1. 他正在专心看书。He is absorbed in his book.

2. 眼睛是心灵的窗口。Eyes are windows to the soul.

3. 金色的阳光撒满他的面庞。The golden sunlight washed over his face.

4. 我会坚持立场的。I'll stand my ground.

5. 这句话很饶舌。This sentence is quite tongue-twisting.

6. 他尽量装出一点笑容来。He tried to fake a smile.

7. 他的话在我心里引起了共鸣。His words struck a chord in my heart.

8. 大街上挤满了行人。The streets are choked with pedestrians.

9. 我只是一时兴起这么做。I did it on a whim.

10. 这些规定形同虚设。These rules only exist on paper.

11. 他在名单上高居第一。His name topped the list.

12. 他请了三天病假。He went on a sick leave for 3 days.

13. 他快90了。He is in hislate 80s.

14. 许许多多方面他和父亲一模一样。Hewas his father in many ways.

15. 泪水在她眼眶里闪烁。Tears shimmered in her eyes.

16. 帖子被转发了1000次。The post wasforwarded 1000 times.

17. 我一瘸一拐地走下了台阶。I hobbled down the stairs.

18. 泪水夺眶而出。The tears broke free.

19. 他是个不好相处的人。He is a difficult man.

20. 他不愿意赊账给我们了。He would not allow us any credit.

21. 他是个没用的家伙。He is a good-for-nothing.

22. 我在抽屉里发现一叠牌。I found a deck of cards in the drawer.

23. 他俯过身来,悄悄在我耳边说。He leaned in and whispered into my ears.

24. 他留着齐肩发。He wears shoulder-length hair.

25. 他戴上手套。He slipped on his gloves.

26. 我觉得脸在发烧。I feel my face burning.

27. 他的目光落在了我的身上。His eyes fell on me.

28. 他们俩长得太像了。Their resemblance was breathtaking.

29. 我挣扎着从床上爬起来。I struggled out of bed.

30. 桌子上有一些面包屑。There are some bread scraps on the desk.

31. 她头发中分,脑后扎了一个马尾巴。Her hair is parted in the middle and tied in a ponytail.

32. 鲜血从他的指间渗了出来。Blood oozed between his fingers.

33. 地铁明年交付使用。The subway will be put into service next year.

34. 事故把很多人给困住了。The accident got many people stranded.

35. 地铁在高峰期暂停运营。The subway suspended in rush hours.

36. 他与一辆小车迎头相撞。He had a head-on collision with a car.

37. 我不能陪你了。再见。I can't keep your company any more. Bye bye.

38. 他没有透一个字给任何人。He didn't breathe a word to anyone.

39. 他边哭边说,“不是我做的。” He said through his tears, "I didn'tdo it."

40. 他从门帘后伸出头来。He thrust his head from behind the curtain.

41. 你在孩子们身上花了太多的心血。You exert yourself too much with yourchildren.

42. 我正要出去,妈妈就回来了。When I was on the point of going out, mamacame back.

43. 四个小男孩站了起来,垂着头。The four boys stood up, their heads hanging.

44. 他们俩实在像极了。They resemble each other to a hair.

45. 她是个干瘪的老女人。She was a dried-up old woman.

46. 他告诉妈妈是那样一个男孩打了他。He told mother that it was such and such aboy who beat him.

47. 他把所有的心思都放到了存钱上。He set every thought on savings.

48. 不知怎么搞的,我把手表丢了。Somehow or other I lost my watch.

49. 他颧骨高耸,鼻梁塌陷。He is with high cheek-bones and a sunkennose.

50. 尽管那样,他最后还是成功了。Be that as it may, he made it in the end.

51. 有时候他会单独把我叫出去聊聊。Sometimes he would single me out for a chat.

52. 那一幕永远刻在我的记忆中。The scene was engraved on my memory forever.

53. 那些事情母亲一点不在行。Mother was none too competent in suchmatters.

54. 出于谨慎,我们又检查了一遍。Out of delicacy, we checked it once again.

55. 他把老鼠尾巴用线给串起来。He strung the mouse tails with a thread.

56. 小男孩吓得要死,抽泣着对妈妈说。The little boy was frightened to death andsobbed to his mother.....

57. 他一怒之下枪杀了守门人。He shot the janitor in a fit of passion.

58. 他想方设法博取老师的同情。He tried to court the teacher's benevolencein every way possible.

59. 王先生是一位很老练的教师。Mr. Wang is a full-fledged teacher.

60. 阅读让我着迷一辈子。Reading held its spell over me throughout my life.

61. 所有的男孩,都受到了严厉的盘查。All the boys were cross-examined.

62. 他们急匆匆地进了教室,甚至没有注意到门边的我。They hurried into the classroom without so much as noticing me by the door.

63. 他站在教室中间,双眼冒火,一言不发。He stood in the middle of the classroom, hiseyes darting fire, but without uttering a word.

64. 我鼓起所有的勇气,坚决地对他说:“不”。Imustered all my courage and said firmly, "No."

65. 一见面他就喜欢上了那个小男孩。He felt attached to the boy at the firstsight.

66. 我带着祈求的眼光看着她。I looked at her with imploring eyes.

67. 12岁他就如饥似渴地开始阅读了。He began to devour books at 12.

68. 他年龄比我小一岁,个头也比我小一点。He is one year younger than I, a bit smallerin size.

69. 在课堂上说那些话是不合时宜的。Those words in class were out of place.

70. “你想干什么?”我朝他咆哮道。他吓了一跳。"What do you want of me?" I roaredat him. He was taken aback.

71. 她有能力,博览群书,但缺乏个性。She was capable and well-read, but lackedcharacter.

72. 她是我的远亲。She was a distant relative of mine.

73. 我一躺下就睡着了。I was fast asleep as soon as my head touchedthe pillow.

74. 有时候他会勃然大怒,怒气冲冲地看着他的学生。Sometimes he would flare up, glaring at hisstudents.

75. 关于环境保护的争论过了很久才平息下来。It was after a long time that the debate onenvironment protection died down.

76. 他再也忍不住,大笑起来。She couldn't restrain anymore, and burst outlaughing.

77. 她倒在床上,抱着枕头痛哭起来。She threw herself onto bed and cried into herpillow.

78. 无论如何我都会给你打电话的。In any event I will call you.

79. 我们绝不投降。In no sense would we surrender.

80. 有时候他看起来有点郁闷,一个人陷入沉思很久很久。Sometimes he seemed gloomy, sunk inmeditation for a long time.

81. 一队骆驼突然大叫起来,把我们吓了一跳。We are startled when a string of camelssuddenly bellowed.

82. 他总是斥责工人,挑他们工作的错。He never failed to scold the workmen and findfault with their work.

83. 他抽着烟,凝视着远方。He smoked, gazing into the distance.

84. 原来这个新来的人是他的叔叔。It turned out that the newcomer was hisuncle.

85. 她尖叫着冲进黑夜之中。She screamed into dark night.

86. 寒夜里,二个小女孩肩并肩坐着,紧紧地挤在一起取暖。In the cold night, 2 girls sat side by side,pressed close together for warm.

87. 稻草塞进炉子里,火就燃了起来。When you stuffed the straw into stove, itblazed up.

88. 工程正在全力进行之中。The project is in full swing.

89. 两个棚子长达几百米,一个是芦苇做的,一个是干草做的。The 2 sheds stretched hundreds of meterslong, one of reeds and the other of straw.

90. "我不是故意的,"她抽泣道,吓得半死。"I didn't do it on purpose," shesobbed, half dead with fear.

91. 他全身发抖。He trembled all over.

92. 他斜着眼睛看着那个姑娘,爱慕油然而生。He squinted at the girl, love rising in hisheart.

93. 他站在那里,脸上带着若有所思的神情。He stood there, with an air of thinking.

94. 士兵们每4人一组前进。The soldiers marched by fours.

95. 衣服有点紧,但他还是使劲穿了进去。Tight as the clothes were, he squeezed intothem.

96. 他一跃而起。He sprang to his feet.

97. 那孩子摔在地上,仰面朝天,一动不动。The child fell on his back, motionless.

98. 孩子们像一群麻雀四散跑掉了。The children ran away in all directions, likea flock of sparrow.

99. 火辣辣的太阳照在头顶。The scorching sun beat down on my head.

100. 这些规章制度对我来说没有意义。The rules and regulations don't make anysense to me.

101. 他坐在桌旁,嘴角叼着香烟。He sat at the desk, cigarette dangling fromthe corner of his mouth.

102. 秘书是个五十岁上下的人,朝我笑了笑。The secretary, fifty-something, smiled at me.

103. 我讲完自己的故事,她哭了起来。When I was done with my story, she cried.

104. 我突然意识到王老师的白发又比去年多了。It struck me that Mr. Wang had more gray hair than lastyear.

105. 他爬上树,手搭凉棚朝远处看了很久。He climbed up the tree, shading his eyes withhis hand and looking into the distance for a long time.

106. 他的税后收入高达5.5万元每月。His after-tax income amounts to 55,000 yuanper month.

107. 他翻过身去,背对着我。He rolled to his side, his back to me.

108. 看着他那张饱经风霜的脸,我震惊了。Looking at his weather-worn face, I was shocked.

109. 他是个糊里糊涂的人。He is a muddle-headed man.

110. 她打开窗帘,顿时早晨的阳光洒满房间。She pulled the curtain open and the morningsunshine flooded the room.

111. 我爸爸做生意去了,妈妈生病了,所以就该我来做家务了。My father has gone out for business. Mymother is ill. It falls to me to do the housework.

112. 我要的是家庭,而你注定是传奇。I want a family, while you set to be a legend.

113. 婚外情和家暴对社会稳定形成了威胁。Extramarital affairs and family violence pose a threat to socialstability.

114. 总共500学生参加了考试。500students in total sat the test.

115. 她扭过头来问道,“还记得我吗?” She asked over her shoulder, "do youstill remember me ?"

