No matter how you look at it, Life if strange, very strange. For example, it is an indisputable fact that we are all made of the precise same substance as the most intelligent, creative, magnificent life-forms in the entire universe. Furthermore, we are composed of the exact same atomic matter as the mightiest mountains on this planet and the brightest stars in the galaxy. Of course this is also true for potatoes, snails, and meatloaf-perhaps that is why there is so much about life that doesn`t make a great deal of sense. For starters, why are we so overly inpressed by and achievements of immense scale, when it is actually the ting little things that ,when put together, make big things possible? Why do we try to create our own little worlds so we have the illusion of being completely in comtrol of our entire existence.  when we know with absolute certainry that we are not? Why do we go on and on about individuality being the very essence of who we are, and the accept a degrading level of conformity in virtually every facet of our lives? Why do children believe in fairies, but "grow-ups" don not ?And why do we get so hung up on what we do not agree on ,when in fact it is our differences that make life interesting? After all , half the world in upside down. So there is absolutely no reason why we would all agree on everything. Eren something as basic and profound as “Don’t chew with your mouth open” is not as widely accepted as you minght think why is it that when passions are inflamed we choose to argue and fight. When dancing the cha-cha is less injurious, far more enjoyable, and equally effective in resolving the tension? And why do we feel drawn together as a species, yet we steadily build up defensive barriers around our innermost feelings and beliefs so we can never be truly close to anyone. Perhaps the confusion arises because life is not always what it seens. As a species ,we are obsessed with superficial appearance . we all have filters on . so we mostly see only what we want to see. When you finally open your eyes ,you may be shocked at the obsured way you have been viewing the world to suit your own little plans. With those filters removed, you can take objective questions about the universe and your place in it. In other words investigate the meaning of life. So what is life all about ? well you often hear that “life is a journey.” But a journey to where ,exactly? Some people say that life is all about acquiring knowledge. It that is true the why do smart people always dress so badly? There are those who say that life has no purpose; it just “is” whoa, that is just so “deep!” then there are people who say that we are simply here to have a family. After all the desperate need to replace ourselves is etched in to the genetic map of every living thing. However, this means that our entire existence is driven by our primitive sexual urges. Okay , sure , a long weekend maybe ,but our existence? I don not think so . in fact , came a ting bit closer and I will let you in on a little secret……ALL THESE IDEAS SOUND COMPLETELY STUPID!!!

The only theme that resonates throughout the numerous popular life theories is love. Love is all it is fragile forms, is the one powerful enduring force that brings real meaning to our everyday live. Of course, I am not talking about romantic. “kissy - kissy” love, although that is pretty powerful stuff in itself . it is well documented that a broken heart feels for more painful than aqueezing lemon juice over a deep paper out. But the love I mean is the fire that burns in side us all, the inner warmth that prevents our soul from freezing in the winters of despair. It is the love of life itself . it is the voice that says “celebrate life ,be creative!” it brings with it the passion and understanding that some things in life are worth dying for , but there is so much more worth living for. It encourages us to greet each moment the same way we greet an old friend at the airport to embrace opportunities to express ourselves in a way that make us feel glad we exist. This love of life leads us to help other simply because it feels great to contribule to those around us. We all know how wonderful it feels to be a rock for our family and friends (of course, there is a limit). But as good as it sound, and as much as “you are here to live the life you love”. Ring true, it still bring up a whole pile of sticky questions. Specifically: why exactly are you here? What is it that you truly love? People who don not ask themselves these questions invariably go through life wondering why it is not a lot more fun. They often feel they have been lofe behind, or they can not quite put it into words, but they sense that something just smells a little funny. The truth is that often we are so focused on what we are doing that we lose sight of where we are going. But what are we actually doing? The modern world is filled with questionable distractions, deadlines , and priorities. Day and night blur into one. We get caught up in an avalanche of fears and desires that propel us into a race we can`t possibly win. So we rush, rush, rush to get to certain ideal point in our life , and them what? It is just like when you drive all the way to the store , get out of the car ,and the can`t remember what you came for. So many of us start off dreaming about a wonderful life that is wild and free, but that is usually a long way from where we actually end up. Sadly ,we often, discover this fact right at the end , when it is to late . you can not start all over again. And let me tell you there are some awfully bad feeling in this word. Life “bubbles in the bath” guilt. “pungent foot odor in the shoe store”, embarrassment, and “I can not believe I did that on the first date” anxiety. But of all the awful feelings that make you feel sick to your stomach ,nothing feels half as bad asknowing you had a chance to do what you truly love, and you did not take it . so what is your life is passion? What were you put on this earth to do? The answer to these questions will unlock the great mystery of life; it is as big as they come. Here are a few hints track: first ,no one is going to tell you about it, it`s like walking around all day with a sign on your back that says “kick me”. You must discover