Excuse me?请再说一遍?

You're welcome别客气。

Not at all这没什么。 

It's my pleasure这是我的荣幸。 

Don't mention it别放在心上。 

That's all right这没什么。 

No trouble at all一点也不麻烦。

Is this 010-2718-5398?这里是010-2718-5398吗?

Sorry to have bothered you很抱歉打扰你了。

I'm sorry I have the wrong number抱歉我打错电话了。

I'm sorry, she's not at her room right now对不起,她现在不在。 

I'm glad you enjoyed it真高兴你觉得满意。 

Sorry, I didn't catch you对不起,我听不懂你说的。 

Sorry, I didn't understand抱歉,我听不懂。 

Sorry, I didn't get what you said对不起,我没听懂你说的话。 

I can't hear you very well我听不太清楚。 

I can barely hear you我几乎听不到你说的。

I'm sorry to call you so late对不起这么晚打电话来。

I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time抱歉这种时候找你。

I hope I didn't wake you up so early我希望这么早没有吵到你。

I'm sorry to call you so early对不起这么早打电话来。

I'm sorry to bother you at this hour很抱歉在这时打扰你。

It's nothing important没什么重要事。 

It's nothing urgent,thank you bye没什么要紧事,谢谢您,再见。

Can I leave a message?我可以留言吗? 

Please have her return my call请她回电话给我。 

Could you ask him to to call me back?可以请他给我回电话吗? 

Please tell her Carol called请告诉她卡洛找她。 

Let me call back later again我稍后再打电话来。 

I'll call her again我会再打给她。 

I'll call back later我稍后会再打来。

Oh, I'll call her again那我在打给她。

When will he be back?他何时回来? 

When do you expect him back?你觉得他何时会回来? 

Is he coming back soon?他会马上回来吗? 

May I leave a message?可以留言吗?

When will he be back?他何时回来? 

When do you expect him back?你觉得他何时会回来? 

Is he coming back soon?他会马上回来吗? 

Do you know what time she will be back?你知道他几点回来? 

Could you ask him to call me back?能不能请他回电? 

I'll try again later我会过一会儿再打来。 

I'll call again in one hour later我一个小时后再打来。 

I'll call back later我稍候再打过来。

Could you ask him to call me back?能不能请他回电?

How can I get in touch with him?我怎样才能和他联系?

What's the easiest way to contact him?什么方法可以最快找到他? 

Sorry, his line is busy抱歉,他正在打电话。

Could you hold a moment, please?你能稍等一会儿吗?

He'll be with you in a moment过一会儿他就会接你电话了。 

Can you hold on, please?你能稍等一会儿吗? 

Just a moment,He is on his way now请稍待一下。他马上来接电话。 

Hang on a second, please请稍等。 

Could you hold on any longer?你能再稍待一会儿吗?

I'm sorry to keep you waiting抱歉让你等待。 

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting抱歉让你久等了。

He is on a business trip他正在出差。

He is not in right now他现在不在。 

He is off today他今天休假。

He hasn't come to the office yet他还没到办公室。 

He's on vacation this week他本周休假。 

He has gone for the day他已经回去了。 

He has gone home他回家了。 

He's on sick leave taday她今天请病假。 

She's on maternity leave now她在休产假。 

He's in New York on business他在纽约出差。

He's already left for home today他已经离开回家了。 

He is on vacation until next Wednesday他休假到下周三。

He's absent because he is sick taday他今天生病所以没来。

I'm sorry, but he is out right now很抱歉,他刚才外出了。 

He left this company last week他上个月离开这家公司了。 

He is no longer at this company他已经不在本公司工作了。 

Sorry for the delay对不起慢了一点。

She has a visitor at the moment她现在有客人。 

He is in a meeting now他正在开会。 

Is it possible to leave a message?可以个留言吗?

I'm having trouble hearing you我听不清楚。 

We have a bad connection通讯效果不太好。

May I use your phone?我可以借您的电话用一下吗?

【11.27.起】I can't catch what you are saying我听不太清楚你说的。 

I beg you pardon?能请你再说一遍吗?