116. 生活欺负弱者,又有谁比孩子更弱呢?Life strikes the weak, and who is weaker than a child?

117. 你最好去找他帮忙,以免事情失控。You'd better seek help from him to prevent things from getting outof hand.

118. 进屋他就开始收拾起东西来。Entering the house, he started tidying up.

119. 他说着说着,眼眶里就噙满了泪水。As he said it, his eyes brimmed with tears.

120. 我们不要急匆匆做决定。We should not rush to a decision.

121. 后半生我碰到不少好人。I met many nice people in the second half of my life.

122. 这让我颜面扫地。This made me lose face big time.

123. 他胆子小,难道你不知道?He is chicken-hearted. Don't you know that?

124. 万一你错过火车,我会驾车送你去。In case you miss the train, I'll drive you there.

125. “在家里,我说了算。” At home, what I say goes.

126. 文革把很多是非颠倒了。The Cultural Revolution turned many things upside down.

127. 他犯了一个错,结果大家都受到了株连。He made a mistake and get others implicated.

128. 他停了停,尽量使自己恢复平静。He paused, trying to regain his composure.

129. 他跟着人流进入纪念馆。He followed a stream of crowd into the Memorial Hall.

130. 我记得那天晚上我们一起伴着古老的阿富汗歌曲跳舞。I remember we danced to the ancient Afghan song that night.

131. 快90岁的时候,他发现腿脚有点不好使。Going on 90, he began to feel rigid in his legs.

132. 他打开收音机,在京剧声中进入梦乡。He turned on the radio, drifting into sleep with Beijing opera playing by his ears.

133. 我跟他讲了半天道理,最后他同意了。I reasoned with him for a long time. At last he agreed.

134. 你必须戒毒。You must quit drugs.

135. “快说,我在洗耳恭听。” "Come on, I'm all ears."

136. 无事不登三宝殿。One never visits the temple without a reason.

137. 上周金价暴涨。The price of gold surged last week.

138. 你可以吃个饱。You can eat your fill.

139. 在小巷子里这栋楼看上去很打眼。The building is imposing in the alley.

140. 他学会了喜怒不形于色。He had learned to conceal his feelings behind a placid face.

141. 管住你的舌头。Watch your tongue.

142. 作为老教师,王先生认为亲自参与实践对于学生很重要。As an education veteran, Mr. Wang thinkshands-on practice is very important for students.

143. 他怒火中烧。His heart burned with anger.

144. 我在餐馆里做点临时工。I did some odd jobs in the restaurant.

145. 他做了后,其他人就如法炮制了。As he did it, the rest followed suit.

146. 请留我们一点时间把真相搞个水落石出。Please allow us a little time to check things out.

147. 他把怒火都发到了室友身上。He vented his anger on his roommates.

148. 听到这里,他瘫倒在椅子里。Hearing this, he slumped into the chair.

149. 他完成了4卷本的著作。Hefinished his four-volume work.

150. 我把他们招呼进屋。I ushered them into the house.

151. 听到母亲过世的消息他悲痛欲绝。He was overwhelmed with grief at his mother's death.

152. 他不能忍受那样的羞辱。He couldn't swallow such humiliation.

153. 夜深人静的时候他上吊自杀了。In the dead of night, he hanged himself.

154. 很快他们的关系就变坏了。Soon their relationship turned sour.

155. 那事故真把我吓死了。The accident scared me out of sense.

156. 这次事故就是一个很好的例子。This accident is a case in point

157. 他怒气冲冲地离开了房间。He stormed out of the room.

158. 最后他在一贫如洗中死去。At last, he died in utter poverty.

159. 大部分人只能够向命运妥协。Most people have to come to terms with life.

160. 他挑衅汤姆,结果被痛打一顿。He picked fight with Tom, and was beaten up.

161. 突然我想出一个好办法。I hit upon a good idea.

162. 他几乎没付我一分钱。He paid me next to nothing

163. 我们历经波折最终成功。We experienced many ups and downs till success.

164. 你倒是省了不少麻烦。You spared yourself a lot of troubles

165. 他踏上了不归路。He embarked on a journey of no return.

166. 他的脸上绽开了满意的笑容。His face expanded with a satisfied smile.

167. 他并没有听懂我言下之意。he didn't catch the undertone of my words.

168. 只有他们能够编造出那样稀奇古怪的故事。It was they who could come up with such wild stories.

169. 他经常从后门溜出去打麻将。He often slipped out of the rear door to play mahjong.

170. 乞丐挣扎在饿死的边缘已经好几天了。The beggar has struggled on the verge of starvation for severaldays.

171. 他们提出了一项不错的计划。They came up with a good plan.

172. 我上瘾了。I am hooked on it.

173. 要不是吸毒,他可以过很富足的生活。But for drugs, he could have lived a rich life

174. 他们坐下来喝了几杯茶。They sat down to several cups of tea.

175. 王大头说他没有现钱。Wang Datou said he didn't have ready money.

176. 这回你说到点子上了。Now you get the point.

177. 他吃得太多,把自己给吃死了。He ate too much that he ate himself to death.

178. 这导致了又一轮争斗。This triggered another round of fights.

179. 天无绝人之路。Heaven never seals all the exits.

180. 他走过去,把鸭子嘘走了。He went over and shooed the ducks away

181. 我们用低廉的价格买下了这辆车。We bought the car at a bargain price.

182. “为什么你们要瞒着我?”我咆哮道。"Whyyou hide it from me?" I bellowed.

183. 诱人的香气从锅里传出来。An inviting smell came out of the wok.

184. 我们是拜把子兄弟。We are sworn brothers.

185. 一想起玛丽,汤姆的心就怦怦地乱跳起来。At the thought of Mary, Tom's heart stuttered.

186. 这个问题让我张口结舌。The question tied my tongue in knots.

187. 我沉浸在甜美的幻觉中。I immersed myself in a sweet illusion.

188. 他径直走开了,头都懒得抬一下。He walked away, not bothering to raise his head.

189. 既然来了,就要努力工作。Now that you are here, you should work hard.

190. 他脱下长衫,做了一个倒立。He slipped off his gown and made a handstand.

191. 他这人有点手紧。He is a bit tight-fisted.

192. 他比我高一个头。He stands a head over me.

193. 紧邻操场建了一座体育馆。A gym was built next to the playground.

194. 听到这里他放心地舒了一口气。At this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

195. 我把他痛骂了一顿。I gave him a dressing-down.

196. “住口”,他一巴掌猛地拍在桌子上。"Shutup," he banged the table.

197. 如果我们混在人群里就不会被注意到了。If we mingle with the crowd, we will not be noticed.

198. 他怒气冲冲地走了。He left in a huff.

199. 大家认为广州一直就是他的老家。Everybody thinks Guangzhouhas been his hometown all along.

200. 得知真相后,他勃然大怒。Knowing the truth, he flew into a rage.

201. 大门咣当一声关上了。The gate clanked shut.

202. 门里伸出一个头来,把他上下打量了一番。A man popped his head out of the door and looked him up and down.

203. 他来到操场的最东边。He came to the east end of the playground.

204. 听到这里,他不禁捧腹大笑起来。Hearing this, he split his sides with laughter.

205. 一碰到麻烦她就冲着孩子大发脾气。When she was trapped in troubles, she would lash out at herchildren.

206. 她是个急性子。She is a quick temper.

207. 热闹过后,操场上恢复了平静。When the hustle and bustle died out, the playground regained peace.

208. 他对紫禁城的历史有着浓厚的兴趣。He has a keen interest in the history of the Forbidden City.

209. 那时候他是站在我们一边的。In those days he sided with us.

210. 他打球打得很好,仅次于汤姆。He played well, second only to Tom.

211. 他吃得太多,以致胃有点不舒服。He ate too much that his stomach felt funny.

212. 不把这个事情搞清楚我就不吃饭。I will not eat until I get it straight.

213. “别在我面前装傻。” Don't play the fool with me.

214. 他下决心要一劳永逸地解决这个问题。He made his mind to solve this problem once and for all.

215. “你做得太过火了。” You went too far.

216. 他把对手咒诅了很久。He swore at his rivals for a long time.

217. 市场上到处是来来往往的人。In the market are coming and going people hither and thither.

218. 大家齐声喊起来。All shouted in unison.

219. 他鼓起勇气,上前敲了敲门。He plucked up the courage to go to the door and knocked on it.

220. 他是个两面派。He is a double-faced person.

221. 他知道怎样讨好上级。He knows how to butter up his superior.

222. 他和大家的关系都很好。He is on good terms with everybody.

223. 他满怀着理想离家而去,最后却两手空空回到家中。He left home with high hopes but returned empty-handed

224. 他知道,他让父母失望了。He knew he had let his parents down

225. 他辗转反侧一整夜,不能入睡。He tossed and turned in the bed all night, sleepless.

226. 汽车开走了,扬起一阵灰尘。The truck rolled away, stirring a cloud of dust.

227. 看见孩子,玛丽面露喜色。At the sight of her child, Mary's face lit up.

228. 看到这恐怖的一幕,我俯下身干呕起来。At the sight of horrible scene, I doubled over and dry-heaved.

229. 他熬了一个通宵。He stayed up a whole night.

230. 说起武功,他在这一带没有对手。When it came to martial arts, he had no equal in this region.

231. 他的来访引起了很大的轰动。His visit stirred a great sensation.

232. 寒风如针,刺着他的脸。The needle-cold wind pierced his face.

233. 你成功的机会很小。Your chance of success is slim.

234. 我压低了声音把消息告诉汤姆。I told the news to Tom under my breath.

235. 大街上到处是一群群的学生。The streets swarm with students.

236. 有他负责就不会出错。Nothing went amiss when he was in charge.

237. 一阵痛楚袭上心头。A wave of panic ran over him.

238. 听他说完,我沉默了。Hearing him out, I fell silent.