it for yourself. It`s also highly unlikely that on day you will suddenly be bathed in bright light and your life is purpose will be laid out in a divine vision, and it`s guaranteed that you won`t find it on television. Yes it`s remotely possible that one day the blood will rush to your brain  and enable you to word it all out without too much bother, but the best way is to spend some quality time alone, asking yourself the tough questions. This exercise is not that hard, and it`s all about being honest it`s as easy as “raise your hand if you feel you could get more out of life.” It is also about getting to the essence of what really matters. Never mind who moved your cheese-ask yourself why you were looking for cheese in the first place for some people this will simply be a case of seeking out the moments in their life that are beautiful and true and then building a plan around them. For other it may feel as if they are staring into an abyss. In extreme cases, such intense introspection may cause the brain to swell to dangerous dimensions. Trust me , it`s worth the risk. If you ask the big questions and listen carefully to your heart, you will eventually hear destiny call you. A little voice-call it your conscience your inner self, or your internal mother-in-law-will always tell you the truth if you are prepared to hear it. At first you may only become aware of how your life has been stuck in a rut (Hey, join the club!). then you may realize what you really want .but you just can`t quite make it happen. Pretty soon, though it will hit you right between the eyes. Just like when you are halfway to the beach and suddenly remember that you left the iron on at home. And when you know, or even suspect you know, what you should be doing with you life, then do it! Take a wild leap in the dark if you have to , then hit the ground running because you don`t have a second to lose. In spite of our feelings of invincivility and immortality, our existence is far more tenuous than we might think, place your hand over your chest and feel your heartbeat. That is actually your life clock ticking, counting down the moments you have left. One day it will stop. That is 100 percent guaranteed, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. so you can not afford to throw away asingle precious second. Go after your dreams with energy and passion, or you may as well stand back and watch then wash down the drain. If you waste your life sitting on the fence, you will end upgoing nowhere in the brief time you have left.(And then,of course ,there is a dangerous risk of splinters in delicate regions.) As they say:You can`t cross a chasm in two small leaps.”It takes courage and commitment to live your dreams.(Of course,       One needs to remember where courage ends and stupidity begins.) The truth is ,we are all  born with potential greatness and blessed with numerous opportunities to soar to dizzyimg new heights. But sadly,many of us are too lazy too concerned about what others might think, or too afraid of change to ever stretch our wings and realize our tremendous talents. It`t so important that you just do your own thing-whatever makes you truly happy-and do it as best you can . It doesn`t matter whether ,hog calling ,or wielding a hairdryer with dramatic effect. The only thing that matters is that you feel great about what you are doing. Keep in mind that whatever you do , mistakes are part of life. So don`t waste time kicking yourself for the past. Don't stall or stress over whether you are doing the right thing. You will alaways know the answer in your heart. Rather than be discouraged , always remember that rejection and resistance are almost guaranteed when you are doning something very important and very special. When you set out to live your dreams, lots of people will try to hold you back. In this world there are many miserable pessimists who have given up their dreams and will tell you,”you are masting your time—you will never make it.”you may well be surrounded by people who secretly want you to achieve less or even fail completely just so they don not look bad.  “Forget about it”. They will say “It is not worth it  and not right for your anyway.” So it is important to understand that following your own path is incredibly rewarding, but it is definitely not easy. Like everyone else, You will have some days that are better than others. Occasionally, everything may seem like a total disaster area. People will look at you strangely when you tell them what you are trying to achieve, and you will start to your detractors and doubt youself. “Why oh why , didn`t I keep my job?” But whatever happens, just hang on! Remember that everyboby struggles at times. It`s incredibly draining to live through the day doing something you really don`t enjoy or even care about. But if you follow your dreams, at least you will exhaust yourself doing what you love most. Now, you may not think that this will measure up to much in the global scheme of things . But believe me ,it does. When you get the most out of your life , savoring every last drop, it will transform everything about you from ordinary to extraordinary. When you do what you love, you can pull back the bed sheets every morning feeling excited about beginning another day,and you will be filled with a heartfelt joy that is highly contagious. Just like when you start laughing out loud and you make someone else start laughing , and then someone else. Until you are all laughing so hard that your eyes water, you get terrible stomach cramps, it`s hard to breath ,and you can`t even stand up. But best of all,by doing the things that make your whiskers curl up with delight cassuming. Of course,that you actually have whiskers? You will inspire someone else to go after their dreams ,and that ,my friend ,is how you change the world! You know what? Even if you make big mistakes , if you are wrong about almost everything you will still enjoy an amazing, fun-filles life adventure , you will go to sleep at night knowing you gave your all and made a difference, and wake up each day looking forward to a future that is as beautiful and exciting as you can imagine . you know something else? If you just listen to your heart and use you `re head ,you`ll never be wrong.



