一、活给自己看,才叫活着。为别人表演的人生,太空洞了。人最大的幸福,在两处:一是快乐而专注地在自己的世界里起舞;二是和认可的、亲近的人有深层次的互动,感受着你和对方的灵魂在一起起舞。To live is to live. The life of acting for others is a space hole. The greatest happiness of human beings lies in two aspects: one is to dance happily and attentively in one's own world; the other is to have deep interaction with recognized and close people, and to feel you dancing with each other's soul.
二、希望大家明白,没有爽快的答应,就是拒绝的意思。我给你面子了,希望你也能长点脑子。繁花落尽,多少往事都随风,时光匆匆,遇见你不负青春,岁月安好,愿你归来仍是少年!I hope you understand that no quick answer means No. I've given you face. I hope you'll have some brains, too. Flowers fall, how many past events are with the wind, time is in a hurry, meet you not to lose youth, years are good, I hope you return is still a teenager!
三、无论你今天要面对什么,既然走到了这一步,就坚持下去,给自己一些肯定,你比自己想象中要坚强。你再优秀也会有人对你不屑一顾,你再不堪也会有人把你视若生命。No matter what you are facing today, now that you have come to this step, stick to it and give yourself some affirmation. You are stronger than you think. No matter how good you are, someone will despise you. No matter how bad you are, someone will treat you as a life.
四、人生旅途上,横竖都是路,决定今天的不是今天,而是昨天对人生的态度;决定明天的不是明天,而是今天对事业的作为。我们的今天由过去决定,我们的明天由今天决定!On the journey of life, all roads are vertical and horizontal. It is not today that decides today, but yesterday's attitude towards life; it is not tomorrow that decides tomorrow, but today's action towards career. Our today is decided by the past, and our tomorrow is decided by today.
五、可是当所有的付出都不被理解,并且每回满心欢喜的期待,都换来失望透顶的伤害,谁都会感到心累。你可以输,但不可以放弃。竭尽全力做你该做的事,流该流的汗。要相信,你若坚持,命运自然会给你打赏。But when all the efforts are not understood, and every time full of happy expectations, in return for the injury of despair, everyone will feel tired. You can lose, but you can't give up. Make every effort to do what you should do and sweat like that. Believe that if you insist, destiny will reward you.
六、你说,所谓伊人,在水一方。后来,枯涸听雨,相思无望。在这个世界上,没有一个人能陪你感同身受。你万箭穿心,你痛不欲生,也仅仅是自己的事。You say that the so-called Iraqi people are on the water side. Later, dried up to listen to the rain, miss hopelessly. In this world, no one can accompany you to feel empathy. You have a thousand arrows piercing your heart. You are in great pain. It's just your own business.
七、后来,我已经不敢再爱了,就算遇见再心动的人,也会摇摇头说算了。愿你拥有好运气,对生活充满感激,喜欢美好,也喜欢自己。Later, I dare not love anymore, even if I meet someone who hearts again, I will shake my head and say yes. May you have good luck, be grateful for life, like beauty, and like yourself.
八、有些东西,注定与你无缘,你再强求,最终都会离你而去;有些人,只能是你生命中的过客,你再留恋,到头来所有的期望终究成空。不属于你的,那就放弃吧,不要让无止尽的欲求埋葬了原本的快乐与幸福。Some things are doomed to be out of touch with you. If you insist on them, they will eventually leave you. Some people can only be passers-by in your life. If you miss them again, all your expectations will be empty in the end. Do not belong to you, then give up, do not let endless desire bury the original happiness and happiness.
九、除了用甜言蜜语营造一个浪漫的氛围外,最重要的是要证明你爱一个实际行动的人。你不能理解浪漫,但你必须学会爱和珍惜一个人。你不能说好话,但你必须学会关心你的爱人,学会容忍对方的缺点和缺点。In addition to creating a romantic atmosphere with sweet words, the most important thing is to prove that you love a person who actually acts. You can't understand romance, but you must learn to love and cherish a person. You can't say good things, but you must learn to care about your lover and to tolerate the shortcomings and shortcomings of each other.
十、有时,我们的脚下会有一段漫长而艰辛的旅程,但请记住,这样的路会把我们引向最美的风景。没有什么特别的运气,所以请先做特别的努力,不要因为懒惰而失败,也要虚伪地把原因放在自己的坏运气上。你必须努力工作才能显得轻松自如。Sometimes we have a long and arduous journey under our feet, but remember, such a journey will lead us to the most beautiful scenery. There is no special luck, so please make special efforts first. Don't fail because of laziness, but also put the reason on your bad luck hypocritically. You have to work hard to be relaxed.
十一、有没有一个人你想看,但你看不见;有没有一个人你想爱,但不敢爱;有没有一个人你想忘记,但不要忘记。时间会慢慢平静下来,有些人会慢慢模糊你的心。学会放手,你的幸福需要你自己的成就。Is there anyone you want to see, but you can't see; Is there anyone you want to love, but dare not love; Is there anyone you want to forget, but don't forget. Time will slowly calm down, some people will slowly blur your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own achievements.
Don't be too harsh on people who love you. Few people can really treat you well. When everything is lost, how many people will wake up. Everyone has a temper to bear all your resentments just because that person loves you more than you do.
十三、我喜欢吃苹果,但你送我一盒梨。当你问我的时候,你是否感动了,但我不能回答你。所以你告诉人们你为我付出了多少,我对你多么冷漠;你所看到的只是你对我很好,但从来没有人问过我真正需要什么。I like apples, but you give me a box of pears. When you asked me, were you touched, but I can't answer you. So you tell people how much you have paid for me and how indifferent I am to you; all you see is that you are kind to me, but no one ever asks me what I really need.
Fate is not a meeting of people, but waking up to miss each other before going to bed; oath, not the promise of eternity every day, but the love of two people, happy and silent attachment. Accompaniment is not always instantaneous, as long as you are side by side in front of danger; feelings are not necessarily expressed, as long as time warms up with you.
十五、勇敢地做你自己,不要为任何人改变。如果他们不能接受你最坏的一面,他们就不应该得到你最好的一面。十九、不要总是把所有的东西都倒进灰尘里。不要谦虚,给自己留下一些骄傲和爱。最卑微的人不感性,最冷酷的人不受欢迎。Be yourself bravely and don't change for anyone. If they can't accept your worst, they shouldn't get your best. 19. Don't always dump everything in the dust. Don't be modest, leave some pride and love for yourself. The humblest are insensitive, and the coldest are unpopular.
十六、事实上,不一定是你不够努力才进入那个人的内心,但那个人却一直在强化他内心的墙。生活总是这样。它不能满足所有人。但我们还是要过上热情的生活。人生中有许多值得爱的东西。不要因为一个人不满意而气馁。In fact, it's not necessarily that you don't work hard enough to get into that person's heart, but that person has been strengthening his inner wall. Life is always like this. It can't satisfy everyone. But we still have to live a passionate life. There are many things worth loving in life. Don't be discouraged because a person is not satisfied.
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