239. 老爷看穿了他的心思。The master looked through his trick.

240. 敲诈吓得他魂不附体。The blackmail scared him out of his wits.

241. 汤姆夹在简和玛丽之间坐了下来。Tom sat down, sandwiched by Jean and Mary.

242. 这台机器需要修理。This machine needs fixing.

243. 悲伤再次在内心涌起。Sadness welled up in my heart once again.

244. 月光从一扇窗户倾泻而入。Moonbeams streamed in through a window.

245. 他们互相看了一眼。They exchanged a glance.

246. 他们向我逼过来。The closed in on me.

247. 我没有发现问题的要点。I missed the point of the issue.

248. 一团黑色的烟雾飘向天空。A plume of smoke rose to the sky.

249. 乞丐伸出沾满泥的手乞求给一个硬币。The beggar held out his mud-caked hand for a coin.

250. 他偷偷看了几眼手表。He stole several glances at his watch.

251. 他勉强向她挤出了一点笑容。He forced a smile at her.

252. 难民大量涌入土耳其。Refugees flocked into Turkey.

253. 他收养了一个孩子来续香火。He adopted a child to continue family line.

254. 如果在大街上碰到,我会认识他的。If I had bumped into him in the streets, I would have recognizedhim.

255. 每天他要花很多时间来打理他的花儿。He spent a lot of time tending his flowers everyday.

256. 他强忍住泪水,朝她笑了笑。Biting back his tears, he smiled at her.

257. 大家只好凑合着用这间房了。We'll have to make do with this room.

258. 玛丽走进来,后面跟着几个小孩子。Mary came in, tailed by several kids.

259. 他把钥匙插进锁孔里。He slipped the key into the lock hole.

260. 说到这里,她眼泪流了出来。With this, her tears welled up.

261. 他跌跌撞撞地站了起来。He staggered to his feet.

262. 我劝了他几次,但他根本不听。I persuaded him several times, but he would hear nothing of it.

263. 他停下来,喘了一口气。He stopped, taking a breath.

264. 据我所知,这是通向学校唯一的路。To my knowledge, this is the only road to the school.

265. 据说他将是我们的校长。Word has it he will be our president.

266. 他身高1.74米。He stands1.74 meters tall.

267. 顶起脚尖我也只够得着他的下巴。Standing on my toes, I can only come up to his chin.

268. 最终,他还是屈服于命运。Eventually, he surrendered to fate.

269. 对于别人的规劝他只当做耳边风。He turned a deaf ear to any suggestion.

270. 他上上下下打量了我一下。He eyed me up and down.

271. 如果你仔细听,你就能听到远处水果小贩的叫卖声。If you listen hard, you can hear the call of fruit sellers in thedistance.

272. 我小心地穿过人群。I picked my way through the crowd.

273. 太阳落到山背后去了。The sun sank behind the hills.

274. 我到他家只去过为数不多的几次。I visited him only a handful of times.

275. 我们共一个奶妈。We fed from the same breasts.

276. 为什么他们把头发留得那么长?Why they grow their hair that long?

277. 大家都认为做生意不是他的天性。All think running a business isn't something in his blood.

278. 父亲的运动天赋他没有继承一丁点。He didn't inherit a shred of athletic talents from his father.

279. 我们足足等了一个小时。We have waited a good hour.

280. 我们没日没夜连续工作了三天。We worked all day and all night for 3 straight days.

281. 汗水把他后背的衣服浸透了。Sweat soaked through the back of his shirt.

282. 他戒酒了。He has abstained from wine.

283. 他言行不一致。His actions do not accord with his words.

284. 我照他的劝告去做了。I acted on his advice.

285. 这很大程度上增加了我们困难。This added considerably to our difficulties.

286. 他坚持己见。He adhered to his opinion.

287. 他正在受一种不治之症的折磨。He is afflicted with an incurable disease.

288. 他几次三番来我家借钱。He came to my house again and again for a loan of money.

289. 我出席这个会议是不自愿的。I attended the meeting against my will.

290. 这张照片与原物不相符。This photograph does not agree with the original.

291. 也为他像孩子一样诚实,所以我更加喜欢他。I like him all the more because he is as honest as a child.

292. 你去不去那里对我来说都一样。It is all the same to me whether you go there or not.

293. 我依然喜欢他。 I like him all the same.

294. 到学校的路上我们争了一路。We quarreled with each other all the way to school.

295. 我从邻村老远跑来向你请教。I have come all the way from the neighboring village to consult you.

296. 总的来说,演出是成功的。All things considered, the performance is a success.

297. 他决不是学生。He is anything but a student.

298. 那个规则不适用于这件事。That rule does not apply to this case.

299. 事故往往起因于疏忽。Accidents always arise from carelessness.

300. 总的来说,男孩更喜欢活动。As a whole boys are more fond of activities.

301. 就质量来说,这台收音机不错。As far as the quality is concerned, this radio is good.

302. 至于我们,我们并不反对。As for us, we have no objection.

303. 照原样做了。Do it as it was.

304. 听到这个消息,他立刻高兴得跳了起来。At this news, he sprung up with joy.

305. 关于他的人格,没有人说不好的。As regards his character, nothing ill is spoken.

306. 正如牡丹是花中之王一样,老虎是兽中之王。As the peony is chief of flowers, so is the tiger chief of beasts.

307. 因为喜欢摆架子,所以大家不喜欢他。He is not popular for he assumes airs.

308. 老虎一下子就被打死了。The tiger was killed at a blow.

309. 我一看就知道他病了。I found him ill at a glance.

310. 你到底知道不知道?Do you know at all?

311. 无论如何,你还是试一试的好。At all events, you’d better have a try.

312. 不管怎样,我明天一定会做出答复。I will give an answer tomorrow at all events.

313. 他不管花多少钱都要买这辆车。He will buy this car at any cost.

314. 不管怎么说,你还是去看看医生的好。At any rate, you’d better see your doctor.

315. 她充其量还能活几年。He has a few years to live at best.

316. 我们日子过得轻松。We live at ease.

317. 他平躺着。He is lying at full length.

318. 我手头有那本书。I have that book at hand.

319. 请随便,不要拘束。Please make yourself at home.

320. 他精通法语。She is quite at home in French.

321. 雨时落时止。It rains at intervals.

322. 暴风雨刮得正猛。The storm is at its height.

323. 犯人依然逍遥法外。The prisoner is still at large.

324. 我几乎没有任何办法了。I was almost at my wit’s end.

325. 我经他人之手买了一台彩色电视机。I bought a color TV at second hand.

326. 他牺牲了自己的健康才获得成功。He succeeded at the expense of his health.

327. 她一看到妈妈就哭了。She cried at the sight of her mother.

328. 大不了我去道歉。At the worst, I shall have to make an apology.

329. 是去是留,请随便。You may go or stay at will.

330. 你必须把这座右铭记在心头。You should bear the motto in mind.

331. 你不要背后说人坏话。You must not speak ill of a man behind his back.

332. 他高兴得不能自已。He is beside himself with joy. (beside oneself失常,不能自主)

333. 这件事只有你知我知。This matter is between you and me.

334. 这美景难以形容。The beautiful scenery is beyond description.

335. 对不起,这是我力所不及的。Sorry, this is beyond my power.

336. 毫无疑问,他会成功。It’s beyond question that he will succeed.

337. 十年的工作已化为泡影。Ten years’ study has been brought to naught.

338. 大部分人都是自己的父母养育成人的。Most people are brought up by their parents.

339. 考试来临,大家都开起了夜车。Everybody is burning midnight oil as the exam approaching.

340. 母亲听到儿子的死讯不禁失声痛哭。The mother burst into tears at the news of her son’s death.

341. 婴儿一睁开眼睛就哇地一声哭了起来。As soon as the child opened its eyes, it burst out crying.

342. 要不是你救,彼得就淹死了。But for your rescue, Peter should have been drowned.

343. 无论如何我都要达到目的。I will attain my goal by any means.

344. 他天性爱看书。He is by nature fond of reading.

345. 经常碰到他,所以面熟。I know him by sight for I often see him.

346. 他们三两成群地来到了学校。They came to school by twos and threes.

347. 我想不起来了。I can’t call it to mind.

348. 不要沮丧,鼓起勇气来。Don’t lose heart, but call up your courage.

349. 音乐让他陶醉。Music carries him away.

350. 我一定要不惜一切代价把它做到底。I will carry it through at any cost.

351. 一看到家里来的电报,他脸色大变。He changed color at the sight of a telegram from his home.

352. 你必须澄清这件事。You must clear up this problem.

353. 下午天放晴了。The weather cleared up in the afternoon.

354. 你的病是由于吃得太多。Your sickness comes of eating too much.

355. 我的努力都化为了泡影。My efforts came to naught.

356. 当我苏醒过来发现自己在医院里。When I came to myself, I found myself in a hospital.

357. 你别指望他了。You should not count on him.

358. 这孩子会有出息的。This kid will cut a figure(崭露头角) in the future.

359. 你必须尽量缩减开支。You should cut down your expenses as much as you can.

360. 这就要看天气了。It depends on the weather.

361. 他为人正直但缺乏常识。He is honest but devoid of common sense.

362. 海风渐渐停了下来。The sea wind died away.

363. 没有他的帮助是不行的。It can’t be done without his help.

364. 荣誉该归你。The credit is due to you.

365. 她仔细打量他。Her eyes dwelled on him.

366. 他们的阴谋以失败告终。Their plot ended in failure.

367. 他已弃教从商。He has given up teaching and is now engaged in business.

368. 我每时每刻都在等着他回家。I waited every moment for his return.

369. 我时常受到他的来信。I hear from him every now and then.

370. 他成了毒品的牺牲品。He fell a victim to drug.

371. 我已陷入困境。I have fallen into a difficulty.

372. 这篇论文分为4个部分。This paperfalls into 4 parts.

