.没有。

79.What is there in the picture?图画里有什么?

80.There is a house,a tree and a dog.有一幢房子,一棵树和一只狗。

81.Where is the tree and the dog?树和狗在那里?

82.The tree is beside the house.树在房子旁边。

83.The dog is in front of the tree.狗在树的前面。

84.OK,class,say these sentences again,please.好,同学们,把这些句子再说一遍。

85.Very good, go back to your seat, please.很好,请回到你们座位上去。

86.Where is Huang Ping now?现在黄平坐在什么地方?

87.He is sitting behind Wang Min.他坐在王敏后面。

88.Let's look at the blackboard.我们看黑板。

89.Zhang Ling,read your sentence,please.张玲,读一下你的句子。

90.Is her sentence correct?她的句子对吗?

91.No, the word order is wrong.不,词序不对。

92.She didn't use this word properly.她这个词用得不恰当。

93.Lin Lan, please recite the text.林兰,请背课文。

94.Good! You have done a good job.很好,你背得很好。

95.You did quite well on the firsttwoparagraphs, but you didn't recite the lasttwoparagraphs.but you didn't recite the last two paragraphs smoothly.你前两段背得还好,但后两段背得不熟练。

96.You didn't recite well this time.Try to do better next time.这次背得不好,希望下次背得好些。

97.Can you answer this question,Li Ping?李平,你能回答这个问题吗?

98.Yes,no problem.没问题。

99.Let's say the numbers from 1--100.让我们读一下数字1--100。

100.Please write down the numbers 1--20.请写出数字1--20。

101.How many boys are there in your class?数一数你们班有多少男生?

102.One, two, three---There are twenty boys in our class.1,2,3---我们班有20位男生。

103.Let's discuss Excercises 1 and 3 in Lesson 9.我们讨论一下第九课中的练习1和练习3。

104.Please retell the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes".请复述一下“皇帝的新装”的故事。

105.What's the weather like today?今天的天气怎么样?

106.It's fine.今天天气很好。

107.Nice weather,isn't it?今天天气真好,是吗?

108.No,it's windy.不,今天有风。

109.What should you say in this situation?在这种场合下你们应该怎么说?

110.How do you explain this word?你怎么解释这个词?

111.In English or in our own language?用英语还是用自己的语言解释?

112.You have to explain it in English.你必须用英语解释。

113.What is an emperor?皇帝是什么?

114.An Emperor is like the king of a country.皇帝就象国王。

115.Who can translate this sentence into Chinese?谁能把这句话译成汉语?

116.What do you think about Gao Feng's translation?你觉得高峰的翻译怎么样?

117.What's wrong with Gao Feng's translation?高峰的翻译有什么错误?

118.Please take out a piece of paper. Let's have a dictation.请拿出一张纸,我们听写。

119.I am reading it for the last time now.我现在读最后一遍。

120.Check your dictation.检查一下你的听写。

121.We have studied the word "market".Now,Let's discuss how to use it in a sentence.我们已经学过“market"这个单词,现在我们讨论一下如何在句子中使用它。

122.Does your mother often go to the market?你母亲经常去市场吗?

123.Yes,she goes there every day.是的,她每天都去。

124.When does she go there?她什么时候去?

125.She goes there in the morning.她早晨去。

126.What does she buy?她买些什么?

127.She buys some vegetables.她买蔬菜。

128.Do you live mear a market?你住在市场附近吗?

     Yes, we do.是的,住在市场附近。

129.What do they sell there?那儿卖些什么?

130.They sell vegetables,bread,meat,bananas and oranges.那儿卖蔬菜、面包、肉、香蕉和橘子。


131.We are going to have a new lesson today.今天我们学习新课。

132.First we'll study five new words and then look at the dialogue.我们先学习5个生词,然后学习对话。

133.Stop talking,please.不要讲话了。

134.Don't be noisy!安静下来。

135.What do you think it is ?你认为它是什么?

136.It may be a panda.它可能是只熊猫。

137.Let's play this game.我们玩这个游戏。

138.Let me teach you an English song.我教你们一首英文歌曲。

139.Can you guess what it is?你能猜出它是什吗?

140.Open your books to page 10.把书翻到第10页。

141.Let's start from where we left off yesterday.让我们接着昨天的讲。

142.Let's begin at the 12th line.我们从第12行开始。

143.Close your books.把书合上。

144.Think it over想想看。.

145.Think for a while.想一会儿。

146.Try again.再试试看。

147.I shall tell you something about the author's life.我将讲一点作者的生平。

148.Now you are going to read the text one by one.现在你们轮流读课文。

149.It's your turn now,Li Jun.李军,该你了。

150.Let's go on to the next sentence.现在让我们看下一句。

151.What am I holding?我拿的是什么?