Could you repeat that, please?能请你再说一遍吗? 

Would you say that again?你能再说一遍吗?

Would you speak more slowly?你能再说慢一点吗? 
Could you speak up a little?你能在大声一点吗?

Would you speak more clearly?你能再说清楚一点吗? 

Would you explain more for me?可以为我解释一遍吗? 

Please speak a little louder请讲大声一点。 

Would you slow down, please?请说慢一点好吗?

Could I get my seat assignment?我可以指定座位吗? 

I'd like a window seat我要一个靠窗的位子。

I'd like in the non-smoking section我想要无烟区的座位。 

I prefer to sit by the window我想坐在靠窗位置。 

Do you have a seat on the flight after that?下一班飞机有位子吗? 

What's the department time?起飞时间是什么时候?

What's the check-in time?何时开始办理登记手续? 

How long does the flight take?要飞多久? 

Is this ticket refundable?这张机票可以退票吗?

How about the room charge?房间的费用是多少呢? 

What's the price of a double room?双人间的价钱是多少? 

Do you accept VISA?你们能接受VISA信用卡吗?

There is no water没有水。 

The toilet doesn't flush properly马桶冲不下去了。 

We need one more towel我们需要多加一条毛巾。 

The TV doesn't work电视机不能看。

I'd like to reserve a car for next Monday我想在下周一预定一辆车。 

How much do you charge for renting a car?租一辆车要多少钱? 

I'd like to keep the car for one more day我要多租一天车。 

May I order some flowers?我可以订些花吗?

Please send me your catalogue请寄目录给我。

How can I pay for this item?我要怎么付款?

How long will it arrive?需要多久才会送到呢?

Thank you for saying so谢谢你这么说。 

It's very nice of you to say so谢谢你这么说。 

Thank you,You flatter me谢谢你,你过奖了。 

Thank you, I'm just very lucky谢谢你,我只是比较幸运而已。

Congratulations on your graduation学成毕业之喜。 

Congratulations on your promotion恭喜你升官。

Congratulations to the bride and groom祝福新郎和新娘。 

May you have a wonderful new life together祝新婚快乐。

Extension two-one-one, please请转211。

May I have extension two-one-one?能帮我转分机211?

How do I get an outside line?如何打外线?

Would you mind if I use your phone?你不介意我用你的电话吧? 

Please ask Miss Chen to call me back请陈小姐给我回电话。

Please tell him to phone 2233-445请他给2233-4455回电话。

Thank you so much for the homemade cake非常谢谢你作的蛋糕。

Could you fax the data to my office?你能把资料传真到我办公室吗? 

Would you send the data by fax?你能传真那份资料吗?

Could you post the data to me?你能将资料寄给我吗?

Could I call his mobilephone?我可以打他的手机吗?

He's on another line right now他现在正在接另外一个电话。 

This is not Franklin Company这里不是富兰克林公司。

Who would you like to talk to speak to?请问找哪位? 

I'd like to meet you the day after tomorrow我想在后天拜访你。

Would you wake me up at six?六点钟能叫我起床吗?

I'd like to talk to you about the new product我想要和你谈谈新产品。 

I'd like to make an appointment with Mr Scott我想要跟史考特先生约个时间见面。 

I'd like to book two tickets from Paris to London我要预定两张从巴黎到伦敦的票。 

Do you have a single room available tomorrow night?明晚还有单人间吗? 

I'd like to make a reservation for a single room我想要预定一间单人间。 

I prefer a room with an ocean view我想要一间可以看到海景的房间。 

Does that include service charge and tax?包含服务费和税吗?】】】】】】】】

I'm sorry, but we have no one by that name here对不起,这里没有人叫那个名字 】

We don't have any Smith working here没有史密斯在这边工作。 

I'd like a wake up call at seven tomorrow morning明天早晨七点请叫我起床。

No one answers in Mr Scott's office史考特先生的办公室没人接电话。 

He's here but he's not at his desk right now他有来上班,不过现在不在座位上。 

He left for New York on business until July 22nd他到纽约出差,要到7月22日才能回来。

I'll give her your message as soon as possible我将尽快地转达尼的留言给她。 

I'd like to reserve a seat at twelve to London我想要预定一个座位,十二点开往伦敦的火车。 

What time is the flight scheduled to leave today?那班飞机今天何时起飞?