373. 他在课堂上打起瞌睡来了。He fell into a doze in class.

374. 他病倒了。He fell sick.

375. 胜利的信息很快传遍了各地。The news of the victory soon spread far and wide.

376. 那样还远谈不上完美。That is far from perfect.

377. 马和牛靠吃草为生。Horses and cows feed on grass.

378. 不管我做什么他总是吹毛求疵。He finds fault with everything I do.

379. 当他被告知他是一个伪君子时,他勃然大怒。He flew into a rage when he was told that he was a hypocrite.

380. 尽管那样,我们还是按时完成了工作。For all that we finished our work in time.

381. 不管怎么说我都不会去那种地方。For all the world I would not go to such a place.

382. 带上伞,以防下雨。Take your umbrella for fear it may rain.

383. 就我来说,更愿意待在家里。For my part, I will stay at home.

384. 我的一切费用都打了水漂。All my expenses went for nothing.

385. 为和平起见,我们同意妥协。For the sake of peace we agreed to a compromise.

386. 他刚刚大学毕业。He is fresh from college.

387. 从我们的观点来看,最好的方法就是采取断然措施。From our point of view, the best plan would be to take a drasticmeasure.

388. 他的英语比其他同学都好。He got ahead of all his classmates in English.

389. 酒力发作了。The wine got into his head.

390. 这个年轻人会有出息。This young man will get on in the world.

391. 意志薄弱的人不能战胜那样的困难。A man of weak will cannot get over such difficulties.

392. 他在赛跑中赢了他的朋友。He got the better of his friend in the race.

393. 我们已经等得不耐烦了。We have got tired of waiting.

394. 风大起来了。The wind is getting up.

395. 我们只好让步。We have to give in.

396. 他爱摆架子,我们不喜欢他。We do not like him as he gives himself airs.

397. 气灯已由电灯取代。Gas light has given place to electric light.

398. 他的演讲引起了许多议论。His speech gave rise to much discussion.

399. 千万不要纵容孩子。Never give rope to children.

400. 我对他不抱任何希望了。I gave him up for lost.

401. 那样的懒汉是没有任何用处的。Such an idle fellow is good for nothing.

402. 他4岁多快5岁了。He is four going on five.

403. 这手套戴不上去。These gloves won’t go on.

404. 蜡烛熄灭了。The candle has gone out.

405. 理论与实际不一致。Theory and practice do not go together.

406. 任何事情都不要走极端。It is well not to go too deep into anything.

407. 他是一个好学生,那是不言而喻的。It goes without saying that he is a good student.

408. 他已经误入歧途。He has gone wrong.

409. 我刚一上火车,火车就开了。I had hardly got in the train when it started.

410. 去年我们过得很艰苦。Last year we had a hard time.

411. 他热爱音乐。He has a passion for music.

412. 在刺绣方面她无人能及。She has no equal in the art of embroidery.

413. 我在这次比赛中胜利了。I had the best of it in the contest.

414. 我在这次比赛中失败了。I had the worst of it in the contest.

415. 请听我把话讲完。Please hear me out.

416. 我突然想出一个好办法来。I hit upon a good idea.

417. 他坚持己见。He held to his opinion.

418. 如果你虚度光阴,考试时你会后悔的。If you idle away, you will be sorry at the exam.

419. 要说呢,他只是比我高一点。If anything, he is a little taller than I.

420. 只要他不讲话就好了。If only he would stop talking.

421. 如果有可能,请在3天内定下来。Ifpossible, please decide it within 3 days.

422. 他们全体总辞职了。They resigned in a body.

423. 他们齐声喊道:“赞成。”They cried all in a breath, “Yes.”

424. 我们必须预付房租。We should pay the rent in advance.

425. 他急匆匆地走了。He has gone in a hurry.

426. 他急着要走。He is in a hurry to leave.

427. 这不是一下子就能理解的。This is not to be understood in a hurry.

428. 他准备大规模地做生意。He plans to carry on hotel business in a large scale.

429. 你一共付了多少钱。How much did you pay in all?

430. 当警察带来之后,人们就向四面八方散去。When the police arrived, the crowd scattered in all directions.

431. 总而言之,他是一部活字典。In a word, he is a walking dictionary.

432. 我代表我的朋友来访。I called in on behalf of my friend.

433. 池塘里的荷花开得正盛。The lotus flowers in the pond are now in full bloom.

434. 万一我缺席,会有人代理的。In case of my absence some one else will take my place.

435. 考虑到你说的,我将改变主意。In consideration of what you said, I will change my mind.

436. 女学生成群地来这里买花。The girl students came here to buy flowers in crowds.

437. 他对自己的前途漠不关心。He is indifferent to his future.

438. 他不顾我的劝告,到海里去游泳。In defiance of my advice, he went swimming in the sea.

439. 他沉溺于赌博。He indulged in gambling.

440. 她爱空想。She indulges in dreams.

441. 我千方百计想安慰她,但却无济于事。I tried to comfort her in every way, but in vain.

442. 他饮酒过度所以病倒了。He drank in excess and fell sick.

443. 今年流行红裙子。The red skirt is in fashion this year.

444. 他没有获得上级的欢心。He is not in favor with his superior.

445. 他十之八九是不会来的。He will not come in nine cases out of ten.

446. 他决不会放弃钓鱼。He will in no wise give up fishing.

447. 换句话说,高利贷者就是披者人皮的鬼。In other words, the usurers are a devil in human shape.

448. 你在某种程度上是你自己的错误。It is in part your own fault.

449. 我想私下跟你说说。I wish to speak to you in private.

450. 我送他一只钢笔作为回礼。I gave him a pen in return(作为报酬).

451. 你来得正好,刚好赶上考试。 You arrived in season(恰好) for the exam.

452. 总而言之,他就是要钱。In short he just wants money.

453. 他泪流满面。She was bathed in tears.

454. 正在行窃时,他被抓住了。He was caught in the act of stealing.

455. 我完全不知道那个事情。I am in dark about it.

456. 万一他来,请让他等一会。In the event of his coming, tell him to wait for a while.

457. 面临考试,我再也不能吊而郎当了。In the face of the exam, I can’t remain idle.

458. 真理终究会赢的。Truth will win in the long run.

459. 他讲的大体上是有道理的。In the main what he says is reasonable.

460. 我以正义的名义向你请求。I ask you in the name of justice.

461. 他似乎是在后半夜出走的。It seems that he went away in the small hours.

462. 我们白白抗议了。We protested in vain.

463. 他虚度了一生。He passed his life in vain.

464. 不用说,他是一个好学生。It goes without saying that he is a good student.

465. 这样说太过分了。It is too much to say so.

466. 是不是旧书没关系。It makes no difference whether it s a second-hand book or not.

467. 说正经的,你打算干什么。Joking apart, what do you wish to be?

468. 你得注意那家伙。You should keep an eye on that fellow.

469. 不要跟那个卑鄙的家伙往来。Don’t keep company with such a mean fellow.

470. 他们一家人总是早睡早起。The members of his family all keep early hours.

471. 我的表走得准。My watch keeps good time.

472. 勿踏草地。Keep off the grass.

473. 我要永远遵守诺言。I will always keep my promise.

474. 我们必须跟上时代。We should keep pace with the times.

475. 我们要跟上形势。We should keep up with the situation.

476. 我们经常打桥牌消磨时间。We always kill time by playing bridge.

477. 他是一个能见机行事的人。He is a man who knows the time of day.

478. 我告诫过他,但他一笑了之。I gave him an advice, but he laughed it off.

479. 他患流感,卧床不起。He is laid up with influenza.

480. 我最不喜欢那个。I like that least of all.

481. 别管他。Leave him alone.

482. 我决心让它听天由命。I have made up my mind to leave it to chance.

483. 别管,谁他去。Let him go.

484. 当她看见他时常常面露喜色。Her face always lights up when she sees him.

485. 我倾听他们谈话。I listened for their talk.

486. 你必须量入为出。You should live up to your income.

487. 两年后我将载誉归来。In two years I will return loaded with honors.

488. 我们因他举止粗鲁而看不起他。We look down upon him for his poor manners.

489. 我们将调查这件事。We shall look into this matter.

490. 他将在学术界出人头地。He will make a figure in academic circles.

491. 这出戏大获成功。This play made a great hit.

492. 长话短说,他就是想不劳而获。To make a long story short, he tried to get money without working.

493. 那个年轻人很快就会在商界崭露头角。The young man will soon make a mark in the business world.

494. 他很希望成名。He is eager to make a name.

495. 他使自己成了年轻人的榜样。He set himself an example to the youth.

496. 结果大不一样。It makes a difference in the result.

497. 他轻视我的能力。He makes light of my ability.

498. 他对自己的病满不在乎。He made little of his illness.

499. 他毫不犹豫地帮助妻子洗碗。He makes no bones about helping his wife with dishes.

500. 他把这看作自己的分内之事。He makes this his business.

501. 请不要客气。Please make yourself at home.

502. 看到那小子就烦。To see that fellow makes me sick.

503. 蛋糕让我馋涎欲滴。The cake made my mouth water.

504. 他和我言归于好。He has made peace with me.

505. 我从未见过这么守信用的人。I have never seen such a man of his words.

506. 我哥哥是一个有欣赏力的人。My brother is a man of taste.

507. 他父亲是一个有品德的人。His father is a man of virtue.

508. 他去年去世了。He met his end last year.

509. 雪不久就化了。The snow soon melted away.

510. 他被感动得流泪了。He was moved to tears.

511. 我不喜欢喝牛奶,更不用说吃牛肉。I don’t like milk, much/still less beef.

512. 他怕猫,更不用说老虎。He fears cat, much/still more a tiger.

513. 我们是近亲。We are near in blood.

514. 不用说,科学对我们很重要。Needless to say, science is very important to us.

515. 不下雨则已,一下就是倾盆大雨。It never rains, but it pours. (不…则已,一…就会)

516. 只要他们相遇就争吵。They never meet without quarrelling.

