7 Simple Steps Life Transformation Guide
Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life?
Or, is it gone and you don't even realize it ?
Hello Friends,
My name is Jonathan Wells and I'm
the founder of Advanced Life Skills.
I am not interested in wasting your valuable time,
so let's jump right in ...
All your life you have been taught that certain skills and knowledge would supposedly lead you to "the good life."
Think about it...
- You go to school and learn what others say you need to know.
- You go out and start a career where you get paid for showing up every day.
- In your free time you spend your money on the latest and greatest stuff.
So, why doesn't it? After all, you followed the plan and you put in the time!
Well, here's the problem...
The plan you followed is not about happiness, or satisfaction, or anything having to do with any type of personal fulfillment.
You were never given that knowledge or those skills.
The knowledge and skills you acquired along the way were designed to place you in the "system." They have nothing to do with making your life meaningful.
Sadly, most of us just assumed that if we did everything that was expected of us it would eventually lead to us to a satisfying life.
When in reality...
- You've been programmed to struggle.
- You've been conditioned to conform.
- You've been trained to fill a role
Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with getting an education, having a career, or buying new stuff.
But assuming that these things will automatically lead to a life that is full of meaning and purpose is a sure recipe for disappointment.
I don't like being the one to say this, but...
Our social structure deceived you into believing that these pursuits would fill your life with a deep sense of inner happiness and satisfaction. They ripped you off.
They channeled you into an illusion, and now you're supposed to accept it and feel good about it. Ever wonder why antidepressants are so popular?
But what if...
What if you could learn the skills and gain the knowledge that's missing?
How would that affect your sense of purpose and satisfaction?
How would that affect the quality of your whole life?
The good news is,
With the right system, you absolutely can transform the quality of your life.
It is well within your ability to experience unprecedented personal growth and all the benefits that go with it.
But there is a little catch, you see...
Effort is required. Most people don't like to hear that, but that's just the way it is.
So if you are willing to invest some time and effort into ramping up the quality of your own life, then you'll want to keep reading. If not, this is probably your stop.
Well, you are absolutely right, life should be satisfying and exhilarating.  You have a natural, inborn right to a life that gets you excited and finds you looking forward to each day. That's how it is supposed to be.
The fact is, you also have the ability to make that happen!
That's right, you have the ability to live a truly amazing and fulfilling life.
Deep down inside, you realize that’s true, don't you?
You know that much, much more is possible.
Likely, you also feel entitled to live your dreams and to look forward to your daily activities.
Isn't that how you really feel when you let down your guard?
Isn't that also why you are still looking for someone to tell you the truth?
You are definitely not alone!
I've been in the same situation, and I know exactly how it feels.
When you do everything right, it shouldn't leave you feeling empty.
That's a clear indicator that some vital element of your life is missing.
But first, I need you to know that...
I'm not here to show you some fantasy-world solution that promises the abundance of the universe but fails to deliver.
It is a travesty to see so many people earnestly searching for ways to improve their lives only to end up more disillusioned and disgusted than ever.
After decades of helping people to learn and apply practical, life changing skills, I started Advanced Life Skills so I could reach people outside of my local area, and help them to finally get measurable results from proven techniques.
I've had years to apply, refine, and perfect my self-awareness and personal growth techniques.  Now I want to share them with you, BUT HOW?
Personal coaching is great, if you've got the time and money.
But most people don't.
I wanted to design a program that would use the same approach that works so well in a one-on-one setting, and make it readily available and more affordable.
I knew that for you to truly benefit from such a program, it would require an easy to understand, step-by-step approach, that anyone could follow.
It would also need to automatically adapt to your personal abilities, beliefs, experiences, and goals.
I wanted it to be just as effective and personal as private coaching, but something that you could do in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
I am pleased to report that 7 Simple Steps is exactly what it says it is, an honest to goodness Life Transformation Guide.
There are seven sections representing the fundamental 7 Simple Steps involved in the process of completely transforming any aspect of your life.
This is an in depth home study course that's been distilled down and laid out in an easy to follow and implement format.
The first of the 7 steps is called Your True Self. It is a very precise self-discovery process that will reveal your deepest strengths, values, passions and beliefs.
You will learn practical ways to create a deep sense of
internal harmony. This will put you in a state of balance and
eliminate internal conflict.
By examining your personal values and using them to create
some guiding principles for your life, you will avoid the self-
sabotaging patterns that undermine your ability to succeed.
Understanding the two most powerful forces in your life and
learning to control them will give you the freedom to decide
for yourself the emotional value of any experience.
Passions are not something you have no control over, they
are something you choose. When you choose wisely, you
unlock an empowering force for accomplishing your dreams.
Your established response patterns have a profound influence
on your life. Because they are outside the normal thought
process, they override logic. You will learn how to change that.
Your beliefs can be your greatest assets, or worst liabilities!
They dictate your level of self-esteem and your quality of life.
Aligning your beliefs with your true self will change your life.
Once you've completed Step 1, you will have established a solid foundation for internal peace and harmony, along with unprecedented personal growth.
In Steps 2-7 you will build on that foundation. There are thirty chapters arranged in the exact right sequence to assure that you successfully accomplish all your goals.
Instead of making a giant list of everything that's included in 7 Simple Steps, let's make it easy.
You can simply clickHERE to view the entire Table of Contents.
You see, there is a chance that this program may not be right for you!
Sounds crazy I know, but I don’t want you to spend your time or money on something that you do not need.
There is no doubt that the information, strategies and techniques in 7 Simple Steps work, and in fact, they work extremely well.
But maybe you just don’t need it!
If your life is so satisfying that you look forward to each new day with eager anticipation - If you end each day feeling incredibly fulfilled, and cannot  possibly see how things could be any better...
Then you my friend, are one in ten million, and that is absolutely wonderful. Go enjoy your blessings because you are already there.
On the other hand, If you feel that things could be, and should be better; and if you are willing to follow a proven, step-by-step program to radically improve the quality of your life;
Then 7 Simple Steps is just what you need!
If I were to personally coach you through this same process, you would definitely get good results. I know this from experience.
But it would also take several months and cost you thousands of dollars.
We could arrange to do that, but the whole reason for this Life Transformation Guide is to save you time and money.
This is not some watered down, skim the surface come-on, designed to convince you to sign up for expensive personal coaching. In fact...
These are the same steps we would cover in personal coaching sessions.
Don’t get me wrong; coaching is both productive and lucrative. But there is a limit to the number of people that I can personally work with.
With this approach no one gets left out! And...
I want everyone to have the same opportunity.
This page is already long enough, so this last point is just for clarity.
This course is a practical, step-by-step guide designed to help you to quickly transform the quality of your life. It is practical not philosophical.
I deal only in proven techniques and sound scientific principles. I do not deal in theory, philosophy or mysticism. There is already more than enough confusion in the world  and especially in the field of personal growth and development.
My goal is to remove some of that confusion, not contribute to it.
At this point, I am sure you have come to recognize the life changing potential of the 7 Simple Steps program. What you choose to do next is entirely up to you.
The ability to transform your life is literally at your finger tips.
Are you finally ready to escape your limiting beliefs and
claim the life you deserve?
Are you ready for a program that gives you EVERYTHING
you need instead of just giving you bits and pieces?
Do you want to eliminate confusion and frustration, and
replace them with a life that is exciting and fulfilling?
This is a zero risk offer .
For now, I have priced 7 Simple Steps at a fraction of its worth.
To prove how well it works, you can use it risk free for 60 days.
If for any reason you are not totally thrilled , then it's on me!
Why not start your transformation right now?
After all, there really is no way you can lose.
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