不管你如何看待它,生命很奇怪,非常奇怪。举个例子,我们是完全相同的物质组成的整个宇宙中最聪明,最有创造性,最宏伟的生命形式,这已经是一个不争的事实。另外,同这个行星上最雄伟的山脉和星河中最闪亮的星星一样,均是由同样的原子组成。当然同马铃薯,蜗牛,三明治也是一样。也许这就是为什么有这么多事情关于生命,但却很少引起感知的原因。最初,为什么我们过度地对大的成功印象深刻,而事实上正是因为一些小的事情的汇集,才使得大事情得以成功。 为什么我们总是试着创造自己的小世界,来感觉我们完全被自己所掌控呢?我们什么时候才会确切的了解我们并不完全被自己所掌控呢?为什么我们又继续想知道作为一个个体所存在的本质,并且还坦然地接受与生活中不相符的可耻的一面。当我们很清楚的知道世界不是我们想象的这个样子时,为什么我们还要继续想知道我们自己是谁呢? 为什么孩子信仰神仙,而大人们却不呢?为什么我们的意见不一致,会引起我们的焦躁不安呢,事实上正是因为每个人的不一致才会显得生命的多彩多姿。毕竟世界的一半是倒置的,所以要求每个人在每件事情上达成一致,是没有道理的。有一句众所周知的话“不要张开嘴咀嚼食物”,不过没有被广泛认可,为什么热情被点燃后,我们选择争论和打架而不去跳恰恰。跳恰恰舞对人们来说,不仅仅是娱乐,也可以使人身心健康,缓解紧张的情绪。作为一个种族,为什么我们总是想建造一个堡垒来隐藏自己内心最深处的情感和信仰。因此我们从不掏心的接近任何人。也许因为生命并不像它看起来的样子,所以困惑也会经常产生。作为一个物种,我们经常被事物的表象所迷惑。我们每个人都有一个过滤器,所以我们总是会看见一些我们想看见的事情。当你最后睁开眼睛时,你会被你曾经看待事物的阴晦的方式所震惊,这些方式是为了适应自己的狭隘的思想所滋生的。去除这些过滤器,你才会客观的产生关于宇宙和你生活所在地的问题。换句话说,研究生命的意义。所以生命的意义是什么?恩,你会经常听到“生命是旅程”,但旅程的确切的目的地是哪里?有人说生命的意义是获取知识,这难道就是为什么聪明人穿着邋遢的理由?!有人说生命没有目的。也有人说我们生活就是为了有个家庭,不过这太深奥了!毕竟所有的繁衍更替都蚀刻在每种生物的基因图上,然而这就意味着我们的存在是被我们最原始的性欲所驱动的。好,是的,一个漫长的周末还可以这样解释,但我们的生存也是这样?我不这样认为。事实上,随着铃声的接近,我要让你们知道一个小秘密…,所有这些想法听起来完全荒谬。

    在众多流行的生命理论中引起共鸣的,唯一的主题就是“爱”。“爱”很脆弱,然而又是一种有力的,持久的力量,它可以带给日常生活真正的意义。当然,我并没有谈论浪漫,尽管“爱”是美丽的,有大量文件证明,一颗破碎的心所体验的痛苦已经远远超过苦涩的柠檬汁。但是“爱”是燃烧在我们内心的火焰,里面的温暖可以防止我们的灵魂在失望的冬天冻结。这就是生命的爱,就是这个声音“庆祝生活,有创造性”。它带来了激情和理解,生命中的一些东西是值得为之去死的,但是更多是为之而生活。它鼓励我们去拥抱每一瞬间,以同样的方式在机场欢迎一位老朋友,为了展现自己而拥抱机遇,我们会为我们的生存而欣喜。这种对生活的热爱会引领我们给予他人简单的帮助,因为帮助自己周围的人,可以使我们快乐。我们都知道作家庭的和朋友的中流砥柱是多么的令人愉快(当然这也要有个限度)。