517. 他简直就是一个傻瓜。He is next door to a fool.

518. 他穷得几乎什么都没有。He is poor and possesses next to nothing.

519. 我发现你简直就是傻瓜一样。I found you no better than an idiot.

520. 他只不过是一个口头上的朋友。He is no more than a mouth friend.

521. 这只不过是个笑话。It is nothing but a joke.

522. 来吧,现在不做更待何时。Come on! It’s now and never.

523. 既然你已经吃了,那么你就得付钱。Now that you have eaten it you should pay for it.

524. 他正忙于写短篇小说。He occupied himself in writing short stories.

525. 他用零碎的布料给男孩做了一件衣服。She made a suit for her boy out of odds and ends of cloth.

526. 昨天断断续续地下了雨。It rained off and on yesterday.

527. 据说他是一个打猎的老手了。They say he is an old hand at hunting.

528. 他为公事而来。He came here on business.

529. 请把冰箱立着放。Please place the refrigerator on end. (on end直立)

530. 你千万不可玩忽职守。You must on no account neglect your duties. (on no account千万不要,决不)

531. 我是特意来看你的。I came here on purpose to see you.

532. 我们不是密友,只是泛泛之交。He is not my close friend, but on speaking terms with me.

533. 我去拜访他时,他正要出门。When I called on him, he was on the point of going out.

534. 小偷被当场抓住。The thief was arrested on the spot.

535. 他差点泄漏了秘密。He was on the verge of betraying his secret.

536. 大体上他是对的。On the whole he is right.

537. 出于好奇,他打开了锅盖。Out of curiosity, he opened the lid of the pan.

538. 我使他很狼狈。I put him greatly out of countenance.

539. 树上有很多苹果,但我够不着。There are a lot of apples on the tree, but they are out of my reach.

540. 这门与房子不相称。The gate is out of proportion to the house. (our of proportion与…不成比例)

541. 他与伙伴不融洽。He is out of tune with his company.

542. 这个病人没有希望了。This patient is past all hope.

543. 不要插手别人的事。Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business.

544. 我说服不了他。I can’t prevail on him.

545. 只要身体好一点,我一定来。I will come provided that I am well enough.

546. 他是一个热心公益的人。He is a man of public spirit.

547. 大火很快扑灭了。The fire was soon put out.

548. 我不能容忍他的傲慢态度。I can’t put up with his insolence.

549. 让女儿一个人走,我感到心里不安。I had qualms of conscience about letting my daughter go alone.(qualms of conscience良心上的责备,心里不安)

550. 我们要展开臂膀欢迎他们。We will receive them with open arms.

551. 今天是个值得纪念的日子。Today is a red-letter day.

552. 如果你能为我说一句话,我将很高兴。I should be glad if you would say a word for me.

553. 你们应该在会议上畅所欲言。You should say your say at the meeting.

554. 在这个问题上我们意见一致。On this problem, we see eye to eye with each other.

555. 他一辈子都在寻求真理。He has been seeking after truth throughout his life.

556. 他为我们树立了榜样。He has set an example to us.

557. 他的议论激起了公愤。His words set fire to public opinion.

558. 我要把精力都集中在这件事上。I will set my whole mind on the matter.

559. 看到这滑稽的情形,我不仅捧腹大笑。At the funny sight I couldn’t help shaking my sides.

560. 你必须对这次事故负责。You must shoulder the blame for this accident.

561. 他对她下逐客令。He showed her the door.

562. 他送她到门口。He showed her to the door.

563. 危险面前我们从不畏缩。I never shrink from danger.

564. 好运终于来了。Fortune smiled upon me at last.

565. 就我所知,以前从未发生过这样的事情。So far as I know, nothing like this has ever happened.

566. 他有的诗人气质。He is something of a poet.

567. 我喜欢吃桃子,梨,苹果这类的水果。I like to eat peach, pear, apple or something of the kind.

568. 她喜欢说邻居的坏话。She likes to speak ill of her neighbors.

569. 我相信没有白费口舌。I believe I have not spent my breath.

570. 他惊得一下跳了起来。He sprang to his feet at a start.

571. 20岁他就自食其力了。At 20, he stood on his ownfeet.

572. 我愿与你同甘共苦。I will stand or fall with you.

573. 他从教室里溜走了。He stole away the classroom.

574. 他突然停止了讲话。He stopped short in his speech.

575. 说来奇怪,这猴子变成了石头。Strange to say, the monkey was turned into a stone.

576. 严格说,这么做是错误的。Strictly speaking, it’s wrong to do it this way.

577. 这鸟很合我的心意,所以我买了一对。The bird struck my fancy, so I bought a pair.

578. 情况既然如此,我就不参加会议了。Such being the case, I can’t attend the meeting.

579. 我吸取他讲课的精华。I sucked the marrow from his lecture.

580. 他总是能顺应潮流。He always swims down the stream.

581. 他这么说是出于好意,请不要见怪。He said so out of kindness, so I hope you will not take it amiss.

582. 请抄近路。Please take a short cut.

583. 他以助人为乐。He takes delight in help.

584. 布朗总是奚落约翰。Brown always takes John down.

585. 我想方设法使他高兴,但无济于事。I took every means to please him, but in vain.

586. 我被他的甜言蜜语欺骗了。I was taken in by his honeyed words.

587. 他弟弟被疾病夺去了性命。His younger brother was taken off by illness.

588. 我准备碰碰运气。I’m prepared to take the chance.

589. 他总是学父亲的样。He always takes his color from his father. (take one’s color from模仿)

590. 他不听劝告,一意孤行。He does not listen to any advice, but takes his own course.

591. 只要我和妹妹发生争论,妈妈总是袒护妹妹。Whenever we have a dispute, mother always takes my sister’s part.

592. 他常和我们在一起吃点便饭。He often takes potluck with us. (take potluck吃便饭)

593. 当医生的想法在儿子的脑海里根深蒂固。Thought of being a doctor has taken deep root in my son’s mind.

594. 不要把那样的小事放在心里。Don’t take such a trifle to heart.

595. 跟你父母说话时最好不要回嘴。Speaking to your parents, you’d better never talk back.

596. 他总是说大话。He always talks big.

597. 他老婆的嗓门压倒了他的嗓门。His wife talked him down.

598. 我说服他放弃了。I talked him giving it up.

599. 他总是瞎吹。He always talks through his neck.

600. 十之八九他会及格的。Ten to one, he will pass the exam.

601. 多亏老师指点,我入学考试通过了。Thanks to the instruction of my teacher, I passed the entranceexamination.

602. 图书馆一年到头都开馆。The library is open the whole year round.

603. 你跟你母亲长得一模一样。You resemble your mother to a hair.

604. 我累死了。I am tired to death.

605. 说句公道话,他是诚实的。To do him justice, we must say he is honest.

606. 你的这张照片照得很逼真。This photograph has done you justice

607. 更糟糕的是,他的眼睛失明了。To make matter worse, he lost his eyesight.

608. 她挣扎着站了起来。She struggled to her feet.

609. 布的颜色很合我的意。The color of the cloth is to my taste.

610. 某种程度上,你是错的。To some extent, you are wrong.

611. 说实在的,我不喜欢他。To speak the truth, I don’t like him.

612. 我们要坚持到最后。We should persist to the end.

613. 我们必须百分之百地服从。We must obey to the letter. (to the letter严格按照字句)

614. 画上的鸟画得栩栩如生。The bird in the picture is drawn to the life. (to the life栩栩如生)

615. 他的话说道点子上去了。He spoke to the point.

616. 他的话短,但中肯。His speech is short, but to the purpose.

617. 他的言语伤害了他的感情。His remark touched her on the raw.

618. 他跟我耍了点小花招。He tried on his little games with me.

619. 他不理睬我。He turned his back on me.

620. 我一见羊肉就作呕。The sight of mutton turns my stomach.

621. 他在床上辗转反侧。He turned over in bed.

622. 除非改过自新,否则我将解雇他。I will dismiss him unless he turns over a new leaf.

623. 他卷起了衣袖。He turned up his sleeves.

624. 妻子看不起丈夫。The wife turned up her nose at her husband.

625. 他们颠倒黑白。They turned the facts upside down.

626. 他趁夜色逃走了。He escaped under cover of the night.

627. 他们在友谊的幌子下欺骗了我们。They cheated us under the mask of friendship.

628. 我不会把气出在你身上。I won’t vent my disgust on you.

629. 他精通拉丁语。He is versed in Latin.

630. 这是肉眼看不到的。This is not visible to the naked eye.

631. 他缺乏理智。He is void of reason.

632. 他赖着不肯走。He wore his sitting breeches. (wear one’s sitting breeches[马裤]赖着不走)

633. 我的鞋穿破了,所以要买新的。My shoes are worn out so I have to buy a pair of new shoes.

634. 我们家是妻子当家。My wife wears the breeches in the family.

635. 这双袜子很耐穿。These stockings wear well. (wear well耐用)

636. 你最好仔细斟酌一下字眼。You had better weigh your words carefully.

637. 做决定前我们最好仔细权衡利弊。Before making decision, we must weigh the pros and cons carefully.

638. 要不是他的支持,我早就失败了。Were it not for his support, I should have failed.

639. 一半靠努力,一半靠运气,他发了大财。What by exertion, and what by luck, he made enormous sum of money.(what by…, what by…一半由于…, 一半由于…)

640. 他支持不支持我们又有什么关系呢?what’s the odds if he doesn’t support us? (what’s the odds那有什么关系?)

641. 我父亲饱经风霜。My father experienced the wheel of fortune.

642. 无论如何我们必须坚持。We must stick to it whether or no. (whether or no无论如何)

643. 她靠看电视来打发时间。She whiles away her time by watching TV.

644. 我彻夜未眠。I passed a white night.

645. 他假装没看见儿子的缺点。He winked at the fault of his son.