152.Say after me,"apple".跟我说“apple"。

153.What's the date today.今天是几号?

154.It's the eleventh of October.今天是10月11号。

155.What day is today?今天星期几?

156.It's Monday.今天星期一。

157.It's very kind of you to help me.您帮助我真是太好了。

158.Thank you very much indeed.真是太感谢您了。

159.You are welcome.没关系。


161.Once more,"tape recorder".再说一遍,“磁带录音机”。

162.Let's listen to the "portrait of a Teacher".我们听一下“老师的画像”。

163.What did you hear?你听到什么了?

164.What important news did the father read in the evening paper?那个父亲从晚报中读到了什么消息?

165.What did the father and his son do that Saturday afternoon?那个星期六下午他们父子做了什么?

166.On their way back home,what did the father tell his son?在回家的路上,那个父亲告诉儿子什么了?

167.What do you thinkofthereader'spronunciation?你觉得朗读者的发音怎么样?

168.Her pronunciation is very clear and correct.她的发音既清晰又正确。

169.Any other opinions?还有别的意见?

170.This morning we are going to have a slide show class.今天早上我们要上幻灯课。

171.I am going to show you some slides.我给你们看一些幻的灯片。

172.Now look at the first slide, please.现在请看第一张幻灯片。

173.Who do you see in the slide?你们在幻灯片里看见了什么?

174.I'll begin by asking you some questions on yesterday's lesson.我先问你们几个昨天课文中的问题。

175.It's at the bottom of the page.在这一页的最后。

176.The second line from the top (bottom).正(倒)数第二行。

177.Is there going to be a sports meet next Sunday?下星期天开运动会吗?

178.Are you going to take part in any of the events,Liu Fang?刘芳,你打算参加什么项目?

179.What event are you good at?你擅长什么项目?

180.I am good at the high jump.我擅长跳高。

181.We like sports.我们喜欢体育活动。

182.Can you understand what I am saying?你们能听懂我的话吗?

183.Do you know what I mean?你们懂我的意思吗?

184.Do you understand what I said?你们明白我所说的吗?

185.Does that make sense?明白了吗?

186.Is everything clear to you?都清楚了吗?

187.What does the word "focus" here mean?“focus”一词在这里的意思是什么?

188.Raise your hand if you don't understand.不懂,请举手。

189.I'll explain again.我再解释一遍。

190.Look at the text on page 5, please.请看第5页的课文。

191.Ask each other questions about the picture.根据图画内容互相提问。

192.What's this in English?用英语怎么说?

193.It is a tiger.它是只虎。

194.Do you have a dictionary?你有词典吗?

195.Can you use the English--Chinese dictionary?你会英汉词典吗?

196.Look up the word in the dictionary.在词典上查一查这个词。

197.Have you got a pen?你有钢笔吗?

198.Don't forget to bring your pen next time.下次别忘记带钢笔来。

199.Be careful with your ink.当心墨水。

200.Who knows how to operate the computer?谁知道怎样操作计算机?

201.Who can tell us a story in English?谁能用英语给我们讲个故事?

202.Today we will read and explain the newwords in Lesson 9 first, then we'll work on the text.今天我们先朗读和解释第九课生词,然后学课文。

203.Let us do some listening prctice.让我们来做听力练习。

204.Let's start our vocabulary work.我们开始词汇学习。

205.This word has the same form in the singular as in the plural.这个词单位单复数形式相同。

206.This word can be used either as a verb or as a noun.这个词既可作动词,又可作名词。

207.How do you spell this word?如何拼写这个词?

208.This word comes from Latin.这个词来自拉丁语。

209.Could you tell me the difference between the two words?能告诉我这两个词有什么不同吗?

210.You can guess the meaning of the word from the context.你可从上下文猜出这个词的意思。

211.This sentence is American English.这句话是美国英语。

212.Can you mak a sentence with this word?你能用这个词造句吗?

213.Please say something about this picture.请谈谈这幅画。

214.What's the title of the story?故事的标题是什么?

215.This text is selected from a novel.这篇课文选自一部小说。

216.Let me tell you something about the background of the article.我将告诉你们一些有关这篇文章背景的情况。

217.Let me expkain some difficult sentences in this text.我解释一下这篇课文中的几个难句子。

218.This phrase has different meanings in different contexts.这个短语在不同上下文里有不同的含义。

219.Compare the two translations and see which is better.比较这两种译法,看看哪个更好些。

220.Have I made everything clear to you?我是否把什么都讲清楚了?

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