这如听上去那样美好,如“你在这以你热爱的方式生活着”。实际上,它仍会产生一系列的问题,如:为什么你会如此准确的在这里?你的最爱是什么?不问他们自己这些问题的人总是经历生活却奇怪为什么生活没有更多的乐趣。他们总是感觉他们一直流落在生活的后面,或者他们难以把他们转换成语言来形容,但是他们感觉有些东西只是有一点点乐趣。事实就是我们经常集中精力于我们正在做什么,而忽略了自己前进的方向(想要去哪里)。但是事实上我们正在做什么,我们自己也不是很清楚。现代社会充满了令人质疑的、令人分心的事物、最后期限和特权。日和夜的界限不再明显。我们被卷入恐惧和渴望的雪崩中,把我们推向了一场难以取胜的赛跑中。所以我们冲,冲,冲,为了我们生命中一定的理想,结果呢?就如同当你开车驶向商店,跳出车,但却不知道有何所求。我们中的那么多人总是向往一种精彩的生活,充满了野性与自由,但是它通常离我们的现实很远。更加不幸的是,我们总是在最后才发现这个事实,但已经太晚了,你不能把全部都重新开始。现在让我告诉你这个世界上的一些很糟糕的情感:生命“浴室中的泡沫”中的内疚,“鞋店里辛辣的脚臭味”,困窘和“很难相信在第一次约会我做了那种事情”的焦躁心情。但是在所有糟糕的,另你感到胃部恶心的情感中,没有一样可以达到一件事情的一半,就是发觉你有一个机会去做你真心想去做的事情,你却没有去做。 所以生命是什么?是热情?你到底是为了做什么才来到这个世界上的?这些问题的答案将解开生命的秘密,生命的意义和生命一样重要。我这里有一些对生命的提示:首先,没有人会给你真正的提示。就好像一整天走在路上,后背上面写着“踢我”,你必须自己去发现它,没有人会告诉你。它同样不太可能有一天你会突然的沐浴在明媚的阳光下,你的生命的目标突然地在神圣的景象下展示出来,而且你更不会在电视上找到它。是的,有一天血液将猛冲向你的大脑,让你没有太多的烦恼便抒出所有,这有点不太可能。但是最好的方式是独自度过一些时间,问自己难以回答的问题。这项练习很容易,但一定要诚实,如同“如果你感觉你可以从生活中得到很多便举起你的手”一样简单。它也是关于接触真正要紧的事情的本质。不要介意是谁拿走了你的奶酪-问你自己为什么你要首先寻找奶酪。对一些人来说,给自己提问是一项简单的在生活中搜索美丽和真实瞬间的事情,要围绕它们编制一个计划。对另一些人来说,它会让人感觉好像他们在盯着深渊。在一些极端的案例中,那样强烈的自省会引起大脑膨胀,发生危险,不过相信我,这个风险是值得冒的。如果你给自己的心灵提问,并仔细的倾听,最终你会听到命运在呼叫你。一点点的声音呼叫你的良知,你的内心深处,或者你的本国的岳母将会告诉你这个事实,如果你准备好去听它的话。首先,你也许仅仅开始意识到你的生活是怎样进入“车辙”的 (嘿,可以加入俱乐部!)。那时你也许会意识到什么是你真正想要的,但是你不要马上就去追寻它,尽管它会让你热血澎湃。就如同当你在去海滩的半路上时,突然想起你把烤肉架忘在了家里(你不会马上回去去取)。当你知道的时候,或者怀疑你是否知道的时候,在你的我生命中什么是你应该做的,那么去做吧!如果必要的话,在黑暗中来一个大的跳跃,然后落到地上马上开始向前跑,因为你已经没有时间犹豫了。不管我们的情感有多永恒,我们的存在比我们想象中还要弱小, 把你的手放在你的胸膛,然后感受你的心跳。