646. 他勉强把钱借给我了。He lent me the money with a bad grace.

647. 他心甘情愿认输了。He admitted his failure with a good grace.

648. 他心情沉重地告诉了我这个消息。He told me the news with a heavy heart.

649. 他高高兴兴回家了。He went back home with a light heart.

650. 他勉勉强强地帮助了我。He helped me with half a heart.

651. 我不加渲染地告诉了他这件事。I told him this story without color.

652. 他们直截了当地付了钱。Without further ado, they paid up.

653. 他是个危险人物。He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

654. 他的许诺是靠不住的。His promises are written in water.

655. 不要当唯唯诺诺的老好人。Don’t be a yah man.

656. 我儿子已经到了懂事的年龄。My son has arrived at years of discretion.

657. 上星期的昨天他在我家。He was at my home yesterday week.

658. 他是一个新手。He is a young hand.

659. 他总是满腔热情地帮助别人。He is full of zeal for helping others.

660. 他们渴望自由。They are zealous for liberty.

661. 他一鸣惊人。He zipped across the horizon.

662. 请帮我把扣子扣上。Please help me zip my dress on.

663. 这几年经济直线上升。The economy zoomed up these years.

664. 她正打算说话。She was about to speak.

665. 他习惯于吃中国餐。He is accustomed to eating Chinese food.

666. 我跟他们认识。I am acquainted with them.

667. 经理不在期间谁来代理经理呢?Who will act for the manager during his absence?

668. 他到底成功了。He succeeded after all.

669. 他连人带车一齐从悬崖上掉了下去。He fell down the precipice, motorcar and all. (包括一切,以及其他and all)

670. 她会弹钢琴,而且弹得很好。She plays on the piano and that very well. (而且and that)

671. 我保证他是诚实的。I answer for his honesty. (对…负责answer for)

672. 这根绳子合用。This rope will answer the purpose. (适合,满足…需要answer thepurpose)

673. 他的演讲适合于这种场合。His speech was appropriate to the occasion.

674. 食物在潮湿的环境中容易腐烂。Food is apt to rot in humid environment. (易于apt to)

675. 杜鹃鸟通常不筑巢。Cuckoos, as a rule, do not build a nest.

676. 我愿意和你一直走到公园为止。I will walk with you as far as the park.

677. 我们差不多完蛋了。We are as good as ruined. (差不多,几乎等同于as good as)

678. 考生多达800名。There are asmany as 800 examinees.

679. 他说英语,也懂法语。He speaks English, and knows French as well.

680. 我不知道怎么办才好。I am at a loss to know what to do. (不知所措at a loss)

681. 他亏本卖了他的货物。He sold his commodities at a loss.

682. 在回家的路上,汽车全速行驶。On our way home, the car ran at full speed.

683. 一般人民都赞同和平。The people at large are for peace. (一般地at large)

684. 我将详细地给你们讲一讲他的身世。I shall tell you his life story at large. (详细at large)

685. 充其量就是半英里。It’s only half a mile at most.

686. 我将怎样弥补我的过失呢?How shall I atone for my fault? (弥补,偿还atone for)

687. 我曾经一度住在伦敦。At one time, I lived in London.

688. 形势有累卵之危。The situation is at stake. (处在危险中at stake)

689. 你必须专心工作。You should attend to your work.

690. 他不愿意听凭命运的摆布。He would not be at the mercy of fate. (听任…摆布)

691. 他现在的景况很不好。He is now badly off.

692. 这棵树要5年才结果。It willtake 5 years before the tree bears fruit.

693. 你做人要有骨气。You should behave yourself like a man. (行为,举止behave oneself)

694. 不看报的人要落后于形势。Those who do not read the newspaper will be behind the times.

695. 火车晚了10分钟。The trainwas 10 minutes behind time.

696. 如果我们登上塔顶,全城的景色便可纳入眼帘。If we go up the tower, we can see the whole city below our eyes. (纳入眼帘below one’s eyes)

697. 请把这张照片放大。Please blow up this photo.

698. 这火车是开往上海的。This train is bound for Shanghai.

699. 你应该服从老师。You arebound to obey your teachers. (应该be bound to)

700. 昨夜失火了。A fire broke out last night.

701. 他提出一项建议。He brought forth a proposal.

702. 要不是你的帮助,这个秘密永远不会公诸于世。But for your help, the secret would never have been brought tolight. (公诸于世,揭露bringto light)

703. 他沉思于往事中。He is brooding over the bygones. (沉思brood over)

704. 房子被蔓延的大火烧成灰烬。The house was burnt to ashes by the spreading fire.

705. 按出生,马丁是英国人。Mr. Martin is an Englishman by birth.

706. 我们的经验是逐步得到的。We gain our experience by degrees. (逐步地,慢慢地by degrees)

707. 他断断续续地学了10年法语。He learnedFrench by fits and starts for 10 years. (断断续续地,一曝十寒地by fits and starts)

708. 迫于形势,他未能来。He didn’t come by force of circumstances. (迫于by force of)

709. 这样一来,费用可以减半。By doing so, you can reduce the expenditure by half.

710. 他聪明过度。He is too clever by half. (非常,过分by half)

711. 那样一个懒人能通过考试全凭侥幸。It was by luck that such an idle man passed the exam.

712. 他决不是一个好打交道的爽快人。He is by no means a pleasant man to deal with. (决不,一点不by no means)

713. 由于玩忽职守他被免职了。He is dismissed by reason of neglect of his duty.

714. 他暗地里帮助过我。He once helped me by stealth.

715. 他经由西伯利亚去英国了。He went to Englandby way of Siberia. (取道,经由by way of)

716. 我认识他,却想不起他的名字。I know him, but can not call up his name. (想起call up)

717. 我不能不笑他的愚蠢。I can not but laugh at his folly. (不得不,不能不,必然can not but)

718. 他被急流冲走了。He was carried away by the torrent.

719. 当他驱车经过时我瞥见了他。When he drove by, I caught a glimpse of him.

720. 我采纳了这个意见。I caught at the idea.

721. 油容易着火。Oil is apt to catch fire.

722. 如果不完成作业,你会挨骂的。If you don’t get through your homework, you will catch it. (挨骂catch it)

723. 这本书会很快流行起来的。This book will catch on soon. (流行catch on)

724. 我们委托给他一个任务。We charged him with a task. (委托charge with)

725. 雾散了。The fog cleared away.

726. 请整理一下桌子上的书。Please clear away the books on the desk.

727. 我消除了心中的疑团。I cleared my mind of doubt. (从…清除…clear of)

728. 你必须澄清这件事。You should clear up this problem. (澄清clear up)

729. 没走多远,村子就进入了我们的视野。We had not gone far before the village came in sight.

730. 淹死的人经过人工呼吸又活了过来。The drowned man came to life by artificial respiration.

731. 他是一个走路很快的人,一会儿就会赶上我们。He is a fast walker, and will soon come up with us.

732. 无论发生什么,我都有所准备。Come what may, I am always ready.

733. 他已经熟记全部唐诗。He has committed to memory the whole of Tang poems. (熟记commit to memory)

734. 他的口才有若悬河。His eloquence may be compared to a fast flowing river.

735. 他终于想出一个办法。Finally he cut out a new method. (cut out筹划,设计)

736. 请不要打断我的讲话。Please don’t cut me short.

737. 深夜我听到了夜莺的歌唱。In the dead of night I heard the singing of a nightingale.

738. 不要跟那种人交往。Don’t’ deal with such a fellow.

739. 他一辈子没什么希望了。His life is despaired of.

740. 你必须安排好自己。You should dispose of yourself.

741. 我们要消灭阁楼上的老鼠。We must dispose of the mice in the attic.

742. 说句公道话,他是诚实的。To do him justice, we must say he is honest.

743. 他借了债,却毫不在乎。He doesn’t care a straw for his debt. (毫不在乎don’t care a straw)

744. 我该怎样对付那样一种人呢?What shall I do with a man like that?

745. 他把自己打扮得像个绅士。He dressed himself up like a gentleman.

746. 什么时候到我们家附近来的时候请来串门。Please drop in any time when you come near my house.

747. 我这样做是应该的。It is due to me to do so.

748. 我以教书为生。I earn a living by teaching.

749. 我体谅你的心情。I enter into your feelings.

750. 请不要拖欠房租。Please don’t fall behind with your rent.

751. 它落到我手里了。It falls in my way.

752. 由于太累,昨晚我睡得很熟。As I was very tired, I lay fast asleep last night.

753. 和同学们在一起,我感到无拘无束。I feel at home with my classmates.

754. 既然要打,就要一决雌雄。If you fight at all,fight it out. (战斗到底fight out)

755. 我们以为一切都无望了。We gave ourselves up for lost. (认为无望for lost)

756. 他很穷,不得不现挣现吃。He is so poor that he has to live from hand to mouth.

757. 他从屋里走出来。He came from within the house.

758. 从外面看,这座建筑物是白色的。As seen from without, the building is white.

759. 白天逐渐比夜晚长起来了。The days are gaining on the nights. (蚕食,超过gain on)

760. 我给你打了几次电话,但都没有打通。I rang you several times but couldn’t get through.

761. 他热衷于读小说。He gives mind to the reading of novels.

762. 这朵玫瑰散发出香甜味。This rose gives out a sweet smell.

763. 我们不能向这些要求让步。We can’t give way to these demands.

764. 他忍不住掉下眼泪来。She gave way to tears. (忍不住give way to)

765. 他是一把打猎的好手。He is a good hand at hunting.

766. 我的钱维持不到这个月底。My money will not hold out till the end of this month. (维持hold out)

767. 除薪金外,他每月还可以得到100美元的额外收入。He canget one hundred dollars’ extra income every month in addition to his salary.

768. 他很落魄。He is in distress.

769. 莲花开得正盛。The lotus flowers are now in full bloom.

770. 他今天情绪极好。He is in high spirits today.