Hello, This is carol May I speak to Miss Chen?喂,我是卡罗,可以请陈小姐听电话吗?

【【2010.11.30】Yes, one moment please,I'll get her for you好,请等一下,我为你转接。

It's urgent Could I have her mobilephone number?我有急事,可不可以告诉我她的手机号码?

Could you tell me where I can reach her?能不能告诉我在哪里可以找到她?

Could you tell her to call Carol as soon as possible?能不能请她尽快打电话给卡洛? 

Ask her to call Carol at home after seven, please麻烦她在七点后打电话到卡洛家。 

I'm calling from a public phone, so I'll call her again我现在是打公用电话,我会再打给她。 

I'm sorry,I think I must have dialed the wrong number很抱歉。我想我一定是打错电话了。

Could I check the number?Is it 2211-3344 我可以核对一下电话号码吗?是不是2211-3344? 

I'd like to buy the car on your TV commercial我想要买你们电视广告上的汽车。 

Do you have any Life Menu Magazine tenth stock?你们第十期的"生活菜单"还有存货吗? 

The Product you sent to me is not what I ordered你们送来的产品不是我订的东西 

Congratulations! I'm sure you two will make a nice couple祝你们佳偶天成。

I heard you're getting marriedCongratulations! 我听说你们要结婚了,恭喜阿! 

Thank you for the present,It's just what I wanted谢谢你的礼物,这正是我想要的。

Thank you but I have a lot to learn yet谢谢你,但我还有很多要学习的地方

Can I have extension two-one-one, please?能帮我转分机211吗?

May I speak to David, extension tow-one-one?我可以找211分机的大卫吗?

Please connect me with extension two-one-one请帮我转分机211。

Do you know what time she will be back?你知道他几点回来?

Would you please ask him to call me taday?能不能请他今天回电话给我? 

Could you tell him to call me as soon as possible?能不能请他尽快回电话给我? 

Could you just tell him David called?能不能告诉他大卫来过电话? 

Please tell him to call Carol at 2233-4455请他拨打2233-4455给卡洛回电话。 

Could you tell me where I can reach him?可以告诉我怎样才能找到他吗? 

Would you please send me the data by e-mail?你能用电子邮件将资料传送给我吗? 

Franklin Company Personnel Department富兰克林公司人事部。 

Good morning Franklin Company, may I help you?早晨好,富兰克林公司。我可以为你服务吗? 

Personnel DepartmentThis is Carol speaking

Could you put me through to the personnel department, please?请帮我接人事部好吗? 

This is an emergencyI need to get in contact with him right now

I don't know how to thank you for such a beautiful flower真不知道要如何谢谢你, 这么漂亮的花。 

I received your gift,Thank you for the lovely bracelet我收到你的礼物了。谢谢你可爱的手镯。

Please tell him I called and I'll call him again tomorrow请告诉他我来过电话,并且我明天会再打给他。

Her line is busy at the moment,Can somebody else help you?她正在通电话,别的人可以帮你吗?

I'd like to place an order for your party dress from your catalog我想要订你们目录上的晚礼服。

I'm sorry,Mr Scott was transferred to our branch office对不起,史考特先生已经转调到分公司。 

I'm sorry, but he is unable to come to the phone now很抱歉,他现在无法接电话。 

Would it be possible to see Mr Scott sometime this week?请问这星期能否跟史考特先生见个面?

He's talking a long-distance call now, what can I do for you?他正在接长途电话,有什么我可以帮你吗? 

I'm sorry, but I was just on my way out很抱歉,我正好要出门.

I'm not at home now, so I'll call her around three o'clock again我现在不在家里,三点左右我会再打给她。

Mr Smith took over his job,I'll connect you One moment, please史密斯先生接替了它的工作。稍待一会儿,我帮你转接。

Can I get back to you later?可不可以稍后再打给你   

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