那就是你的生命之钟在滴滴答答的运转,来计算你剩下的时间。终有一天,它将会停止。这是百分之百正确的,而这是你无能为力的。所以你浪费不起每一珍贵的秒钟。充满精力和热情的去追寻你的梦想吧,或者你最好退后然后任由时光流逝。如果你坐在篱笆上浪费你自己的生命,你将会在你所剩下的不多的时间里停止前进的步伐。如他们所说:“你不能以两个小的跳跃来跳过一个深坑”它需要勇气和诺言来实现你的梦想(当然,一个人需要记得丧失勇气和开始愚蠢的地方)。事实是,我们拥有与生俱来巨大的潜能,并被赐福拥有很多机会来提升自己到一个新的高度。但是不幸的是,我们中的许多人太懒而不愿意去关心其他人会想些什么,或者太害怕改变以致没有去强壮自己的羽翼,去意识到我们巨大的才能。做你自己的事情很重要-无论是什么,只要另你自己真正的开心-尽你最大的努力去做好它。是否hog calling并不重要,或者戏剧性的挥舞着吹风机并不重要。唯一重要的是你要为自己做的事情而感到非常的快乐。请记住,不管你做了什么,错误是生活的一部分。所以不要浪费时间花在为过去做错的事情而懊恼。不要迟疑或忧虑你是否做着正确的事情。你将会知道你内心的答案,比起气馁好多了。还要记住拒绝和抵抗也是伴随着你的。当你正在做很重要,很特殊的事情时。当你开始去为你的理想时,会有许多人试着去拉回你。在这个世界上,有很多的悲观主义者放弃了他们的理想,还会告诉你“你在浪费你的时间—你不会成功的”你会被那些人围绕着,他们背地里希望你得到很少或者彻彻底底的失败,这样才会使他们的意见看起来不坏。“忘了它吧”. 他们会说“它根本不值得,无论如何这件事不适合你”。 因此了解“走自己的路,才能受益匪浅”是多么的重要,但却不是容易的事情。和其他人一样,在一段时间里你会过得比其他人好,有时,每件事又好像一个灾难。当你告诉其他人你想完成的梦想是什么时,人们会很奇怪的看着你,然后你会开始怀疑自己。“为什么,奥,为什么,难道我要放弃我的工作? 但是不管发生什么,记住:坚持!要知道每个人都会有思想上挣扎的时候。真的很难以想象用尽一生每天做着那些你真的不喜欢或者甚至是你不关心的。但是如果你追寻你的梦想,至少你会在你所喜欢的事情上筋疲力尽。现在,你也许会认为这没有重要到与全球计划相提并论,但是请相信我,事实确实如此。当你从你的生活中得到良多时,体味每次失落,它将会改变你身上的平庸之处,变特别。当你做你喜欢做的事情时,每天早上你会早早的起床怀着激动的心情开始新的一天,同时你会充满由衷的喜悦,这种喜悦有高度的传播性。就如同当你开始大声笑,你会感染某人大声笑,某人再感染给某人。直到你们全都大笑以致眼睛流出泪水,笑到胃痛,难以呼吸,甚至难以站立起来。但是最重要的是,通过这些事情可以使你的胡子高兴的翘起来。当然,这是对有胡子的人来说。你将会鼓舞其他人去追求他们的梦想,如果那样,我的朋友,那你已经开始改变这个世界了!你知道吗?即使你犯了大的错误,即使你错过或做错了几乎所有的事情,你仍要过得愉快,晚上睡觉前冥思时,要知道你已经给了你自己全部,已经变得不同于从前,每天早上醒来时,要期待着一个未来,一个你所能够想象的美丽的,激情四射的未来。你知道吗?如果你仔细聆听你自己的心声,用脑冥想,你就不会出错。







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