771. 为了避暑,我将到海滨去。I will go to the seaside to escape the heat of summer.

772. 他必须亲自来。He must come in person.

773. 就经验来说,谁也比不上他。In point of experience no one surpasses him.

774. 他们接踵而来。They came in rapid succession.

775. 我鞠躬还礼。I bowed in return.

776. 现在梨正当令。Pears are in season now.

777. 他以经理的资格讲了话。He gave a speech in the capacity of manager. (以…的资格in the capacity of)

778. 他似乎丝毫不知羞耻。He seemed not to be in the least ashamed. (丝毫in the least)

779. 他当着大家的面打了孩子。He beat his child in the sight of the public.

780. 说老实话,我不喜欢我国食品。 In truth, I am not fond of foreign food.

781. 不要以貌取人。Do not judge of a man by his looks.

782. 你最好与那样的人疏远点。 You had better keep such a man at a distance.

783. 我受困于误解。I am laboring under a misapprehension. (苦于,受困于labor under)

784. 这青年被伙伴诱入歧途。The youth was led away by his companions.

785. 关于这家旅店的招待,那是再好没有的了。As to the hospitality of the hotel, it leaves nothing to be desired.(尽善尽美,完美无缺leavenothing to be desired)

786. 我们得设法删去一切不必要的话。We should try to leave out all unnecessary.

787. 随他去,别管他。Let him go.

788. 他体质弱,容易感冒。He has a weak constitution and is liable to catch cold.

789. 他的房间朝南。His room looks to the south.

790. 他发财了。He made a fortune.

791. 物价高涨,我做不到收支平衡。As prices of commodities are high, I can’t make both ends meet.

792. 他把每天工作16小时不当一回事。Hemakes nothing of working for 16 hours everyday. (不当一回事make nothing of)

793. 我怕他不能长寿。I am afraid he will never make old bones. (长寿make old bones)

794. 没几年,他在企业界就发迹了。Within a few years, he made his way in the business circles. (发迹make one’s way)

795. 您能给我开一张清单吗?Will you make out a list for me? (开列,填写make out)

796. 他有一个大家庭,深感挣钱糊口之不易。He had a big family, so he found it very difficult to make the potboil. (维持生活,谋生makethe pot boil)

797. 她过于溺爱孩子,把孩子给惯坏了。She spoiled her child as she made too much of him. (过于看重,溺爱make too much of)

798. 他们总是迁就他。They always meet him half way. (迁就meet half way)

799. 我有不下10双鞋。I have noless than ten pairs of shoes.

800. 只有勇敢的人才配表扬。None but the brave deserve the praise. (只有none but)

801. 那个士兵正是汤姆。The soldier was no other than Tom (正是none other than)

802. 他的说明没有怀疑的余地。There is no room for doubt in his explanation. (没有余地no room for)

803. 走了10公里,但我一点也不累。After 10 kilometers’ walk, Iwas not a bit tired. (一点不not a bit)

804. 他远比不上你。He is not a patch on you. (比不上not a patch on)

805. 我的小儿子明年就到了入学年龄。My younger son will be of school age next year. (够岁数了of age)

806. 他脸色不好。He is off color.

807. 我们已经一劳永逸地解决了这个问题。We have solved this problem once for all.

808. 我们从来不赊购。We never made a purchase on credit.

809. 由于疲倦,我一连睡了10个小时。Beingtired, I slept 10 hours on end. (连续不断地on end)

810. 他借口生病辞职了。He resigned on pretence of illness. (借口,托词on pretence of)

811. 他们按分期付款买了这辆车。They bought this car on time. (分期付款on time)

812. 我喜欢钓鱼,游泳,打篮球等等。I like fishing, swimming and playing basketball or the like. (等等,诸如此类or the like)

813. 船看不见了。The ship is out of sight.

814. 他吓得神经错乱。He was out of his wits with fright.

815. 他身负重债。He is over head and ears in debt now. (深深陷入over head and ears)

816. 他说的都是一片谎言。What he said is a pack of lies. (一片谎言pack of lies)

817. 我认为我没有疏忽。I don’t think I have passed by. (疏忽pass by)

818. 我不能宽恕他的过失。I can’t pass over his fault. (宽容,饶恕pass over)

819. 听说九江发生地震了。People say that an earthquake hit Jiujiang. (听说people say)

820. 我和弟弟玩了一上午。I played away with my brother during the morning. (消磨时间,玩掉时间,浪费时间play away)

821. 湖南农大有好多房子拆了。Many houses were pulled down in HNAU.

822. 振作起来。Pull yourself together.

823. 让我们同心协力把这个问题解决。Let’s pull together to solve this problem.

824. 轮船在暴风雨中启航了。The ship pushed off in the storm.

825. 他参与的每一件事都是以失败告终。Everything that he put his hand to ended in failure. (参与put one’s hand to)

826. 他从不干涉别人的事。He never put his nose into another’s affairs.

827. 他决心孤注一掷。He has decided to put his shirt on. (孤注一掷put one’s shirt on)

828. 父亲因为孩子淘气而感到丢脸。The father was put to shame by his child’s mischief.

829. 他打开雨伞遮雨。He put up his umbrella to keep off the rain.

830. 他向上级提出了申请。He put up a petition to his superior.

831. 我们正准备上演《威尼斯商人》。 We are going to put up the Merchant of Venice.

832. 我决不自暴自弃。I won’t quarrel with my bread and butter.

833. 他吃东西很快,但做事情很慢。He is quick at eating, but slow at work.

834. 一转眼,他就起来了。Quick as lightning, he got up.

835. 不管晴天雨天,音乐会都将举行。Rain or shine, the concert will be held.(风雨无阻rain orshine)

836. 这套现成的衣服我不合身。The ready made dress does not fit me.

837. 他瘦得皮包骨。He is reduced to nothing.

838. 他已经出人头地。He has risen in the world.

839. 我们已经铲除了花园里的杂草。We have rooted out the weeds in the garden.

840. 他的钱包被抢了。He was robbed of his wallet.

841. 信的内容如下。The letter ran as follows. (如下run as follows)

842. 当心别撞着别人。Be careful not to run against people.

843. 狐狸向森林里逃命去了。The fox ran for his life toward the woods.

844. 他的生活还是老一套。His life runs in a groove. (安装常规,墨守成规run in a groove)

845. 汽车撞上了电线杆子。A car ran into a telegraph pole.

846. 湖南农大的学生有3万之众。Thestudents in HNAU run into 30,000. (达到run into)

847. 他负债了。He ran into debt.

848. 你最好保持缄默。You had better save your breath.

849. 论长相,镇上没有人比得上她。As to appearance, she is second to none in this town.

850. 如果你失败,那是活该。It will serve you right if you fail.

851. 让我们暂时把这个问题搁置起来。Let’s set aside this problem.

852. 听到父亲的消息,我放心了。I was set at ease at the news of my father.

853. 有人在对大楼放火。Someone set fire to the building.

854. 学生不能涉足赌场。Students should never set foot on gambling.

855. 帽子有时能把脸衬托得很漂亮。Sometimes a hat sets off a pretty face.

856. 他咬紧牙关,竭尽全力完成了任务。He set his teeth and finished his task with all his might.

857. 他很快就把乱七八糟的书房整理得井井有条。She soon set my untidy study to rights. (使有秩序set …to rights)

858. 乡下的度假使她恢复了健康。Her holiday in the country has set her up. (恢复健康set… up)

859. 不要老是改变立场。Don’t keep shifting your ground.

860. 学外语是没有捷径的。There is no short cut to the mastery of a foreign language.

861. 这座城市四面环山。The city is shut in by mountains on all sides. (被围住be shut in)

862. 昨天下雨,我闭门不出一整天。It rained yesterday. I shut myself up in my room all the day. (闭门不出shut oneself up)

863. 他坐了起来。He sat up.

864. 我们可以高枕无忧了。We can sleep in peace.

865. 不要失掉这个机会。Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers.

866. 如果你这么做,就会自食其果。If you do so, you will smart for your trouble. (自食其果smart for one’s trouble)

867. 我开始觉得不妙了。I began to smell a rat. (怀疑其中有鬼smell a rat)

868. 今天上午某某先生来看过你。Mr. so and so came to see you this morning.

869. 非但不能表扬他,我还要斥责他。So far from praising him, I must scold him. (非但不so far from)

870. 不知为什么,这最好的变化并未使他高兴。Somehow or other, this last change did not please him. (不知为什么somehow or other)

871. 总有一天我会衣锦还乡的。I will return loaded with honors some other day. (总有一天some other day)

872. 他通百艺而专一长。He knows something of everything and everything of something.

873. 他有几分诗人气质。He is something of a poet.

874. 他甚至于没看她一眼。He did not so much as pay a glance at her. (甚至于so much as)

875. 他可以说是一匹黑马。He is, so to speak, a dark horse. (可以说,可谓so to speak)

876. 他总是在他们之间挑拨离间。He always sows dragon’s teeth between them.

877. 老师不辞辛苦地为学生解惑。The teacher spares no pains in explaining what perplexes thestudents. (不辞辛苦spare nopains in doing)

878. 请畅所欲言。Please speak out what you want to say. (畅所欲言speak out)

879. 姑娘们每到周末就打扮得漂漂亮亮地上街购物了。The girls are spruced up to go shopping every weekend. (打扮得漂漂亮亮be spruced up)

880. 你不能袖手旁观,听任这种事情发生。You can’t stand by and allow such a thing.

881. 在这个年级的学生中他是出类拔萃的。He stands first among his fellow students. (出类拔萃,首屈一指stand first)

882. 我不想妨碍你的利益。I don’t want to stand in your light. (妨碍stand in one’s light)

883. 在这里你不用空气。You need not stand on ceremony here. (客气,拘礼)

884. 我请客。I will stand Sam.

885. 那小子诡计多端。That fellow is steeped in wickedness.

886. 如果你做那样的事,你将自作自受。You will stew in your own juice if you do such a thing.

887. 你必须自我反省。You must stew in your own juice.

888. 我从他那里得到了可靠的内部消息。I got from him the straight tip.

889. 我决不图谋私利。I will never study my own interest.

890. 我要说想说的话,爱听不听随你。You can stuff your ears with wax if you like, but I shall say what Iwant to say. (充耳不闻stuff one’sears with wax)

891. 我随时都可能走,怎么安排,请自便。I can go at any time, so suit yourself regarding arrangements. (自便,按自己的意愿行事suit oneself)

892. 这是他的绝笔。This is his swan song.

893. 你一直在欺骗那个孤苦伶仃的姑娘。You have been cheating that unprotected girl.

894. 她像她母亲。She takes after her mother.

895. 他的病情已经恶化。His disease has taken a turn for the worse.

896. 我们不应该只替自己打算。We should not take care of number one. (自私自利,只顾自己take care of number one)

897. 我不会见怪他的。I will not take ill of him. (见怪,生气take ill of)

898. 不要急,慢慢来。Don’t hurry, take your time.

899. 我尽心尽力来教育我的两个孩子。I take great pains in educating my two kids. (费尽心血take pains)

900. 那个男孩子沾染了坏习惯。The boy has taken to bad habits.

901. 上海市长因涉嫌贪污而被捕。The mayor of Shanghaiwas arrested on the suspicion of corruption.

902. 老师把那个懒学生狠狠地批评了一顿。The teacher gave the lazy boy a good talking-to.

903. 他没有缺点。There are no flies on him.

904. 据说他要辞职。They say he will resign.

905. 各方面情况都在好转。Things are looking up in everydirection.

906. 不要轻视他的才能。Don’t think little of his abilities. (轻视think little of)

907. 他太自负了。He thinks too much of himself.

908. 他把我的建议不当一回事。He thinks nothing of my proposal.

909. 我想出一个好的方案来了。I have thought out a good plan.

910. 我们意见相同。I think with you.

911. 上星期的今天我在美国。I was in Americathis day week. (上星期或下星期的今天thisday week)

912. 下星期的今天我将在美国。I will be in Americathis day week.

913. 让我们忘掉一切忧虑。Let’s throw care to the winds.

914. 他善于度过难关。He is skillful at tiding over difficulties.

915. 自古以来就是这样。It has been this time out of mind. (自古以来time out of mind)

916. 现在正好是5年。It is now 5years to a day. (正好,恰巧to a day)

917. 长话短说,他需要钱。To make a long story short, he needs money.

918. 这本字典不合我的心意。This dictionary is not to my mind. (合心意to one’s mind)

919. 我要把这笔钱留给自己专用。I will keep the money to my own cheek. (自己专用to one’s own cheek)

920. 至少可以说,这次合作是不成功的。To say the least, this cooperation is unsuccessful.

921. 我把所有的缴获都上缴了。I turned in everything captured.

922. 我们拐入一条小街。We turned off into a side street.

923. 孩子在捉弄他的母亲。The kid was turning his mother round his finger. (捉弄turning sb round one’s finger)

924. 无论如何,下星期我得把它完成。Under any circumstances, I will finish it next week.

925. 你要的小刀就在你眼皮底下。The knife you are looking for is just under your nose.

926. 小孩在我眼前把玩具弄坏了。The child broke the toy under my eye.

927. 他打着友谊的幌子欺骗了我们。He cheated us under the mask of friendship.

928. 他以儿子的名义购买了许多房子。He bought many houses under the name of his son.

929. 一只蝴蝶在花丛中上下翻飞。A butterfly is flying up and down among the flowers. (忽上忽下地up and down)

930. 我们到处找他。We looked for him up and down.

931. 他在屋子里走来走去。He paced up and down the room.

932. 我详细地解释了这个问题。I explained this problem up and down.

933. 对于这个问题我是进退两难。I am up a tree over this matter. (进退两难up a tree)

934. 我以性命担保,一定帮忙。Upon my life, I will help you. (以性命担保upon my life)

935. 你把筷子拿倒了。You hold your chop sticks upside down.

936. 直到现在,我还认为他是对的。Up to now, I thought he was right.

937. 他很胜任工作。He is quite up to his work.

938. 你的发型是最新式的。Your hair style is quite up to date. (最新式的up to date)

939. 他博学多才。He is up to a dictionary.

940. 他债台高筑。He is up to his ears in debt. (深陷于up to one’s ears)

941. 他的晚年很幸福。His vale of years was happy. (晚年vale of years)

942. 她熬夜等待丈夫。She waited up for her husband. (熬夜等候wait up for)

943. 这唤醒了我对童年的记忆。It waked memories of my childhood.

944. 他总是家丑不外扬。He always washes his dirty linen at home.

945. 我再不管那件事了。I washed my hands of the matter. (洗手不干wash one’s hands of)

946. 他受他们摆布he is wax in their hands. (受人摆布wax in one’s hands)

947. 如果他要干的话,那也好。If he will do it, well and good. (那也好well and good)

948. 如果传闻是真的,那该怎么办?What if the rumor is true? (如果…怎么办what if)

949. 我会告诉你事情的真相的。I will tell you what’s what. (真相what’s what)

950. 一方面由于冷,一方面由于饿,我一步也走不动了。What with cold and what with hunger, I could walk no more. (一方面由于…另一方面由于…)

951. 除非太阳从西边出来,他才会借钱给你。He will lend you money when two Sundays come in a week. (决不when two Sundays come in a week)

952. 你的回答不切题。You answer is wide of the cushion. (不切题wide of the cushion)

953. 他全心全意地为人民服务。He serves the people with all his heart and soul.

954. 我已平安脱险。I got off with a whole skin. (平安地with a whole skin)

955. 我热心本职工作。I did my work with a will. (热心with a will)

956. 他们凯旋归来。They returned with flying colors. (出色地,得意洋洋with flying colors)

957. 你必须量入为出地过日子。You must try to live within your means. (按照收入过日子within one’s means)

958. 他拼命敲门。He knocked the door with might and main. (尽全力,拼命with might and main)

959. 他目瞪口呆地看着我。He looked at me with mouth wide open.

960. 他傻里傻气地站在那里。He stood there with his finger in his mouth.

961. 他一事无成地回来了。He returned with his finger in his mouth.

962. 我模模糊糊地看见了他。I saw him with my left eye. (模模糊糊with one’s left eye)

963. 我冒着生命危险救了他。I saved him with my life in hand. (冒生命危险with one’s life in hand)

964. 我亲眼看见了他。I saw him with my own eyes.

965. 不要对我油嘴滑舌。Don’t speak to me with your tongue in your cheek. (油嘴滑舌with on’e tongue in one’s cheek)

966. 他们一致同意他的意见。They agreed upon his proposal with one voice. (异口同声地,一致with one voice)

967. 这个会议是公开举行的。The meeting was held with open doors. (公开地with open doors)

968. 他总是衣着整洁地去上班。He always goes to work without a speck on his clothes. (衣着整洁without a speck on his clothes)

969. 请立即答复。Please answer without delay.

970. 你务必在下周一以前把款付清。You will pay the money without fail by next Monday. (务必without fail)

971. 他肯定能考过。He can pass the exam without question. (无疑,肯定without question)

972. 不管下雨还是下雪他每天都到学校去。He goes to school every day without reference to raining or snowing.(无论,不管withoutreference to)

973. 如果你做事不顾别人的意愿,那你会陷入麻烦。You will get into trouble if you act without regard to the wishes ofothers. (不顾withoutregard to)

974. 请毫无保留地把你的想法告诉我。Please tell me what you think without reserve.

975. 我无缘无故地被批了一顿。I was criticized without rhyme or reason. (无缘无故without rhyme or reason)

976. 她乐于做这件事。She did it with pleasure.

977. 关于前途,你有什么打算。With regard to your future, what intentions do you have?

978. 关于这件事,他什么也没有说。With respect to it, he said nothing.

979. 于是,他走了。With that he left. (于是with that)

980. 为了完成任务,我拼命赶时间。I work against time in order to fulfill the task. (拼命赶时间work against time)

981. 我正在从事拉丁语的研究。I am working at Latin.

982. 他考勤工俭学读完了大学。He worked his way through university. (勤工俭学work one’s way)

983. 我们必须拟订一个教学大纲。We should work out a teaching outline. (制定,拟订work out)

984. 不值一试。It is not worth while making a trial.

985. 他是一位名副其实的作家。He is a writer worthy of the name.

986. 要是能像你那样年轻就好了。Would that I were as young as you again. (希望,愿…,但愿…就好了would that)

987. 我必须写完日记再走。I should write up my diary before going. (写完write up)

988. 他的诺言是水中月,镜中花,靠不住的。His promises are written in water. (不可信的,转瞬即逝written in water)

989. 你把运动衫里外穿反了。You are wearing your sweater wrong side out. (把里子往外翻wrong side out)

990. 她一年到头生病生个没完。She is sick year in and year out.

991. 你看上去面色土黄,怎么啦。You look yellow about the gills; what’s the matter? (面色土黄yellow about the gills腮)

992. 吉姆和比尔已经合伙做生意多年了。Jim and Bill have been yoked together in business for many years. (合伙yoke together)

993. 你放心好了,我会及格的。You may rest assured that I will pass the exam.

994. 他在事业上能成功吗,谁也无法预料。Can he succeed in his business? You never can tell.

995. 他总算一鸣惊人了。He zipped across the horizon at last. 

996. 他好像醉得不省人事了。He looks as if he’s zonked out.

997. 她长得年轻。She is young for her age.

998. 汽笛声让我毛骨悚然The siren sent shivers down my spine.

999. 他有一双识人观物的慧眼He had an unusually good eye both for thingsand people.

1000. 我满怀激动,把事情告诉了母亲。Choking with excitement, I told the story tomother.

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